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There came a time in my life when I faced clinical depression. I struggled hard to come out of it. I tried telling my brain to count and think of positive things around me. It helped me little to come out of the melancholy. I felt like someone within me responded and say, "I know all the things you tell me, but nothing makes me feel the happiness."

My mother talked to me and tried letting me appreciate the blessings I had had. It didn't make any difference. I already had a deep discernment for the gains I had in my life. My own mind counted them as gains. It wanted to be happy for them. Nevertheless, I was unable to pull me out of the persistent sadness I was in. I knew it was not the right way to think but still I had the strong intention for self- harm. Perhaps, the gloom that had surrounded me was not in the brain that reside in my head, but the brain in my chest. The normal way of positive thinking affected only a little. After all, I had taken decisions following what my head had said. I had badly neglected what my heart kept on telling me all the way long, and I had to face the consequences in terms of that depression.

The thing that helped me coming out of that state of intense sadness is a book, named as Zaavia (translation: dimension). It stated simple things in simple words with simple examples, but it was full of wisdom. The wisdom that has the power to enlighten the heart. Several stated events were just normal day to day happenings and experiences, but I could feel their positive and inspiring impact on my thoughts. Perhaps, because it was from someone who thinks from his heart and so the reader gets its direct influence on his heart.

The writer of the book, Ashfaq Ahmed, is a famous Urdu scholar who is known for his mysticism and spiritualism. Every inspirational writer or speaker doesn't get the status of a mystic. Why some of them are called so whilst their living and/or appearance do not differ from others. Let me say, a mystic is a person whose wisdom and sagacity derives from his heart. His thoughts, being from his heart, have a greater potential to impact the thinking of other person's heart.

Yes, our heart thinks, feels, understand and takes decision. It is no more merely a philosophy or religious teaching. It is an emerging field of science that tells us about the amazing abilities of heart to act like a brain. Heart has been found to have forty thousands neurons of its own. These neurons work independently of the commands of the brain in the head (as it was formally thought that every body-organ and cell works under the command of brain). The neurons around the heart communicate to brain and send their own commands to it. Some researchers are of the idea that the little brain in our chest is more powerful and influential than the brain in our head. (Source). In other words, heart is the organ that is the center of our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and thus our well-being.

Evidences from the reasearches have demonstrated a drastic change in one's personality after having the heart-transplant (Source). Not only one's personality traits differ but also the likings, dislikings, preferences, sexual behavior and memories are found to be transferred from the donor of heart to the acceptor. (Source)

Unlike the general ideology, where heart (intuition) is thought be an irrational and not-so-wise way of action, some practitioners are of the idea that heart has more rational thinking than the brain . Like the old philiosiphies and mystical teachings, it has also been suggested that we can learn (via practice) to understand what our heart thinks (Source).

Hasn't it ever happen to you that you start liking or disliking someone for no apparent reasons? At times you cannot even think of any logical answer to this liking/disliking. It is perhaps because those feelings and thus the thoughts of it derive from your heart and not the brain.

Sometimes, an event that our brain counts as a success doesn't give us as much joy as a small happening such as a random compliment or a smile from someone special gives us. Perhaps, because our heart has its own standards irrespective of the brain.

Sometimes, we take a very logical and wise decision following our brain, suppressing the appearantly illogical desires of our heart, but we are not as happy as we should be. Even if the results of our decision turn out to be good, we do not feel the real joy. Perhaps, because the heart had not counted it as the success. So, it is very important to resolve the discord between the heart and the brain before taking any decision.


The real happiness can only be experienced when both the heart and the brain follow the same path. For this purpose we need to train our brain to consciously understand what our heart thinks (source)

This is my entry to pob word of the week, discord

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The brain might be the control center for the rest of the body, but the heart determines many things just as you pointed out. I once read a book about someone that had a heart transplant and suddenly became an alcoholic. In his quest to find a solution to the problem, he was able to get the medical history of his donor and guess what? The donor was an alcoholic as well.

The brain cannot differentiate between wants and needs, the heart does. Found your post via @dreemport

In a number of cases it has been observed that heart transplant caused change in habits and likings. With time it has been becoming more and more evident that the heart has a lot to do with thinking

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The struggle with inner being is a rough one. When you physical body deny you the ability to control certain things, like resolving to harm yourself is an outward poring of a stronger desire other than the physical. At that moment, one's attention should be centred on managing the mind. The mind is a powerful and controlling is what every person should learn.
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Yes, controlling mind brings us strength.

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When the emotions or the heart are pretty strong , reasoning doesn't stand a chance when emotions take control.
People decide they are in love with someone and are willing to endanger their lives if this someone doesn't reciprocate.. any amount of reasoning with such a person doesn't work.
The wholeness of a person is complete only when their thoughts, emotions and subconscious mind is brought to work in unison.
This is where most people fail as they have no understanding of their mind works.
Enjoyed reading your post.

Unison!!! That's the most important thing for a satisfied inner-self.

You have casted a good example of love emotions. None of our text books till date, even at the graduate level tell us that the emotions are from heart. We have been told about the influence of hormones and neurons (everything from brain) in making of emotions.
The emerging science of cardiac-neurology seems to support the laymen terminology of being guided by heart, the pain in heart, so on and so forth. The heart is literally at at the play in making of emotions.
Mmmmm. What I am thinking is heart is capable of reasoning (as it can think). However, reasoning from heart may drastically differ from the reasoning of our own mind, and so the conflict arises.

Thanks for adding valuable comment to my post, ma @sofs-su 🤗

True, I have read a lot of those researches that talk about how a heart transplant changes the very character of the person and how they take on the qualities of the person whose heart they now have. It has also changed the eating habits of people or even their choices in life.
Yes the heart is a center of reasoning , what I was trying to state is that it may not always be practical reasoning.

So true. The practicality that we learn from norms and societal standards are different from that of our heart's

Well written and well detailed.
The discord between the heart and the brain should be resolved. Because there is indeed a connection between them. Like you have said what the heart desires and it sends signals to the brain. So any malfunctioning between both could affect one negatively.

Goood one for the contest. Wish you best of luck

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Thanks for the good wishes @abdul-qudus .

Most of the time I feel we just go for a decision by taking any one of them in consideration. If we take both into account we experience real happiness. Have you ever experienced such a state when you felt your heart talked to you? You listened to it?

Yeah. Sure. It happens.
Most times I feel it. There was a day I felt reluctant going to school for night read. But I have to meet with someone at school. He was there waiting for me. And what he came to school for was to assist me with my studies. So I can't disappoint him.
My heart told me not to go.but I told my brain I have to go.
The next morning I came home sick

Ahaaa! So your heart guided you well, but what made you sick? The weather?

The stress. I should have rest at home

I see. Yes, the stress causes more damage than we can think

You know what, listening to your heart gives you satisfaction which you never regret, loss or profit immaterial. But all such decisions are instant 'cause once you bring your brain into the decision, you will probably become indecisive.

True. If we don't take instant decision we are likely to lose what our heart said.

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You are most welcome