I polished my headlights (before and after)

in GEMS2 months ago

Hello people. So today was pretty cold day but I decided to polish my headlights anyway because they were foggy and light wasn't so good during nights. Now it will be different story, I hope, it's still day here. :D

So there are three crucial things that you need to do for polishing headlights.

  1. Clean them well so there are no little rocks or dirt on them
  2. Water sand them, first use horizontal motion of sanding and then vertical
  3. Polish them two times, first time remove any scratches and second time refine that plastic ( I used drill attachment for this but you can do it with hands which is slower than this. )
  4. At the end coat them with wax so they can be secured from UV rays

Maybe in future I will make some tutorial for this, step by step.