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RE: Chary News: +++ CHARY Price: 0.05 HIVE/CHARY +++ Updated Whitelist +++

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hey achim. I am now following all of your suggestions and generally trying to align my account towards charitable projects. I don't yet fully understand how best to use CHARY coin or the hashtag but I plan to purchase some CHARY soon and try to be of help in that matter.
It would be good to consolidate a blog footer that contains all of the worthwhile projects to support on HIVE and perhaps some basic info on CHARY so that it is easier to spread the knowledge in a concise manner at the bottom of posts.
Also I just made a post with some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head about a charitable application on the blockchain. Please take a look when you get some time and maybe join in the discussion? It would be great to get your feedback and input. Im not a developer but its the kind of thing that if we could build a solid pitch we might be able to persue funding or philanthropic support?


...ah yes, and also it would be good to know which tags to use on posts and when. Nobel, Chary etc. are there others?

Hi basilmarples,
Thanks for your ideas.
I will read it and contact you in the next days.