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Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you say "spectrum" is a spectrum of colors. It is the aggregate of the color bands produced by the passage of a light beam through a prism or other refractive medium. And of course, we immediately think of rainbow.

But the word spectrum(from Latin spectrum - representation, image) has another meaning - the totality of all values of any physical quantity characterizing a system or process. In the figurative sense, it means the variety of something.

And I want to talk about people.

There are many people on Earth, more than 7.9 billion, and everyone is different. Each person is different and unique in his or her own way. No two people are alike. Something may be similar, but this similarity is usually superficial and impermanent.

We live in a world that has brought together different races, cultures, religions and social systems. We live in different countries, we speak different languages. We have different appearances, education, experiences and levels of intelligence. We each have our own worldview and values, our own characters and habits. We have different spheres of activity and level of income. We have different attitudes towards money and cryptocurrency. We each have different goals and a different style of expression here on Hive and Proof-of-Brain.

In addition, each person is a small but rich and unique inner world. And in it lives a whole spectrum of diverse experiences - feelings, emotions, desires, thoughts, hopes and dreams. A world that is in constant motion and change.

This is all of our divers society, made up of - 7,908,395,732 (more as you read this) little worlds gathered on one planet - and makes up the whole spectrum of our humanity.



Thanks to all this external and internal diversity, we are able to find companions for our lives - those who we need, who are closer to us, with whom we want to communicate and go through life together. This makes our lives broader, fuller, more diverse, richer, and more interesting.

For a long time already attempts have been made to define and classify all people, to create certain typologies according to various criteria - body structure, mental properties, level of intellect, social affiliation, religious views, personal values, etc. To date, several thousand typologies have been created, trying to identify the common and different traits of each person. The classifications differ in various criteria and characteristics, the scale of generalizations, the degree of internal consistency, etc.

Yes, we can say that this, to some extent, helps us better understand ourselves and others (after all, everything is learned by comparison), accept our differences and coexist peacefully in such a diverse and multifaceted society.

But we need to remember that there is a large part outside the spectrum of our vision that we cannot see. Just as our human eye is physiologically capable of distinguishing between 1 and 10 million colors in the spectrum, but actually, according to Munsell's color system, distinguishes only about 100 - we only see a small fraction of what a person represents.

Color perception is very subjective and individual. Rainbow for most people looks like a colorful arc or circle made up of the 7 primary colors of the visible spectrum of radiation (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), but in fact the spectrum is continuous, and its colors smoothly pass into each other through a lot of intermediate shades. The apparent separation of primary colors is an artifact of human perception, and the exact number of primary colors is an arbitrary choice.

There is a spectral blur in every rainbow. Therefore, the number of color bands in a rainbow may differ from the number of bands in the spectrum, because depending on the point of view, the observer can only see certain drops of light illuminated by the sun, especially if the water drops are particularly large or small. All droplets reflect sunlight equally, but only the light from some of the raindrops reaches the observer's eyes. This light is what makes up the rainbow for him.

That's why everyone sees the rainbow differently.

Like the colors of the rainbow, we often only notice in people what our eyes can see. We perceive only a part of the whole wide spectrum of a person's personality, that small part that we can discern, that we are more familiar with and understand.

As with the rainbow, so in our society in recent times, based on different points of view, there has been an increasing blurring of the spectrum, both human, personal and social. The boundaries of various concepts, definitions, foundations, principles are being blurred. For example, the definition of a person by gender - if before there were only two quite defined genders, male and female, now the range of definitions is becoming broader and more diverse..



Or the concept of "work". If previously we all had to "go to work" and work in a certain place and according to a set schedule, now, thanks to the development of remote work opportunities, you can work anywhere and anytime, and you determine your own amount of work and level of income.

Any existing typology as a system of individual attitudes and behavioral stereotypes is created to explain the differences between people. And it divides people, indicates their differences, dissimilarity, inconsistency.

But the most important thing to remember is that we are always one!

We are all parts of one divine essence, little parts of God. Different and unique, visible in our own way, but we are one.

We are the Light that takes different forms, that looks at itself and at each other from different points of view. We are all One and the same Light in the literal, not figurative sense. We have always been that One. We always remain One.

We may be in completely different places and times, but we are indivisible and totally connected to one another. We are united by a deep state of commonality and a common destiny of humanity. And this common essence of ours is very real, and it is more substantial than our differences.

Each of us and all of us together is a spectrum of one humanity.

I radiate light. You radiate light. We are called to shine, and the way we shine - affects the whole world.

"It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be outstanding, magnificent, talented and awesome?

And really, why shouldn't you be!

You are a child of God.

We are born to shine, as children do.

We are born to manifest the glory of God within us.

And it's not just in some of us, it's literally in all of us.

And when we allow our own Light to shine,

we unknowingly allow others to do the same. (Marianne Williamson (c))

So let us feel the world with the full spectrum of our souls.

Let us notice all that is bright and beautiful around us and in each other.

Let's combine our colors into one common multifaceted rainbow, and make every day brighter and more colorful!

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A truly wonderful article @alekst7 . You write beautifully and eloquently and always have something important and meaningful to say. You set a great standard and are constantly raising the bar! thank you, and best of luck for this week's wotw.

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Beautifully written.
Arise ! shine ! The glory of God is upon you.
Truly we are more afraid of the light than the darkness.. we fear greatness, success, forgetting that we are called to function like him.
Different colors one light!
Different paths one life.
Different people one race.
Unity in diversity.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.
I must I'm speechless after reading this. The beauty that comes with the way you write is really outstanding.
I must say you're a bright light and a force to reckon with in the PoB.

We're one and are different in our own various ways just like one color needs the other to make up the rainbow so also we need ourselves to move this community forward.

Doesn't matter what color your skin is or what race you belong to as long as we have one objective goal and will work towards it, then our rainbow would shine bright for generations to come.

Keep up my man, you're a very smart person

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Thank you for your amazing words) I am very pleased that you liked it)

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Thank you too for your insightful posts. There's always something to learn

Keep up the good work

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How we are different in so many ways, but still the same in so many others. Indeed this is the spectrum of humanity. Nicely portrayed.

Best Wishes
Also have some !PIZZA

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Diversity is what brings out our actions and reactions, it gives us exposure and learnings, it allows us to compare, understand our flaws and grow. It's very important that we grow in a diverse culture. If we are all alike, how will we learn afterall.

Good one!

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@alekst7! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @shubhwaj.

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The life is full of experience when you work hard you get yours

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The life is full of experience when you work hard you get yours

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