The Reset button was already pushed and the rest is smoke and mirrors... An Op/Ed

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I've been banned so many times from the usual places for using the wrong buzzwords in nests of vapid fluff. Some celebrities were hyping the 2030 reset which is absolute Holly-Wood playing the role as the string puller to perfection. One of the scariest things is the Chinese vs. American (as well as a host of other countries), integrating a ton of precision genome projects into mainstream medicine.

I do not trust the Medical INDUSTRY and think most Doctors churned out are completely sold out to Big Pharma and basically use people as guinea pigs if they feel so inclined. Entities like Google, Amazon and the like I feel the same towards even though I shouldn't maybe be so blunt on my overall disgust with certain practices. We are now just numbers and data bundles to be manipulated and measured for money. A quote I just made up is "They spray us like bugs to hook us on drugs."

It has roots and maintains EXTREMELY close ties to the MIC and other equally unsavory aspects of humanity. The fact Fauci and friends funded the Wuhan Virology lab is so very typical of Governments that cull their own people either knowingly or not. (in many cases it's knowingly, we are ruled by evil Psychopaths who can care less about anything but themselves and wouldn't think twice of swiping ANY of you down. You think they give a shit if any of us are millionaires? LMFAO)

...the battle against the intrusive A.I. that is packaging us as commodities will be a huge deal, people need to get their head outta their asses and see that there is no going back to "normal". The fact people can't question a lot of things is ridiculous given the fact Fauci and friends helped fund that abomination in Wuhan.
That virus imho is totally manmade and from my research and intel seems a lot like a bioweapon ;)

Op/Ed @battleaxe response to a great post by @thoughts-in-time

Some crypto itself gives me the creeps either from who runs it or the logo etc.... people don't know all the origins and if you think it is overcomplex or vague to understand it's by design. Important word play and questions evaded are by design because the concepts are inherently flawed but so is every system. Nothing is perfect but then again all you have to do is look at Tesla vs. Edison to see that history doesn't always pick the 'right' winner.

The Chinese Communist Party and American banks (and some politicRATS) are all up in manipulating crypto or banning it to install their own fully draconian one to tag us like freaking cattle. People keep looking down at "Smart" things and not looking up because why would anyone question anything? Keep chasing shiny things while a lot of work goes into turning us into profitable data balls for A.I. and associates! Any Familiar Names? ;) I like how they throw in CRISPR stuff with Covid stuff if you look at the images and then scroll down to all the Universities such as Oxford and think tanks etc.........all related for our benefit right?

I try to write to make others think and research themselves and am not interested in writing novels though I read some. It's harder to be concise at times when you expect your reader base to be familiar with at least some of the topics and terminology you use. Anyhow here is a nice link!

@scholaris for the AWESOME GIFS :) thank you Sir (great content maker too!) giphy, personal stash, have a nice day


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Which is stranger - almost all cryptos having satanic logos, or nobody ever discussing it?


I've discussed it at length and continue too as I feel this is actually mostly total evil.
If you talk about it it's funny how many and their backrounds (LOADS of intel and military on here. LOADS) oh yeah OP/ED ONLY for entertainment purposes, (eyeroll)
EOS is a prime example of it and oh yeah Steemit started outta a basement our asses
It's so refreshing when you find people who are truly "woke" and not just moronic parrots chasing shinies

Satan himself is hodling this one


Our AXEY called out the Baphomet Gang right away, thanks Axey, you saved me from buying a lot of that shitcoin and having to dump it, likely at a loss, cuz the initial pump was so early, and it's now just approaching those levels again. The symbolism on EOS is undeniable.

God Bless you Undy,
The way to wait for a hero is to not...........................

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Yeah, I don't wait, I act.
Only way to Fly!!

oh give it patience and tg with the international crew will do our thing off here, it has no business on here but yes! if the place is going to turn into a dumbed down instagram space then it will be interesting to see "brain drain" won't it? ;) Love ya brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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There is a lot of knowledge in the medical world. The only thing is that it seems like they are using the knowledge against us. Big Pharma is a big problem. It´s everywhere in the whole wide world the same thing.

There is very LITTLE knowledge in the medical world actually. They went down the wrong track (on purpose) 150 yrs ago. The 'health' system is totally a profitable ponzi scheme. They took germ theory and built everything on it because it was a money spinner AND a control system using FEAR, not because it was right. It isn't. It's so wrong it's ridiculous. Yes it was totally built to use against us for sure by not using knowledge but hiding it from us.

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oh yeah, it's a horrible INDUSTRY that won't even recommend a vitamin but just gives people fear porn and psyop tactics instead of help
iho the whole entire system of about everything is beyond saving and just needs to implode already including the b.s. of a lot of crypto being somehow better than other money forms when it's run mostly by the same people imho, thanks for the smart comment. It would be better if the stupid ads were removed from peoples intellectual property but then again I always overestimate the business acumen of people who will never be satisfied with keeping anything even remotely "pure", sorry for rant, rather irked that the comments sections on here are slathered with ads. not surprised though, really bad move but what do I know?

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I don't see any ads? My firefox ad blocker must be working fine
Yeh I agree it needs taking down completely, that has been my mission for quite a while. Havn't even registered, don't have a doctor and never take pharma drugs (not even their fake 'vitamins' actually).

oh yeah, I use another one Ublock that works fine cause am like "I don't wanna see ads on muh writes", anyhow yeah the vitamin influx of utter crap made God knows how is pretty unnerving as I've learned a lot is made in China from who knows what, am into whole food things anyhow and do some things for healing others may shake their heads at but it works for me. Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet ya'

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Good to meet choo too and yeh wholefood vits are ok I guess. Just not pharma ones.

Mabye it is time we set there own dogs on them, Fauci is fast becoming a scapegoat, as is gates thanks to his devorce.

These are things we as a group could capitalise on, share the facts an make them make more mistakes so that the world wakes the winkled ass up Ha Ha

well right above your comment is an ad, was this discussed with the stake holders or a consensus? no, it's like the tribes /communities start good then decide to do the above. eyeroll
will curate though but um........................

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Your chosen .gif reminds me of this music video.
They seem to like to use the symbols quite a bit.
Pretty sure the voice is of Kuato in Total Recall.
A baby looking figure inside of a man's stomach.
Later Arnold goes on to do the movie Junior.
(inserting the idea that men can get pregnant)
1990 to 1994 to flash forward 2021 and you ask
any body of a certain age and it's become "fact."
(All the Woke foke: Men can get pregnant too.)
Hollywood be on some spooky agenda stuff,
but clearly it's accelerated to the nth degree.
Why the need for the smoke and mirrors?
How do you suppose it helps them?

Honestly I think it is too late for the smoke an mirrors BS.

They are now resorting to paying people peanuts to push false narratives that will inevitable result in the fools owning nothing.

If they are happy with a quick fix at the risk of losing everything, these people are less intelligent than even the elite give them credit for.

Well said!

Thanks pal

yes very well said and the elite tend to have their own groupthink that's rather easy to spot
This makes me want to watch "American Psycho"

Ha Ha thats very true, its like they have been thought at the the same indoctrination school.

They always seem to use the same shitty retoric about global warming, depopulation and now vaccines Lol

The reset button has in fact been pushed.

total recall

Yep time to pull the plug, an shut down their power

Maybe it's time for a crusade against the satanic globalists!

...or a crypto smart-crusade! ;)

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Either or both would be a good thing, but one thing is certain we cannot go on any longer with them dictating the terms of life, that has to stop...

smoke and mirrors to deflect from even darker things ;)
I even think this is all an energy portal, you can get vibes off people and just read things at times and sometimes you ever feel like when you speak something good or truthful then it's like.............POW! I take long breaks for a reason and have seen steemit/hive psychologically destroy a lot of people with people cheering or giving fake as all fooook sympathy. The acceleration has grown so fast and insidiously that even 5 years ago is off a cliff

imagine what all is hidden then it's even worse than that but yeah..... "men can have babies" however seeing the artificial wombs used to already totally grow animals the boundaries are beyond blasted. The blow back seems to not hit the right people those evil meatbags live to 100 and dream of being A.I. or jump into a fresh new body, for real and you probably know alll this but maybe someone will read this and be like..................YEAHHHHHH maybe all this predictive programming and "hidden dark stuff" is real af
maybe we're using some of the dark stuff to get out the light, who knows
Thanks for a really nice response, the comments section of my blog is meant to be another think in itself.
seems like its working <3

Wow, so relevant and you are really coming into your own on this. I think we need to do a collaboration, have a big meeting of the remaining TG members. I want to try and recreate some of the quotes and wisdom of our off-grid friend, bot programmer and spiritual leader of TG. You know who mean... 😉

I wished I had saved her hierarchy of governance, it went from anarchy, to minarchy, to localism and so forth. I was all set to literally stomp some commie ass on wastebook and I could not find it. To make matters worse, the revisionists on Wikipedia have a.conflated view of the topic, so I had to just score some intellectual points instead, and everyone just STFU 🤣

One of her quotes was roughly this:
"The kind of power our politicians have today only serves to attract the most unsavory psychopaths imaginable to seek public office" (paraphrased)

would be off of here that's for sure
I like to see comments by you that aren't 'dumbed' down for dum dums then u get tasty POBs , please don't bring here lol.....they're like hyenas that smell fresh blood aren't they though? rhetorical question
glad to see you around more
breaks are good too, Satan's lil' playground gets old af as do the same names that are like our Gov.............. "no fresh blood EVERRRRR'' bunch of Pelosi's who won't give up that gavel so to speak :P

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I'm guessing I'll stake some BRAINS so I can vote some Brains!!
Once I get a few, at least.

This was a great post!

Where have you gone?

Thanks for the mention! There'll be more coming soon!

awesome :) you're a good egg so to speak

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hehehe I was anxious to read this post! I apologize if I seem I bit passionate!
Great Reset haha So here we go.

Two things are facts to me:

  • The world as we know it is ending; the fraudemic was built with a bio-weapon to destroy the world's economy and the mighty middle class, China is probably gonna push for a WW3, and Biden Kamala WILL destroy the Dollar, as they already said that's their intent, via printing money, and by that generating inflation, and consequently creating massive destabilization in the world's greatest superpower. Who knows what will remain after that...

  • Some people just want SO BAD to stay sedated and just keep shoving the media's BS down with cement, it's incredible. The point is, we can't save everyone, some people just want to, voluntarily, jump into the meat-grinder and there's nothing we can do.

That said...

We CAN still help each other, find others who are also AWARE and PREPARE.
Being into crypto means we are at least a couple years ahead AWAKE-ness wise, which mean we are probably going go have a pretty good chance, but we must not procrastinate. If we wait for any of "confirmation", if that ever comes, it will be too late. Here in Brazil, lockdown is still in full effect, crime in the big cities is already starting to rise, people are hungry. It won't be long before things reach the point of no return. We must find help wherever we can and join forces to get out of big metropolitan areas, to become self-sufficient in resources like water, food, electricity and internet (Starlink). That and, might I add, to read The Book.

Thanks for the post! You've got the best gifs!! haha

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Open your mind ... ;-|

HOLY S&%$!!!!!

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they hide in plain sight, yup check out Cern and Google, same things and other stuff

Aint that a fact, only together speaking up qnd fighting back do we stand a chance.

Considering most of the population have been either manipulated or intimitadated into taking this poisonous crack pipe.

Keep exposing the hippocracy and lies, hopefully the fools will see sense Lol

recharging vp, some great comments in here
smarty pants! <3

ads , fine
ads in comments threads, smdh
my two cents

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