The power of discomfort.

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Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to achieve your goals?

Procrastination watches over us and catches us very easily when we allow ourselves to be distracted. It is not?

It is no different with me. I struggled for years with my tendency not to continue the things that I start, not to be consistent, and that is suffering.

The recipe is always the same: I start a new journey with enthusiasm, I dedicate myself a few days, I have constancy and discipline for a few days, even suddenly ... Where did that energy go? All that enthusiasm? It disappeared.

After that, I start to give up little by little, even if I don't admit it. I say to myself, "Only today I will not do this anymore." And suddenly three days passed. And in fact, talking about it reminded me of a Korean proverb: '' Defer it for a day and ten days will pass. '' And that's it.

But recently I believe I have found the cure for procrastination. You may be incredulous now. After all, the cure for procrastination? Kind of pretentious isn't it? Do I deserve the Nobel Prize for this? Well, I do not know. But, it has worked for me.


To be honest, I have to give all the credit to this guy: David Goggins.

A man that I had never heard of, but that I can say that has helped me to improve my discipline, because I started to see life with a new perspective.

David Goggins, is an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker, and author. He is a retired United States Navy SEAL and former United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member who served in the Iraq War.

What David says is so simple and at the same time difficult: you can succeed in anything as long as you go through the discomfort of the journey. And all the people who are where you want to be one day, have gone through this. It is uncomfortable, it is painful.

But what I realized is that all the successful people I admire used discomfort as a type energy. They went through a lot of adversity and continued anyway, no matter how uncomfortable was.

And to have noticed that, it changed something in the configuration of my mind. For I realized for the first time in my life, that I needed to embrace uncomfortable moments, simply surrender to what is most uncomfortable if it means that I will realize my dreams and my goals.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the las days. Studying more. Working harder. I have lived the present more as well, however uncomfortable it may be. And I have learned a lot.

I say '' no '' to procrastination more easily, because I finally realized that I what I want more most is on the other side of discomfort.

Procrastination just doesn't get to me anymore. There is nothing about it that attracts me, because I know exactly what I have to do to achieve my goals. And I know that if I am too calm, too rested, with so many things I want to achieve, I am not doing it right.

Well, that is what I wanted to share with you today. I'll leave the link to the interview where I met David.

This is my first post on POB. I hope to be able to share my thoughts with you daily!

Greetings from Brazil. @aiuna


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I enjoyed reading this awesome write-up....@aiuna

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Thank you!

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Olha só, alguém falando do David, ele realmente fala coisas muito interessantes sobre motivação e objetivos, e tem muita gente bacana também que fala sobre como Les Brown por exemplo. O bom da internet é poder conhecer sobre essas pessoas, ouvir, ler, refletir, e também compartilhar o que tirou do que foi dito. Que bom que você está conseguindo fazer o que quer!!!

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Eu confesso que nem todo papo motivador me ajuda. Costumo julgar facilmente, e acredito que motivação demais pode ser tóxica. Mas com o David é diferente, e eu realmente me adequei ao que ele ensina; ele não é uma cara que simplesmente fala ''Olha, faz isso que você terá sucesso''. Ele é um cara que faz as coisas que diz, que realmente se coloca em situações desconfortáveis e se torna cada vez mais forte.

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Boa definição. Eu tenho ressalvas com o tema motivação e com certos motivadores ou pessoas que fazem isso, porque as vezes as situações são mais complexas, mas curto acompanhar alguns porque tem um pouco daquilo "você é o que você se alimenta", e num mundo com tantos momentos negativos, é preciso as vezes ouvir coisas mais positivas. Com cuidado para não entrar na procrastinação da motivação, que é só ouvir, e não fazer nada nunca.

That's something to think about. I've been always struggling with the same as you. At first I got a lot of energy to embrace a new project, then few weeks later I tend to lose interest. I've found out that discipline is the key, and only by exercising, riding my bike, getting up early, and getting fckd up in bjj classes that my mind got back into place. Nothing in life comes easy, and if it does there's something wrong. I'm learning to love pain and discomfort, for I know it's the price of good results and great achievments. It's some kind of evolution thing. We as an species evolved to get protected by all costs from any harm, and the result is that most of us are lazy mthfkrs. One way of dealing with this is the following: when you don't feel motivated enough to go to the gym, per say, that's the best day to go out and smash it, because before you go you'll have to fight your most important enemy: your ego.

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Perfect. That's it. We have to learn to love discomfort, I keep learning, I keep doing what I must to achieve my goals even if I don't feel like it. Strength for us!

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Muitos de nós desconhece a própria força, e só as descobrimos em momentos estratégicos (geralmente quando somos testados para superar obstáculos e conseguir vencê-los).

Ótimo post, @aiuna!

É isso, @wiseagent. O problema é que ao me deparar com obstáculos cada vez mais difíceis eu costumava a desanimar... Mas, não mais!

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