Help get HIVE listed on a New Exchange!

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Help get HIVE listed on the Quidax Exchange in Africa

The Quidax Exchange in Africa recently put out a Twitter poll asking the community which coins they would like to see added to the exchange.

Which can be seen here:



Check out the company that HIVE is currently being included with...

  • BCH
  • Dash
  • EOS

All coins with market caps roughly 10x (or more) the current market cap of HIVE.

Not too shabby to see HIVE included with those others!

But, not only was HIVE included, it's doing very well in the polls thus far as well.

Check this out:



With less than a day until the poll closes, HIVE is in the lead, and it's really not even close!

Now, get out there and vote and lets ensure HIVE wins this thing and secures yet another exchange listing!

These are the kinds of things a community like ours should excel at.

For more information on the Quidax Exchange there website can be seen here:

Stay informed my friends.



I voted and commented :)

Nice, thank you!

Cool, voted on twitter :)

Thank you!

Voted ;)

Thank you!

Voted on it, was still pretty similar gap between Hive and the rest with your screenshot when I voted yesterday so fingers crossed it stays this way!

Only a couple hours left, looking good!

i already voted it yesterday or so. iot will definitely be adopted

It is looking like it is going to win this contest that's for sure.

Lets go for hive

Looking good so far!

Let's do it!

lets do it bros!

thanks for bringing this here. i have missed vote on twitter but i can see that hive won this poll with 46.6% ♥

Hive won the race with this one :)