Drawning: Art and Street Photography

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Hi, dear Hivers
I'm back after a long forced break. Things have not gone quite well for me lately; I have not been myself, but here I am trying to make the best of things.



The weather has been crappy in this part of Brazil. It is actually normal for this time of the year, but you know how things change when we are under the weather.


It has been hard for me to be optimistic these days, and the weather is not helping.


I was talking to my father earlier today about this annoying rain when he suggested that if I felt depressed, then I should make some depressing art and maybe that would be a way to do some catharsis and find my way back to my blog and to other things.


So, this drawing is the result of this conversation. I tried to reflect my current mood.


I used a basic cold pallette of colors, but added some yellow for the sake of optimism.


I know the sun will come up any time.




Soft color pencils first; then some watercolors



I know I cannot change the weather. I just hope I can change the way I look at and feel about it.


If only it were as easy as turning the page upside down.Maybe it is...

IMG20210222WA0016  copia 2.jpg


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked my post.

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I'm so glad you listened to me this time and went ahead with the drawing. There have been tons of drawings waiting to be exposed by your gifted hand and eye.
I know things have not been easy for you, but I also know you are getting stronger.
Love you, sweetie. Keep swimming!

I am trying to move forward step by step, thank you for being with me in each of them.
Love you more.

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows unfortunately. It's good to see you took your dad's suggestion and made the effort to stop by and say hello also.

In life, when things go awry and adversity strikes, we often fall over, get knocked over, in fact. It's then that we have a choice. Stay there, or get up and keep moving. You chose the latter. Good work.

Thank you very much. That was a good picture. Now that I am practicing some martial arts, it makes sense. But, like in martial arts, sometimes the beating is so hard you feel knocked out, like there are some fights you know you can't win. Insecurities do not help. I often feel I don't have good enough material to share here. I'll work on that.
Thanks for the support again.

I don't have good enough material to share here.

I understand this comment. I think it too in respect of my own work but I place it here anyway. You see, I do things for myself and I'm the only one who needs to see (or feel value). That other people do is a bonus and I most humbly appreciate it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if it has value to you that's all that matters. If it means something to you then it's important. Other people can decide for themselves.

You go ok Abby and I hope you'll be around a little more, as do other people.

Well, I can say like father, like daughter. It's an amazing drawing and a neat process.

Thanks. It was only fair if I got some of his talents, since I also got his diseases. I was down with kidney stones some weeks ago, something that I surely got from him 😗

Well, we can't get just the good stuff. It's not a fair tradeoff, but live isn't fair at all. 😅

Wow exelente post, se ve todo muy bien, gracias por compartir.

Thank you very much 😗

So good you can actually transform your mood into a drawing. I wish I could do that, but instead, I have words to create poems that as you said earlier, can do some catharsis of my inner thoughts that are constantly annoying me. You're right, you can see it both ways, and the upside-down it's better if you want to just swim to the surface.
Keep going, @imabby17!