Analysing Silence; A Sophisticated And Complex Tool In A Communication Process

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Silence has become a tool rather than a response as a result of ignorance, fear or unwillingness. Nowadays People resort to silence in a communication process and it builds more suspense, it builds curiosity and it finally builds animosity to the person at the receiving end of a communication process trying to find information of which to act on. Like people always imply, I don't think silence is an answer let alone "the answer" because feedback is the reason why we communicate in the first place. I believe that sometimes it might seem difficult to process information especially when the magnitude seems too chitinous to dissolve.

Sometimes the ferocity or the intent of a message might leave a receiver clueless for some particular time however with time the mind digress this message and willfully gives a feedback but sometimes people filters these feedback and decides which is communicable or not and that's why most time you have silence when people should be giving feedbacks irrespective of the unpalatability of a message, it's intent or its effect on a person. However one of the first reasons why people resort to silence when a conversation has gotten to a particular peak is not because they haven't been able to find an answer but because they have in fact gotten an answer to reply but their perceptive filter deems the answer in the mind too repulsive to give a receiver.

In essence it's important we, when we are senders of message understand the weight of carrying a message especially when it's a message that will ruin a receiver, silence can also comes due to shook and the instant inability to take the content of a message and we as senders does understand this, and this is only because our roles in the communication structure isn't static, we can instantaneously become the sender or reciever of a message at any given period of time. So every challenge we encounter as a result of communicating, we have once been a culprit **

This is why we understand the position of a receiver when they actually become the sender of a message** and this is one of the reasons why we try to analyse silence as a type of feedback when one way or the other Silence is more than a feedback in a communication process or structure. Without a doubt different people read different meaning to silence especially when it depends on the type of message they have tried to send and this is why I will form a positive or negative opinion when we hit the wall called silence in communication.

Silence can also come when someone is deliberately shying away from sharing an impactful message. In the media for example we have some personalities who tries to ignore some certain questions asked them simply because the answers they might give to these questions asked to them might change the complexity of a receiver especially if he (the receiver) decides to share the information with other people that they know, sometimes people take silence as an affirmation of factuality while some other times in investigation journalism it helps a questionnaire to know where to pitch their questions next.

Without denying an aspect, silence is something we often berate and loathe because we can either choose to misinterpret it as a result of the state of our mental stability or instability. However in most cases when there is silence especially when we make a difficult or uncomfortable request there is an 85% chance that there will be a negative response. In another situation silent can also mean a positive response but like I said earlier it depends on the kind of conversation, the means of conversation, the style and narratives sorrounding a particular situation. Silence is a huge tool in communication especially when a receiver or sender understands the complexities that comes with it. we must however study the different complexities to fully understand how silence works but never come fully because there will always be an aspect which we end up ignoring

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