Now is the time to really push the POSH Movement on HIVE!

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It's never been more important than right now to join the POSH movement

HIVE is getting more new eyeballs than ever before in its short history, and that means now is the time we want to strike!

Not only are we seeing incredible price gains and new exchange listings, we are likely going to see an increase in activity levels and very likely (and hopefully) a lot more new users.

This is where you come in...

There has been an initiative around for a while now, first on STEEM, but now on HIVE where users are encouraged to post their content outside of just on the blockchain.

Specifically, we are talking about posting your content on Twitter.

And here's the great thing... you can even get paid to do so via some upvotes!

That's where POSH and the proof of share movement comes in.

Sounds great I know, so what do I need to do?

It's pretty simple really:

  • Make a post like you normally do on HIVE, but make sure to use the tag POSH
  • Then share your post on your Twitter with the tags HIVE and POSH
  • Make sure to encourage people to check out your twitter share by making it interesting
    (It will probably help if your post itself is something many people are searching for or interested in but you can post about anything)

That's it basically, but try to limit it to one post per day shared on Twitter.

The people behind the POSH movement are going to go around and reward those users that are actively participating with some upvotes.

The initiative is being pushed forward by @blocktrades, @theycallmedan, @threespeak, and @ocdb. Collectively they have quite a bit of rewarding power.

The more people we have doing this movement, the more traffic we are going to drive to HIVE.

And the more traffic that is driven to HIVE likely the more users we get and likely the higher the price of HIVE ultimately goes.

If you have any questions or aren't quite sure what this entails exactly, you can check out the latest post from @anomadsoul where he goes into a bit more detail on what you need to do in order to participate.

That post can be seen here:

Overall I think this is a great initiative that we should all try to get involved with

I think this was a major problem with why STEEM never reached "escape velocity" or self sustaining levels during the height of its popularity. No one was really promoting STEEM outside of the STEEM blockchain. Had we had initiatives like this going during its peak, STEEM's history might have played out quite a bit differently.

I personally haven't had a twitter for years, but will be creating one soon to help do my part as well.

The people that already have big followings on Twitter are likely to see the biggest benefit from initiatives like this, but even if you don't, it's still worthwhile to get involved.

Can you imagine how easy it will be to bring users here if all the sudden people are seeing HIVE posts popping up all over twitter, and they are also hearing about the token price going crazy? People are going to start seeing this as the next great thing that they don't want to miss out on...

And remember, even if you don't end up getting an upvote for each time you do a POSH, remember that you bringing more users to the platform is likely indirectly benefiting you as well.

The more people that end up get involved with HIVE likely dictates how much value is ultimately created in the long run.

Lets POSH together!

Stay informed my friends.

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Good idea, one thing though is the hashtag hive specific enough? seems to be a lot of other things that use that .

Although I think we can make it ours and let others change there tags.

I do maths videos I will start sharing to twitter now

Upvoting your own comments? Quality

As I understand you no longer get a reward for self voting it's only effect is to make it more visible

If someone is willing to invest their money into hive they can do with their votes as they please.

I vote all my posts and comments, and I vote for posts I like in communities I like.

I absolutely agree. Hence the downvote. I can also vote as I please, it's a two way street.

I never said you couldn't.

But you don't agree, you used your time and your limited downvotes to downvote me because you felt my behavior is something that you would like to change, as is your right, so you do not believe I should be able to vote as I like.

LOL...Your behaviour is not something I'd like to change necessarily, its something I disagree with. There is a distinct difference!

so you do not believe I should be able to vote as I like

So how does the community reach consensus on what is acceptable and what isn't? We use personal voting to how approval or disapproval. You can't have one without the other! If you bought votes, it would rain downvotes on your post, big downvotes too so out of interest, do agree or disagree with paid for votes, and if not, would you use downvotes on someone who used them?

Is that true now, I hadn't seen that yet. Do you have a link anywhere where that change was made. That would be a good change if made.

Not 100% sure, I remember reading it around same time the comment reward pool was split out no longer get a reward for self voting...

Really? Where did you get this info?

I remember reading about it about a year ago around the same time the reward pool was split. Maybe it was just a proposal and never got done.

Good question. Those pushing the initiative think it is, so I will go with that. The main point is getting people to click on your hive post shared on twitter... once they see the rewards that will help as well.

Why does #posh also need to be on Twitter? I think the best use of tags there are those that reach the most relevant audiences there. Like adding some that your audience outside of Hive would follow

I'd be interested in that, too. So also my question, why #posh on hive not enough?

That is a good question. I'll ask those running the challenge why they wanted to do it that way.

Hey Freed, thanks for raising this Q. Browsing/curating on Twitter with two crossed hastags narrows the search by far against browsing just one tag.

If you have a suggestion as to what other tag we could use that is mainly used for these posts (and we don't end up with Twitter posts about say, ballet dancers or hornets) we're happy to change it, but the twitter posts definitely need two hashtags to be crossed when searching.

Asking they use #posh and #hive doesn't prohibit users to use any other hashtag to reach the most relevant audiences there.

Tagging @faltermann as I think this is relevant to his question also.

Thank you for your explanation. Then I must have said it wrong. My question is, why is it necessary to post #posh + #hive on Twitter? Can't we just use the two hashtags on Hive for our own post?

I’m excited for someone to check out a post and see that it made $30 and the comments are making $.25. That will have to spike some interest. Cool post thanks for sharing.

Agreed. Most people don't even know this thing exists...

Who's issuing new accounts?

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What do you mean?

On steem, approved the new accounts and pay 3 steem. And null was set as a recovery account.

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What you say sounds right. It´s now or never and I will do my part today! Barely used twitter before but started to engage there today.

Let's POSH the PUSH buttom.

My question is why only on Twitter, I know we will get too many Impressions on Twitter. But there are other mediums also from where we can get many users, like Reddit, Quora etc, my 2 cents

You are free to post wherever you think you can pull people from. They just mentioned twitter initially but I am sure they would be happy to reward for shares in other places as well as long as they are pulling people.

This is great! Lets do this! I used the #hiveisalive tag and I think a lot of people used it too. But I will use #posh and #hive aswell from now on.

As a coin developer myself, I can't promote another coin publicly.


Everyone has to choose his own team... I made my choice long time ago... I see a lot of people choosing between Steemit or Hive, but I can use both platforms...

Hello once in Steem gave us a delegation, thank you for that.

We've never stopped working on adopting people. We currently have a major campaign, you can see some of our work here and soon an update

since day 1 of hive when it forked, we incorporated the first user hive, @berlissanoja and we continue with many more...

a pleasure to greet you again

and I'm still here, new user, active, posting and learning, I have no plans to go anywhere else.

This is a pretty great initiative; to bring more great content, and to give more awareness about HIVE's existence. Sharing this, it's pretty much the only reason that encouraged me to open a Twitter account, and get active on social media in the first place 😅. I've always shared my HIVE posts on Twitter, though I keep forgetting to use the #Posh tag for the latter...

Very well said. This is the perfect time. I think we should set 10xing our daily active users in the next few months as a collective community goal, and of course we will try to encourage good content with our votes, which is why I don't regret powering up despite not being able to profit from this. I don't really think my posts are reaching anyone, but at least it's helping the tag out which is a big deal. If we could go trending on twitter regularly, that will get people talking, especially with a price like this now, and two of the biggest exchanges.

Yep agreed. It was nice to see HIVE on the front page of Bittrex yesterday as well as the "top gainer". Good exposure there...

Here is my #hive Twitter Tweet #posh .... Not sure if I’m doing this right ....


Yep, that looks about right. My only suggestion would be to put a few words trying to encourage people to click on it... something like... Have you ever camped out in your backyard, its even more fun in a tepee! (or something like that trying to drum up some interest in checking out the post)

Ok.... great idea. I’m not very good with titles. Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated.

Finally .... spring has sprung.

My wife makes glass jewelry with the flowers in our garden as inspiration ...

I’m trying to encourage her to come back to share her work on Hive .... could I get some help ?


This is a great initiative and I will keep participating! I started using Twitter more because of Hive and I have reached more than 200 followers. Let's keep building!

It's really the right time for all hands to be on deck to grow our blockchain. Engagement is the lifewire of social networks. Where this fails then no communities exist.

@jrcornel, the perfect time to make a big noise is NOW!

Fair points!

I love quality content... and I like to consume posts!
Sometimes I upvote/downvote, sometimes I comment and sometimes I just read.

But what is content and what is quality... Well, the usual questions.

Do we need #posh? Or do we need some other kind of marketing or strategy to onboard new users?

@justineh 's last post has also some interesting points.

Is it or isn't it???

Steemitri The Mannequin

Looks good 2 me. I'll try to find more of my time to this activities

Greetings @jrcornel , yesterday I made my first publication using the tags #posh and #hive on twitter I do not use this social network much but the initiative to grow the platform and promote good content is great

Well I tried it and not much results yet and as usual not much coverage yet hehe 😉

Remember, the movement isn't about getting extra upvotes, it's about bring in new users and if you happen to get an upvote for that, it's a bonus.

I know but on Twitter I get no interactions on Twitter or my post except from usual suspect

Well you need to drum up some more followers then my friend! Try interacting with like minded users on there. There is a big community on "Crypto Twitter."

True indeed !

What does POSH mean? I assume it's an abbreviation/initialism.

Proof Of Share