Are atheists more gullible?

I am living proof this is true, I went through a pagan phase and an atheist stage (albeit not up to my neck more a case of dabbling and exploring alternatives) and yes I do believe I was very gullible then. I never thought of that before. It was sent to me via email from my dear freind James McKumiskey of the original FOI request I posted and the author of "The Ultimate Conspiracy". We became email friends, sort of modern penpals after I wrote to him about translating Lanka's works. So we send each other stuff now and today he sent me this.
I absolutely love his style of writing. I did not write this I wish I could write as eloquently as this so I do think it's worth sharing and I'm sure some of you will have your own thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless as I did.

Noosphere, Part II: Atheistic Mythologies by Dmitry Orlov

In spite of their great diversity, the myths that serve as the foundational elements of the noosphere can all be sorted into categories identified by a member of the following set: {NULL, 0, 1, 2, 3}. These identifiers indicate atheistic, polytheistic, monistic, dualistic and trinitarian mythologies. These numbers do not obey the laws of arithmetic but behave in the following counterintuitive and non-obvious ways:

Atheistic: NULL is NULL
Polytheistic: 0 = ∞
Monistic: 1≠1
Dualistic: 1+1=1
Trinitarian: 1+1+1=1

As promised, we shall now look at each one of these. This week's installment will address atheistic mythologies.

Atheistic mythologies

NULL is NULL is NULL. NULL is different from zero: zero means that there is nothing there; NULL means that we neither know or care what's there. NULL is not equal to anything—not even to itself, since there are no grounds for comparison; therefore, all that can be said about it is that it is NULL—a tautology. There is an almost limitless variety of adherents of NULL, just as there is an almost limitless variety of broken pottery in the world's landfills, dumps and middens, but a particularly pervasive example is Homo trivialis: the degenerate case of a non-sapient Homo sapiens, a man unconcerned with anything more lofty than a full belly, a satisfied libido and a warm, dry place to sleep. The typical Homo trivialis specimen is a satisfied consumer of sudsy beer, starchy and fatty foods and television sports. Or it might be a woman, her concerns laser-focused on her hair, nails and shoes, with surgically enhanced breasts, lips and buttocks as added extras.

Also among the adherents of NULL are the technosphere's eager minions. These are the technophiles who see anything beyond a purely mechanistic conception of the universe as base superstition to be ridiculed, whereas his own idolizing and fetishizing of technology is not ridiculous at all, mind you! Several generations of science fiction writers have constructed an entire technospherical universe which you can traverse aboard the good little spaceship Spinal Tap which goes Warp 11 (but only in your juvenile imagination). In reality humans have never so much as poked their heads outside of low Earth orbit, all of the Apollo mission nonsense notwithstanding, and probably never will. It now turns out that Americans can't go back to the moon because they don't have the spacesuits. Those wonderful spacesuits they used to romp around on the Moon were gnawed to pieces by some space rats and they can't make new ones because they lost the blueprint and then their dog ate it. This is all highly believable, of course, but only if you are gullible as a child.

Among the adult population, there is also some number of philosophical rationalists. They are convinced that an entity whose existence cannot be proved (documented, attested, weighed, measured, made to pee into a cup, interviewed on camera, dragged into court to testify, etc.) does not exist. This stance is particularly humorous if approached from the point of view of a deity: if I were God (which, by the way, I am not; this is purely a thought experiment) then why would I condescend to being trifled with in this manner? As God, I would be well-disposed toward those who believe in Me and worship Me, perhaps even showing Myself to them, but only in purely mystical, ethereal ways so as not to trivialize my godlike nature. But I would mostly ignore those who don't believe in Me and don't worship Me as long as they leave My true believers alone. But I would strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. That part Ezekiel [25:17] got right. But they would not know that My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon them; rather, they would not know what hit them and simply call it an "act of God" (in Whom they don't believe). I am done speaking as God now, fun though that is.

From the point of view of the technosphere, these are all ideal clients: either they are indifferent, obedient and easy to manipulate, with no agenda of their own, or they are zealous guardians of the technosphere who wish to technologize everything and would eagerly climb into a space capsule and be shot off into the endless emptiness of space just for the greater glory of it.

Passionate, zealous adherents of NULL are the technosphere's most faithful servants. Their insistence that everything must have a rational basis is very helpful in enlarging the technosphere's scope and enhancing its ability to achieve total control over humanity. A rational approach is, of course, often helpful, especially when deciding how much water to put in a nuclear reactor to keep it from melting down. But it is neither necessary nor sufficient in finding life's meaning; quite the opposite, it is quite helpful in destroying it. The technosphere's long-term goal, then, is to drive all of humanity toward the NULL state.

This is his patreon I'd love him to come on here and write. Maybe I'll ask him.................
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Starts off a bit slow but fully warms up!

"The typical Homo trivialis specimen is a satisfied consumer of sudsy beer, starchy and fatty foods and television sports. Or it might be a woman, her concerns laser-focused on her hair, nails and shoes, with surgically enhanced breasts, lips and buttocks as added extras"

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yeh I like his gentle humour, thought you'd like it too xxx

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I still believe there is God.i encourage everyone to still believe there is God.

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Amazing. But hell no, I don't agree or think that atheists are easily gullible.
Rather i believe religious people are more easily gullible base on the strong belief they exhibit.

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That's called circular reasoning I believe LOL

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Yeah, I guess.

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Atheists don't exist, in the same way Christians don't. All there is, are situations and encounters of social nature where one tries to understand the other human through labels. Maybe, to circumvent the effort to get to know a person slowly and instead wanting to make a quick aqcaintance in order to drop or hop. ;-)

I'll tell you what! I perfectly get your point of view and I ain't the type to judge or critisize someone.
But you can't say atheists don't exist. I mean it's evident. Great men like Elon musk, Bill gates are evidence that atheists exist. And as for christians, I don't have to call names because they are almost everywhere in a very loud way. So I think you should have a deeper and more free thought in a place of solitude and figure this shit out.

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In my personal life I never met a full Christian or atheist. All I experienced where dialogs of a contradictory nature.

I think it's different if I myself call myself an atheist or deist or christian, or if others give me that label. My experience was utter irritation when others gave me names which felt not appropriate, the more convinced the other person was, that I must be this or that.

Can you share this experience that it's okay to give yourself an identity or label but not so okay when another one does that for you? Is it not also dependent on your mood, your daily form, your just experienced encounters whether you accept or reject a label?

I like to think freely and I think I just did?

Yeah, You just did. And I must confess admire that, i mean everyone should be free to think wild and free. I see that vision and I share that vision too.

It's mainly just a name they use to tag themselfs, They don't really live or stick to it.
The level of hypocrisy is just way too much, Nobody really walks the talk. They just talk it, They don't live it.
But it's cool, 'cause we can't force or make an individual live the life they don't wanna live. Talk is cheap, Remember?

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It's true what you say, it's just talking, getting to know each other, a kind of navigation through the jungle of human complexity. Yes, I agree, you don't have to make slavish rules to live by something you approve of, because you won't be able to keep them anyway. Those who claim to always play by the rules are guaranteed to break them :) Probably it's rather a very clumsy choice of words, probably nobody really means absolutely the way it comes out of their mouth. But the moment someone else attacks such, one defends something tooth and nail, which, if one's fellow human being had asked curiously and openly, one would not have got into such an awkward defensive position in the first place.

Yes, talk can be cheap, but at the same time it can cost you head and neck. LOL

Mischievous greetings :)

Hahahahahaha, That was Another one!! (Yelling, In Dj Khaled's voice) So mindblowing, I see you really have a very different and skeptical view of life from most people. I fucking love that, You know i really admire the willingness and the habit of thinking outside the box, Like something so unusual and weird but factual. I'm proud of you.

Sinicized greetings.🥶

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I lean towards just a human-being, no longer interested in atheism, or religion.
I see them every Sunday, they put on their Sunday best, go to church, park on paths, obstruct people with their parking, but fuck me they look good and their virtue signal is done for a week. Fuck anyone that wants to drive by, they blocked the roads and put other peoples lives at risk, but hey, 10 hail fucking Marie's should suffice.

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You should try living opposite a mosque...fridays at 1pm the parking is totally fucked, with Toyota prius taxis from here to eternity


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Seen it in Birmingham UK, they have the Saddam Hussein mosque. Double yellow lines outside, means no parking, hundreds do and the police do nothing!

Used to piss me off when I was going to work.

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They used to park on the footpath here and for some reason no ticket nazis never came past on fridays...they are a lot better these days though, respectable taxi drivers...for now, but with no passengers they will have to go on the dole soon

The welfare state, just expands all the shitty problems.

Come to NZ - learn three words of English - collect payout...

But they don't have many choices really - and now they are sitting in their Toyota Priuses waiting 2-4 hours for a fair, and can't afford to replace the batteries on their fucking shit heap 7 year old hybrid cars.

I keep reminding myself that WW3 is less violent than WW2...

A war it is indeed, and brought on by the hateful bastards in gov that self loath.
Browns gas is the way to go. I made a system in Thailand 20 years ago.
It worked well, Vero pollution, no emissions other than water.
Government banned it, cunts the lot of them.

I do not go to church, I don't think God is there, the catholic church is satanic IMO. It's clear TPTB believe in God and Jesus but they are trying to 'become' the new Gods. People already worship 'science' as if in a cult.

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Science is a cult now, so are doctors, legal pill pushing whores. Media is full of shit, says what gov want because gov pay. Got a work around, just waiting to implement it.

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yeh been wondering what the one world religion will actually be. Science? or satanism or are they both the same thing?

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Only the lunatics that print money backed by nothing can answer that question sis.

Whatever you believe is going to happen in your life,if you believe in God,his mercy is going to manifest in your life,as for me I believe in God.

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I could say I believe in God too but not sure who or what God is. I don't think he's a bearded man in the clouds or that angry god from the old testaments either. Whatever you believe in if it is kind and good then all is well.

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