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As a recent graduate, I had the incredible opportunity to live and work in this bustling metropolis for several years. However, life took me on a different path, leading me away from Singapore in 2017. Since then, I have always wanted to return for a visit and relive the unforgettable memories I once created in this remarkable country and see my friends.

I feel like this tiny country has grown even more beautiful and vibrant than before. One of the most striking developments is the impressive expansion in terms of both shopping center, and transportation infrastructure. Among these great additions was the Jewel Changi Airport.

Opened just a few years ago, Jewel Changi Airport is not just another transport hub; but it is also a vibrant entertainment and lifestyle complex aiming to enchant travelers during their layovers or visits to Singapore.

At first glance, Jewel Airport is nothing short of breathtaking.



I remember when I left, it was still under construction. Now I come back, I'm immediately impressed by its breathtaking indoor waterfall, lush gardens, retail outlets, entertainment and delectable dining options. Wow, all are under one roof, it's amazing !!

No wonder Jewel has quickly become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, a phenomenon and iconic of Singapore :)

Upon stepping foot into this architectural marvel, I was instantly transported to a different world where the harmony between nature and architecture creates a unique experience akin.



The indoor waterfall is even more captivating as it comes alive with vibrant colors and illuminations that dance along with the cascading water. It was truly unforgettable visual feast to witness it.

Jewel airport had been a paradise for both food enthusiasts like myself. Its vast selection of eateries offered a culinary experience unlike any other airport I had visited before. That's one of reasons why I love to transit in Singapore whenever I fly home, lol.



After indulging in some Asian foods and taking leisurely strolls, I found myself bidding farewell to the enchanting sights and flavors of Jewel airport. I boarded the bus transporting me to Terminal 4 where my next adventure awaited.


There was nothing quite like sinking into the plush cushions of a cozy airport couch while awaiting my flight, lol

This is a world-class aviation hub!!
Changi has abundance of comfortable couches and chairs offering travelers the opportunity to relax or even catch some sleep during transit. I could sleep here all day lol.





I felt more like a luxury resort than an airport. Every corner including restroom is well-kept and clean.

State of the art modern technology is through out the whole airport particularly impressive is the baggage handling system fully automated.

Changi is one of the world's best airports. It's sure to impress you with its extensive range of amenities designed to make your journey seamless and enjoyable 🙂


Whether you have a few hours or an entire day between flights, exploring the Jewel Airport is an experience not to be missed !!! Thanks for reading 🙂


I'm surprised no one's mentioned how cool the carpet in the resort is.

Totally agree :) I like it very much, the carpet is new and smell is fresh :)

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I am so jealous! I haven't been to Jewel Changi yet. Thebairport was already by far, the best in the world. In about 2008, I spent three nights airtime as I loved it so much!
Hope you're well and still living your best life and great to see another wonderful post from you :-)

Thanks Nathen, I'm good, just returned from my holiday :) You will surely love Jewel Airport and may want to stay there a week haha. Its really luxurious :) No doubt that it's the best airport in the world 😊

That waterfall is amazing...

Absolutely yes 😊

It is like a futuristic botanical garden, I would love to visit just to visit and not fly,

But you need to fly to Singapore if you want to visit, sad but it's true :) and it's also too far to fly from the Uk to Singapore I guess :)

How are you dear friend @trangbaby good morning
I did not know that the Singapore airport was so beautiful, I appreciate that you have shared these beautiful photographs
have a beautiful sunday

No problem, happy to share and worth a look if you're anywhere in Singapore :)

Wow! Splendid views. How I wish I can step on this place. Everything there is captivating.

Thanks, the views are amazing and worth a visit :)

Wow! We also visited the airport today but it was not half as spectacular as what you saw!

Cologne/Bonn is beautiful airport and your shot is great :)

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it though Singapure is still the more spectacular one…😉🤷🏼‍♂️

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Many thanks @bhattg :)

Wow.. Singapore is truly rich and with world class architecture.. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to visit this too..

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As someone who has never been to Hong Kong but has traveled across many countries, I can confidently say that Singapore's airport is undoubtedly my favorite and a must-visit for any travel enthusiast 😊

Unarguably the most beautiful airport I've ever seen. P.s I haven't been to a lot of airports

It's the most beautiful and luxurious airport I've been to :) I could come back here time and time again :)

I've been to Singapore maybe thrice but I wasn't able to get around the airport because it was so huge. Going to the garden or to the fountain may take a long distance walk and I don't want to miss my flight. XD

It's huge but easy to move around as they have sky train between terminals and free bus from Terminal 4 to Jewel airport :) If you have layover here next time, highly recommend to check it out :)

Oh wow. yeah maybe next time will do that :D

@tipu curate

Thanks @magicmonk, really appreciated it

I'm glad you enjoyed your short passing through.
It's not all glory here though.
I guess you didn't see the mess.

I'm sure every place every country has dark side that not all get to see. As a tourist I saw a beautiful part of your country or just small part at Changi airport. It's magnificent and the Gov doing great job :)

We try to keep it clean but some said we are a cleaned country rather then clean country.
I wish more people take their trash to proper place to dispose.

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Wow! A jewel indeed :) It feels more like a botanical garden than an airport. Incredible :) I hope to visit this place one day too! Thanks for showing us around Trang :)

I'm glad you liked it @phortun and your very right it looks like a botanical garden with amazing fountain :) My most favorite airport so far and you will surely love it :)