It's gaming time: What are your favorite video games? [TOP 03]

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Talking about video games brings me many affective memories (especially from my childhood or pre-adolescence). The theme of the contest this month is about that (another very good topic, by the way), so I decided to choose - and talk about - three awesome games, from different times in my life. These categories were important for me to be able to choose my recommendations without regret.

So... It's a special one from childhood (where my affective memories are strongest), one from adolescence (when I started to get to know the world of video games better) and one from adulthood (where I expanded my knowledge about this world of entertainment). Well, I'm sure that many other people will also connect with these games that I have chosen. So... Let's do this!

#01. Donkey Kong

The Enemy

I got to know the most updated version of the game (with the most modern look), but the essence of the game remained the same (according to my old relatives who also play this game at their time), only with more modern - and improved - visual aspects. This one was the first games that I really got hooked on in my childhood and since then, it's been on my list of favorites games in any list.

I remember playing it with some friends (from the neighborhood and school) and the I can tell you the feeling of competition was always very intense (in a good way, of course) to see who would win the game's challenges. It's a very good memory that I carry until today and it does me very well (sometimes I even laugh when I remember, like now... haha).

#02. Mortal Kombat

Ei Nerd!

In my teenage years, I started to get to know the world of fighting games (which until then, they didn't have my attention) and this mind-boggling fight among so many different fighters (with very distinct visual characteristics) with special abilities and some cool remarkable powers was what immediately caught my interest. I got so addicted to this game that I started to learn karate at that time, haha!

It was not just a fighting game, it was a game that brought a real revolution in terms of movement and special skills of the fighters. Each of them was built with its own particularities and made players identify with them more easily. Another aspect that I love about this game is the soundtrack, which always created an even more interesting atmosphere when the fighting took place.

#03. Resident Evil


A game with a very strong personality, full of iconic characters (within a narrative built with a perspective full of details and so many good twists) and a very striking identity that stamped my adult life with excellence (in the world of video games) was this exciting - and unpredictable - fight against zombies (and other monsters and great villains) in a city dominated by chaos.

For me, everything in this game works flawlessly. The story is incredibly well thought out / written, the special effects are sensational (and obviously improved in the next versions), the suspense bubble is mesmerizing (sometimes it's impossible to even blink your eyes, due to so many moments of tension) and the connection with the player is very dynamic. A simply unforgettable game!

So, those were my video games choices for this month and I hope you like them, folks! Let the games begin (again, haha!) and the healhty competition continues to be increasingly fierce with all those great entries from all the participants.

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Great choices, I played all these games, the first Mortal Kombat you had to put in a secret code to enable the blood, and the Fatalities was just a genius design idea. Resident Evil, such a fun game, it was designed so well, the zombies would just pop out of the darkness scare the shit out of me, lol

All great picks ....

I played a little Donkey Kong just the other day on the mini.

Ah Donkey Kong... I remember the original back in 1995 well from Rare games on the SNES, the graphics were really game changing at the time and it brought me a LOT of joy! Going to have to see if there's a downloadable version of that I can play, used to be a phenom on the original!

Mortal Kombat is another classic although I tried out Tekken and eventually settled with Killer Instinct on the SNES. Then at Uni, we had the Nintendo Wii and found myself hooked on Mortal Kombat there, just went absolutely ham in that game!

I only ever played the demo of Resident Evil way back when it was on the PSone but remember the original film that came out because of the game! Or was it the other way around?

Anyway, great choices, good luck in the contest!

I spent many hours at our local fish and chip shop playing "Wonderboy in Monsterland". Maaaaannnnyyyy hours. Dig dug and Bubble Bobble are the other two I played way too much.

I made this a while back when I got a bit nostalgic. "Electro Fun" was the name of the video arcade I used to frequent some 35 years ago.


It's sounds really nostalgic, @gtown.

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Some great choices for the round @wiseagent! This one is not my forte, but I have actually played Donkey Kong and Mortal Kombat, haha. I remember liking all the different characters in MK and as you pointed out, how each had their different moves and powers. I've seen some of the Resident Evil movies, but never played the game. I can imagine all of these will do well in the dpoll. Good luck!

I loved Mortal Kombat, played it forever practically!! I see is still going strong but I haven't played any of the more recent incarnations

MK is a real classic.

Great choices @wiseagent

Donkey Kong is a classic, that's for sure. I used to play it on the Sinclair Spectrum. Lots of fun but super hard.

Mortal Kombat on the Sega Megadrive was kick ass good. My younger brother was very good at it. I still love Street Fighter 2 as the best fighting game though.

I remember completing the original Resident Evil on the PS1. It was very jumpy and had my on edge constantly. If you enjoy creepy games the I can recommend Outlast. I was absolutely bricking it all the way through until I completed it.

Good luck with the contest.


Hi, @cheese4ead.

I've played Outlast and it's really good. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

Three games I didn't play that much of, but all pretty popular in their genre :)

Mortal Kombat was pretty brutal at times!

Mortal Kombat was pretty brutal at times!

Yeah, it really was.