Price Stagnation with Hive :(

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Only if that were true

Let's face it the Only sucky thing about being decentralized is that we do not have a formal group of people like conventional Companies on Wall Street have that work toward increasing shareholder value ( or in our case tokenholder value)

We have been in the mid twenties....

for some time now and it's really getting old and somewhat disconcerting. I guess it could be worse and we could be down below .10 but still....

What is going to be the impetus...

that takes our price to the next level ?? A listing on Coinbase sure would be nice.

I just wonder if the powers to be...

have thought about ways of stirring up demand for our token ? Seems like no one is doing anything. I guess that's where individuals like you and me have to step it up a notch and spread the good word about Hive.

What are your thoughts about this ??


There is no advertisement for Hive Sir @robertandrew, even MacDonald's still advertises despite that it is a really known brand. Then the issue of starting here from scratch also turns away potential users unless blogging is their love. Plus not all people can blog, I am the only one from my clan in both sides of the family that blogs and even laughs about this thing that I do :/
So much factors out there that is pinning hive to quarter cents.

Yep Brother Crypt you have some sounds arguments

In a way, Hive picked up where Steem was before He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named purchased Steemit ... still looking for that thing that was going to cause large recognition and investment in the value of the chain and the community. We are, after all, a Steem fork, meaning that we left He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named but not the inherent reality of the situation that existed before he arrived. We also carried over that basic tension between people who are here because they have found a margin of survival in Steem AND Hive and people that want the rewards to stay on chain so that a certain type of investor will find it more attractive -- and OCCASIONALLY even recently, the former group of people is threatened in the struggle between bigger forces that want some things rectified in a certain way in terms of the loss of Steem and what they would like to see happen to Steem because of it.

We have determined that we are NOT STEEM. We have yet to really have a look at what the community is as opposed to what we would like it to be, what the community as a whole really needs from Hive as well as what Hive needs from it, and then have a unified message to present the world about WHAT HIVE IS. Decentralization pays no bills, not for a lot of our users, not for a lot of investors -- it is valuable, but it is limited. Onboarding is slow -- and every fight chills that process.

I don't have an answer right now .. the best I can do here is just to suggest some productive areas for questions...

I guess I see Hive as more of an infrastructure that allows anyone that wants to (and has the resources, I agree, that's important) to build here. I guess "Hive" may become a household name, but I think it's more likely that the DApps and innovations become the known thing - whether that's Actifit or the kind of thing that we're starting to build in The Ink Well. I anticipate more diversity (fabulous) as people learn how the technology can be adapted for their purposes and less concern with a homogenous one-true-way (some people will still be concerned with that, meanwhile others will move on and continue to innovate).

Thanks @deeanndmathews for the detailed Comment. I think we can all just try to do a little bit on our own part to try to increase awareness.

I agree ... each one reach one ...

I don't think much of anything will happen until BTC breaks that 10k barrier and stays there. I have seen some tokens move independently by pennies, but everything is still tied so closely to BTC.

Very valid point @bozz

For the most part I try to stay out of the drama of STEEM / HIVE at this point because it has almost been 4 years of me pulling my hair out frustrated because out of all the blockchain projects these have the best use cases in a lot of ways.

I think it is cool and a lot of people worked hard on different aspects but it runs into the same issues it always had and I have detailed several times.

The power down cycle essentially does nothing except keep investors away. It should be set to 3 or 7 days for security purposes.

Secondly simply putting ads up and using part of that money to buy HIVE and distribute it to people who have solid engagement rules drives more demand to blog and demand for HIVE. It creates a perpetual feedback loop because the more you get the more people would blog creating and even bigger SEO funnel.

The proposal system is great but it is just the same circle jerk as before.

These blockchains are like churches in the midwest. There are 3 or 4 of them in little 1000 person towns because no one could get along and wanted to be in charge.

I would really like to see HIVE become something but I think it will just always be something where you could make a few dollars worth of crypto.

Really sinking money and too much time in it has been a tough road for a lot of people.
There are just a handful of people who control this chain and make decent money. Everyone else is trying to make picking up pennies in the gutter a full time career.

As always your Comment goes well up and beyond. Thanks bro :)

Now is where the rubber hits the road. Power downs and being funded by Steem are over.

Can Hive attract users and investors? Stay tuned...

It sure will be interesting @whatsup. Btw, great to see you around these parts :)

I said I was going to wait for the powerdown period. :)

Yes. Exciting times ahead 😁

Hi There!
Somehow I think that's the idea...
That "We" will add the value...
Quick question, I'm sure You know about...
What's the easiest way to cash out,
Hive (and Steem)???
Any advice is welcomed!
Have A Great Rest Of The Week!

Hey Les, I transfer to ionomy and sell it there. Then it turns to BTC which I transfer to Coinbase and sell BTC and turn it into USD

Hey thanks a lot,
Can I transfer out from any front end...
Or do I need to do it from the wallet?
Sorry for the questions,
I never really thought about
having enough to cash out,
But that may be a reality, so I am wondering...
I "Do" plan on sticking around!
You get a mention in My upcoming
"9 months in the block chain post"
Have An Awesome rest of the week!

I go to Hive blog wallet

Hardly anyone knows about Hive and that's a big problem just like with Steem. Also there's less coordinated action which can be both a good and bad thing.

@charcoalbuffet you speak the Truth. It's really hard to introduce Hive to regular friends and family because it's always hard for them to understand it

Also having to do with people taking profits early. If only more People could wait a bit early for growth rather than powering down their hive.

I think perhaps because hive is just gaining his own ground.
Who knows in a couple of months, hive might hit the $1

That would be nice

Advertising is the engine of trade. We need to attract people.

I'm not worried about the price. We're very early in an early stage technology. Lots of potential here, and lots of new affordances that we don't even know or understand yet. One of the things I got from Steemfest was the energy and talent that's around as well as the hardcore technology skills. We've had two big disruptions in the early part of 2020, both of which strengthened the case for Hive (not to mention building the middle-class). It'll take time to recover from those and I expect there will be many more - great for people that like drama 😁. There's a place here to build for anyone that wants to. Like any enterprise, that'll take time, I'm looking two to five years for the things I'm involved in. Meanwhile, I wouldn't be surprised if the price drops as the power-downs come to an and the northern hemisphere moves into summer. It's cool.

Thanks @shanibeer for your in depth Comment

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