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There have been numerous sayings about life some say life is unpredictable, life is unfair and others life gives you what you deserve.

I will say these sayings are all right and also wrong for these reasons below:

Life is unpredictable: A man may go to work today hoping come home back to his family but not make it, for he may encounter an accident that may claim his life or leave him in a bad shape or better still get robbed on his way home something he never predicts or more worst situation can happen. For this reason, I will attest to the fact that life is unpredictable.
Also, life can be predictable as a student you don't study and you know you have an upcoming exam, surely you shouldn't hope on a miracle that's going to give you a pass while you were sowing failure.

Life is unfair: You may dedicate your time on a given project but in the end got nothing while someone that did little may get the best result in this situation you are permitted to call life unfair and it's alright but also know there are other times when you get the fair part of life when it gives you what you desire so don't run life down when it gives you it's sour taste.

Life gives you what you deserves You have been working so long to attain success and someday you [eventually became successful. In your heart the words "I deserve this" will ring a bell and I can assure you will be so proud and carry your achievements so high but what if things went south ways and instead of reaping your handworks you got nothing or maybe got less. You will think that you deserve the life you are currently living in.

Life is good, life is bad sometimes you don't think you will get there and verse versa. Other times too you think you will get there and eventually you will
But whatever life is and whatever it decides to give always know this you can make your life and a setback or two shouldn't stop you and yes it may be more than two at times but it surely doesn't warrant you to just give up the fight.

I wasn't born with a golden spoon more of a wooden spoon. Childhood wasn't that great I must say, my parents thought they won't be able to send their five kids to the higher institution but with prevalence and hard work they did. One of the reasons I am working hard today is so that my future children won't perceive any form of the hardship I went through.
No matter what you get today don't stop the race of life keep on going for you don't know the best to come.

Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky and this is my entry to BeInspiredContest by @theycallmedan.