The Blah Diaries (Chapter Three) Drama, Mercury goes Retro, Coffee addiction, Tesla and Mail Order Brides.......blah!

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Well hello there all you beautiful people! I did stuff till way too late to sorta catch up in hopes of actually catching up with stuff which is impossible and THEN MERCURY WENT RETROGRADE WAY TOO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!! shakes fist at the heavens....also a major super full MOON with a partial eclipse so get geared up for an extra tasty dose of chaos! (btw the retrograde in Gemini starts on May 29th so saddle up it's gonna be a bumpy ride imo.)

If you are an O.G. or on here for just long enough to realize that there is a lot of drama kicking then Condolences or Congratulations? Perhaps it is both and we all should get a star sticker for participation? This week there was drama and some of it was funny and some was disturbing. Of course that coincides with every week being disturbing and full of drama,oh my!

Drama is inherent in this game, most keep their heads down and try to stay out of it but I guarantee if you are on long enough you will encounter the DRAMA LLAMA! My motto is treat people nicely unless they don't treat you well and in that case I drag the Llama all the way down to Peru and just leave it. Ghosting out is one of my superpowers btw.

What is your superpower? Comment below if ya' want to ;)

The thing is that all the sorta fake "oh yay, blah blah blah " stuff is just that. Your vibes don't lie, that feeling you get is usually spot on but I still upvote people on merit and their posts but perhaps expecting gratitude at times is ridiculous. The true nature of why we're all on here transcends mere air monies.We all have our reasons and that is rather fascinating. Merit talks, b.s. walks

Why are you here and why do you stay? Feel free to comment below ;)

So further blahs....I'm totally addicted to coffee if you can't tell and if I don't drink 3 cups a day I'll get the worst headache. It's like there's people boxing in my brain and kicking a lobe or cortex! As I type this the usual Mason Jar of cold black coffee is just sitting there and daring me to drink it but hey , gotta go work and stare at screens all day then type fast af and do the stuff on here. BTW, Starbucks Sumatran coffee is like rocket fuel. It's super strong and brews thick just the way I like to slurp it.

^Accurate except I have been rocking a "before coffee" vibe for awhile :( so sad

On to Tesla and Mail Order Brides!
Well Tesla staff is very nice, the end. Moving on to a post that was lulzy and cringe worthy and will not post it here to give it more attention.
I'll spare you the details but It was a dude basically pimping out a woman and well enough of us Ol' Timers were not wanting to set a precedent that basically what could amount to human trafficking because no proof of age etc... isn't really what the entire platform is about...OR IS IT? I've seen enough people talk of their own boo boos to garner sympathy and $$$ , so guess it's a dpos world of hoes. (I twisted my toe ohhh no, then back on in an hour) hmmm.....ANYHOW, Encouraging or UV it will be like a welcome mat to even more scoundrels! We don't need any more of that but such is life in the non post-Covid world. We can thank my own gov. for helping fund the Wuhan Virus Lab by the way, slow clap to the psychotic governments screwing with us bigtime.!.... now back to the whole weird pimpy post. I get distracted what can I say? I like to write free form Gonzo style, it is what it is.

I hope that fakebook gets the Zuckerberg token out so people have a much larger field to play people on, sorry but it's one of those things that just gets to me. The whole weird post just triggered me because it reeked of scamming, taking advantage of lonely old men and other unsavory things but I'm no moral authority whatsoever, I just don't wanna see Facebook users trying to basically be sold on our turf, but I digress...

Do you think Prostitution should be legalized and why?

Comment below

If you have read this much BLAHHHHH then feel free to chip in to the chat and some of the most well thought out and "brainy" responses will get some upvotes (love) from me. There will be 2 FULL Upvotes on the ones that are the funniest or most insightful or witty.


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Mercury ret...retrograde!?

I'll be hiding under a rock for the next few weeks. You can send me * radio static * lp. And I will not stand by and let this plan * radio static * trucks taking over the planet for the foreseeable future.

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Gemini time

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Because i need a muse

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ahhh don't we all? :)

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Yes to 3 coffee's every morning! Yes. I'm told that missing one of those on any particular day won't kill me, but I don't see why I should risk it.

My current, legit, superpower is to bring out incredible emotion in my children by singing at them. True story. They hate it. I sing to them when I'm angry at them. It gets the point across.

Yes to prostitution. It's legal in Canada due primarily to universal healthcare (ironically, prostitution is legal; buying the services of a prostitute is not). If a prostitute needs medical attention they are encouraged to get it and be open and honest with the health givers. The same should hold true for getting police or legal help. And let's face it; prostitution will always exist. It'd be a cash cow - or at least a cash goat - for various governments in taxes. I feel the same about weed; it's not going away anytime soon, so let's make it safe.

  1. The lhama is just awesome, I'll have to steal it, sorry.
  2. Coffee is amazing, gives me more FOMO than crypto! hahaha
  3. Prostitution is legal in Brazil, but dunno, I think it's kinda imoral, but each one does with their body what they want, it's theirs anyways... who am I to judge.

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go for it , is just from Giphy :)
Welcome to Hive and POB btw

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Screenshot 2021-05-27 12.36.15 PM.png

I did my writing today... HIVE!Regards

They were banning posts that Covid was 'perhaps' man made and 'perhaps' totally a bioweapon? oh yeah op/ed
unreal dude

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There were two schools of thought on COVID early on last year on its origin: WET market and the virus research lab in WUHAN. In the beginning, anyone who brought up the lab was shamed and probably blacklisted.

Some of the kinder stories about the lab involved improper waste handling which is a very realistic scenario. I think a town in Russia suffered an outbreak of Ebola because of cleanliness standards, but don't quote me on it. I know it happened, but I'm not exactly sure why.

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yeah from the get go it was being washed by the powers that be it was a bat which made zero sense no many levels and would take ages to explain why the public has been lied to, who all benefits from a "culling" and "cure" etc...... There's a very dangerous narrative being pushed and the cancel culture we're in is so divided that common sense is seen as moral defect. Thanks for the reply and the bomb arse gif! :)

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Lol..when ebola broke out,in my country we were made to believe that the virys originated from monkeys...

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I'm not that knowledgeable regarding news on Ebola. I've heard the same thing. Where else would it have come from?

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Why are you here and why do you stay?
I'm here to interact and learn the writing craft. It seems to calm my nerves a bit by letting my thoughts wander and then writing those thoughts down. It's very calming. I have no issues with coming up for material though I tend to lean towards STEM more often than not.

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?
Prostitution is legalized in some countries. I think Spain is one of them. And if it looks like a duck, walks and talks like a duck, then it is a duck. Perhaps another word for prostitution in some countries is pornography, but that's a separate topic I think.

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I think there are plenty of men and women who use their appeal for money in intro posts with your sand bags hanging out or a dude trying to flex his muscles doesn't do it for me but if it does it for someone else, each their own but think most of the Hivers and Pob people don't buy that route , just an observation.... I personally am not gonna go into how I feel about prostitution or porn because I feel through porn things it's gotten so depraved and weaponized to further dismantle any sense of looking at people other than meat bags and not human, pathetic really imho.

I did a few tongue in cheek and lampoon type comedic posts but used to get really weird dm's and am like.............first off am a woman (not that they care) and secondly I figured out how a select few rocketed in a few months to high reps which is why I sorta try to ignore the rep number on most as you can basically buy it , is what it is I guess

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  • Why are you here and why do you stay?

I don't know

  • Do you think Prostitution should be legalized and why?

I don't know

Mercury goes retro

Damn why didn´t I follow this closer for the last months. I could´ve known that all crypto would go down.

Why are you here and why do you stay

Good questions, I guess I´m a dreamer ... believe in the impossible