Yesterday, I chose red. Today, that freaking blue pill is calling my name.

in Proof of Brain5 months ago


I'm sure it's just the day. Right?

Because truth is priority. Followed by fighting against oppression. Followed by the holding the line for freedom. Followed by a million other things that are a huge struggle to continue to fight for but we know, know, know that we must "endeavor to persevere". You know, I always loved that line from the the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales. It's one of the saddest little monologues I've ever experienced - probably because it's not fiction. It's based off of history, and history can always break your heart.

"Endeavoring to persevere" is noble and just and worthy. But it's exhausting. Soul-sucking, energy sapping, life-draining kind of exhausting.

It always kinda makes me think of those pills from The Matrix. And usually, I'm like yeah!!! Let's all be NEO and fight against the machines and free the world! Go Red Team! LOL And then you get to the end of the second movie and you realize that the machines were working both sides. They had the "matrix" Matrix, and then the "freed" Matrix - so that people could have the illusion of freedom and choice. The hard-ass freedom fighters could free themselves to the "other side" all they wanted, but that was just an illusion also.

Both sides were just an illusion.

And then it made me think. If both sides were an illusion, maybe Cypher had the right idea, but the wrong execution. I mean - there's no way around the fact that he was sacrificing his friends for his own pleasure, and that's simply deplorable. But let's say you really just did have the choice - you could take the red pill and head to that post-apocalyptic world of gruel, sewage systems, war, hiding and more- OR, you could choose the blue pill and live in the blissfully sweet ignorance of your mind.

My parents and I would discuss this often! hahaha My dad was dead set on red pill, all the way. My mom was grabbing that blue pill every time without hesitation.

You know... and I say this extremely cautiously hahahaha - yesterday I did some meditation with the Oculus VR headset. From every possible angle, I was completely surrounded by paradise. I was on top of a cliff looking at the most amazing night sky. Aurora Borealis was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Beneath me, there was water crashing against the walls of the cliff in fluorescent blue sprays. The moonlight glowed above me like a guardian, assuring that it would over me if I wanted to drift off to sweet slumber. The music was calming and steady, completing the entire euphoric experience.

And I really thought... I know this isn't real, but damn it - it feels so tempting to pretend that it is. And I discovered right then, I might be more susceptible to the blue pill than I realized.

Maybe we all are.

The pills by Septimiu on Pixabay


Well me being me I found a solution to this you take half of the red pill half if the blue pill mix them together and you get a purple pill which is a spot right in the middle of the two

But in all seriousness I think somewhere in the middle us the place to be

I think perhaps when younger I dreamed of being famous and rich but I realized I don’t want to ge famous and in the spotlight I like being out of the spotlight observing from the sidelines

As for rich I don’t think money buys happiness I think so many of the rich are far from happy so focused on making more more more

But that said of course I never dreamed of being poor but having enough to live comfortably is good enough for me and if and when I have e extra being able to help those in need is a plus

Now I have to say in my travels I have been to some places where people are are struggling and poor for all kinds of reasons post war, famine, corrupt governments and although so sad to see and I have seen things that get ve many people nightmares

What do I remember most in places of hardship how the people could find joy in the simplest of things how so often they had such a positive attitude that things would improve


In places of hardship and that’s something that I will always have in my memories and it gives me a more positive outlook on life

Sorry I think I started commenting on the blue or red pill topic and wandered totally off

I guess your used to that with your twinsie

what a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheheehhe i LOVE it!!!!!!!!

I have to agree. right down the middle would be ideal - to know the truth, and then to create a paradise inside that truth! what a ...(sigh) wonderful vision.

and I know what you mean. I've seen people in just terrible conditions that have all they need and all they want. They have learned the secret. To be content in all things and find joy and choose joy.

hmmmm love that twinsie!!! LOVE that reminder!!!!

sending LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍

WOW I did get carried away that comment of mine was longer than some of my posts LOL

!LUV some !BEER now and again

Have a great day

I know you posted this a couple of days ago, but I came across your post and it has brought me to an interesting point of appreciation regarding your conception.

It is interesting what you comment regarding the absolute control mechanism that the Matrix system had, and how it deceived people into believing that they were freeing themselves. We can see several examples of this in the methodology of materialistic control that we have in the superficial and consumerist society, and how it makes people believe that they are achieving something through titles or corrupt religious systems, all filling your head that you are achieving to be a good person through empty and selfish foundations.

I think your position regarding the choice of pills is very understandable, I think I would also take the blue pill if you told me that the reality that transcends into truth is a chaos full of shit and monsters 🤣🤣 But I believe that absolute truth goes beyond suffering. The reality we live blinds us through "comforts" and if you live in a third world country and in crisis, you will be blinded by your concern to survive 🤣 We really live in the nice ignorance while our world is moved by business with human beings and weapons, everything is full of greed, chaos! The reality of the machines that the movie posed is the same hellish reality that lies under our noses, but we just don't look out.

What I am trying to say is that chaos is already in this world, and the harsh reality is something you can perceive if you go out of your house, your country and social position to see the environments where crime, evil and poverty totally rule; we are even devastating our planet as if it is not going to kill us.

Ignorance is not a way out, rather it is the problem today. The universe is not governed by rigid and despot laws as the ones that prevail in the human world, rather nature works in a perfect and wonderful way to preserve a reality in function of service for all, if things were not like that we simply would not be alive.

Reality is evolution. The truth is to serve and not to believe that they should serve us, because we are not masters of anything, not even of our own mind. Truth is harmony. Truth is forgiveness. Truth is awareness, equanimity and balance. Truth is LOVE!

I believe that even the movie itself is a mechanism to take you away from what truth is. The only true thing about matirx is that they have us all subdued, controlled, but still, they paint the truth as a pathetic hell, not as the evolution and transcendence that the human being really needs. Sorry for extending, I was very inspired hehehe thanks for this publication brother! As I said before, I was very inspired. 💪🤗💯🎶


I'd like to be famous and rich. Plug me back into the system. However at the top..

And working in the rich part too. @psyberx is gonna be worth it.

LOL today i feel like i'm right there with you! LOL

not so much famous. i dont' care about fame.

just enough money to never worry about anything ever again. hahahaha and enough to just bless everyone I want. yep - i'll take that pill please hahaha

That's the sellout that turned neo in...

The guy eating the steak.

Cypher - yep - I mentioned him and his dirty ways in my post. LOL

however - I wanted to take the blue pill and NOT sell out my friends. that was the point of the post LOL

I just remembered his words...

Oh blue for bliss, I say. Blueeeeeee!
Thought provoking musing there @dreemsteem I want to live in a cave behind the fluorescent waterfall. Oh my, Yesssss❤️

My friend... if you could be there with me... oh my.

oh my.

i just kept looking all around and soaking it in. And I'm sure I looked hilarious because I was just sitting on my bed with a headset on

but inside that headset was a world of wonder. I wished that I could just lift off of the cliff and fly into the night sky. bathe in the northern lights. float among the glowing waves.

it was so so beautiful. I can see how people can really get lost inside those headsets!!! LOL gotta be careful with that! hahahahahahahaha

sending love to you this Sunday morning!! I hope you feel it washing over you!

Well, normally we'll all go for the blue pill. No matter what even though it's illusion, every yearns to feel something so fascinating and wonderfully portrayed, something we've never really been able to see before or ignore because of the numerous challenges we're going through. Men I'll choose a blue pill and have a life where I'll have to worry for nothing except to enjoy the wonderful things in life (my illusion) but.....

There's always something about illusion, it can never ever be real. At the end of the day, something would go off. It might be that you'll eventually get bored. There's something about our human mind, it yearns for adventure, it yearns for chaos sometimes and the ability to go on fighting. There's just going to be a day that you'll realize that it's all fake and at that moment you'll be so broken or feel like you've been deceived for way too long and then the red pill would be a better option to bring you back to reality.

So for me, I'll go with what @tattoodjay said, it just has to be a mix. Sometimes you're taking the red pill and when it gets too overwhelming use that blue pill to calm your nerves and continue fighting.

Amazing post as always,made me actually really think. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️🙏

exactly... but... hehehe

the red was ALSO an illusion.

one was an illusion in the "real world" and one was an illusion in the "apocalyptic world"

the machines were smart enough to utilize every single "battery" at their disposal by giving a world for each personality.

if both are illusion... hehehe then what?

as I said to @samsmith1971 below... blue, red, or search even farther beyond the red? hehehe

Lol damn...they're messing with my head..


Is there an option where you can go with creating your own pill?? Something like this 💊..I'm sure it'll do the trick..

i say we MUST create our own pill hahahaha

and then be masters of our own destiny! LOL

Exactly, we can do that... It'll be an amazing experience

The difference between dreams and reality is that when you are awake, you know you are awake. You know that it is real and you can therefore learn to adapt and deal with the situations within which you find yourself. When you are dreaming, however, you don't know that you are asleep; you think you are awake, and therein lies the rub. And so this is the difference between the red and the blue pill. Truth, full disclosure, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But we know that it's real. Or... an imagined landscape, imagined connections, where nothing is as it seems and everything is an illusion. None of the experiences are real. None of our feelings or emotions are based on anything concrete. Relationships are fabricated therefore lack true substance. In essence, we have nothing. When the euphoria ends...and it will ...there is no soft landing; nothing to support the lie. I prefer truth any day of the week, no matter how hard a pill it is to swallow ... but yeah, I get the allure of the blue pill, of hallucinogenic drugs, the comforts of alcohol, the meanderings into virtual reality. Sometimes we all need an escape, I just wouldn't choose for that escape to be permanent.

I agree (most days. hehehe)

but the movie pointed out that both the red and blue pill were BOTH illusions...

when Cypher chose - he chose the blue pill as a means of total submission and surrender (and sacrificed other people's lives for his creature comforts!)

but after the end of teh second movie - we see that Neo chose the red - but even the red was still part of the illusion. it was a secondary world for those who sought what they THOUGHT was truth and freedom, but was actually just another layer of the deception.

If you are caught in both illusions... hehehe (looking back of course...) blue? red? or even more BEYOND the red. hehehehe

Ok if we are talking both pills leading to an illusionary life then maybe we do need to do what @tattoodjay and @bluefinstudios suggest, and turn the construct on its head, address the imbalance, and throw back both pills in one quick slug. A little peace, a little drama ... simulation at its most pure ... I mean isn't that what real life looks like anyway? 😉 While we're about it... can I buy an oculus in either of these realities?... you know...just in case 😂

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all


you are gonna try my oculus when you get here! hahahaha

haha ...@bluefinstudios... the matrix has her in its grasp... do not yield.. I not yield🤣

Seriously though, I must check out your Oculus and that meditation download and see what you are on about because it does sound sublime 💗 (I hope Blue gave up reading after the first line hehe)

Oh my god for a split second I thought you were talking about something else, and I thought you tapped out, like Cypher, saying "count me in".

And in this case, the blue pill is a nono, because it's a death pill...

YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL hahahahahaha
no no no no no.

definitely not tapping out THERE.

just wandering around in my mind. (and in my oculus hahahahahahahahaah)

Sadly, i haven't watched the movie, but I'll love to be lost in nature. One time, I found myself by this stream surrounded by sand that glistened in the sun. Enya's Carribean Blue was playing in my ear at that time and I got lost in the beautiful eyes of mother nature.

I'll always go for something like that even if it's an illusion. I was listening to Darksky Island by Enya and had the wildest imagination about red moons, dark skies, equinoxes and fields covered in flowers. Oh. And also a sabre tooth tiger. I get lost in my thoughts.

So... Blue pill it is.

hahahahahahaha the sabre tooth tiger came out of nowhere!!! hehehehe now I want to hear this Darksky Island song!!! gonna go look for it on youtube! :)

Yes. It's meditative.

I love the title you choose. Fantastic writing skills.
Always blue pills.

Good morning sweet friend!!!!!! I need to come visit your posts today hehehe I've been a bit quiet on the chain for a few days - hehehe its always nice to take a break!! :)

Thank you dear

It's all just a dream inside a dreem inside a dream. (See what I did there 😏😁)

Funnily, I came across the issue of "non-fiction" on someone's post earlier today. And I said, what? This whole world is fiction, how can something be non-fiction.

I've had my fair share of red pills, yes it's even worse than what the matrix showed.

The blue pills have much less effect now, but give me that blue pill any day!! 😆

oh - I really want to hear more about this comment.

You just drop this brilliance here and leave me hanging??? this almost needs to be a post please! hehehehehe

Aren't most of us more drawn toward the blue pill than red? How many would really opt for chaos and uncertainty when we could find peace?

There is more than enough chaos and uncertainty in the world. Getting a break from it would be a natural yearning.

very natural yearning. And if both sides are an illusion - to me, the choice is the nicer illusion! hahaha

well - in the Matrix LOL

I doubt that I could ever sell out my friends. I’m not that selfish of a person. But I’m by no means a passive person either. Dam red or blue…….

agree - nothing is worth destroying people!

and I have become more passive as I age. hahaha now i have to look at all sides before running off to war. LOL

but geez - since both sides ended up being part of the illusion... hard NOT to choose the nicer illusion hahahaha

hmmm, what happens if you crush 'em up, and put both at the same time, into the shot glass of vodka and take that?

or 13 shots of vodka.

just sayin

I love how this is always presented as a choice, but in reality (in America at least) you're getting force-fed the blue pill every day. If you want to see the truth, all you have to do is spit that blue pill out.

Me, I don't take pills until it's life-threatening.

we get force fed all colors of the rainbow of pills LOLOL

that's why I turned off my tv 8 years ago. and do not regret that decision for a SECOND. too much manipulation is there - and so much that many dont' even question it anymore!!!

Good choice. I gave up TV so long ago, screens weren't even widescreen yet. Things only seem to have gotten worse since then. I blame MTV's The Real World, and the 'news' networks.

Perseverance for me is such an important virtue an individual should possess, it stretches and adjusts our emotions to certain things in life.

perseverance is a beautiful trait that builds character and trains our mind and spirit!!! I totally agree with you that it has the ability to adjust our emotions - and that is so critical at certain times when things SEEM one way, but they really aren't!

"From every possible angle, I was completely surrounded by paradise. I was on top of a cliff looking at the most amazing night sky. Aurora Borealis was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Beneath me, there was water crashing against the walls of the cliff in fluorescent blue sprays. The moonlight glowed above me like a guardian, assuring that it would over me if I wanted to drift off to sweet slumber. The music was calming and steady, completing the entire euphoric experience."

What a Paradise. I can stay in that moment all my life. Blue pills all the way please.

It was so beautiful. and then the next day - I went to a new location. It looked like Santorini, Greece - so idyllic!!!

but I really did love that beach at night hehehehe I wish you could have experienced it!

Sometimes I try to practice these things, but distractions and daily hassle won't let me.

Never like living a lie...


Sleeping without care is really tempting right now... hmmm, hard to chose 🤣

sleeping without care.... ahhhhh

i love that line.

to sleep without care - wht a wonderful feeling. I wonder what that looks like to each of us!!!

Hi Khoola!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hey, Dreem...

to sleep without care - wht a wonderful feeling. I wonder what that looks like to each of us!!!

I wonder that myself :)

I get that totally
And it makes you think why not the blue?
Is the red championed to make you feel good about feeling bad ;p

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now THAT is a good point.

as much as the blue is conditioning us to accept... is the red conditioning us to always run to the battle - even when its unnecessary!!!!!!! hmmmm hehehe food for thought!

I will pick the blue pill immediately lol. The matrix played alot of mind games on me, but i have come to realise that the blue pill seems the likeliest choice.

It is all an illusion, isn't it?

So many unanswered questions, Maybe Life itself is an illusion, Nobody is really real. But, yes, as long as it feels real, I'd keep living and I'd keep fighting.


hahahahahaha that movie really was a trip! LOL

and right - if it is all an illusion - then why not blue?

but if it's real - that changes everything!! HI SAM!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hello dreeemy! I'm trying to be everywhere at the same time..


I can never remember which is the blue pill and which is the red pill. That explains so much of my life!

Honestly, though, we are living in illusions that shift slightly, but are nonetheless illusions. That is one reason I learned hypnosis and became a hypnotist. Reality is more about perception rather than being one fixed experience.

That being said, I still find it hard to cope when shitty things happen. I somehow damaged my knee. I try to detach from it with hypnosis and help it heal with hypnosis. I am sure these tactics improve the situation, but it still sucks.

(One of the great ironies of becoming a hypnotist is that, while I can competently guide others through the state, I do not achieve depth as quickly and easily as some people do.)

I think I might be way, way off topic.

just think red - aggression - seeking after the truth no matter what the cost.

blue - calm like the ocean, laid back.. relaxed - accepting of whatever may be.

heheheheand yes - that's what I feel too - so much of this... all around us... it's all degrees of illusion.

as far as the damage to the knee.. that's gotta be a slippery slope, as pain is a gift to us that cautions our body to refrain from pushing harder or else... more damage.

so i'm not sure if hypnosis is the best thing to dull pain? Hmmmm i don't know! hehehe I would think that has to be a cautious process!!
and never too far off topic for me.

i love when it gets deep, deeper, deepest heheheh

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thank you @ecency!!!!! :)

Cypher, that was his name! I was just commenting about that situation the other day but forgot his name lol.

It’s hard to balance between it for sure. I’m more on your dads side, gimme that red pill! At the same time I occasionally want the blue one to not know some of the things I know because it’s easy. Damn! Lol

i'm telling you - its come up several times in the comment section.. we need a purple pill

blue + red

Interesting find thanks to @samostically. I don't think this is about the pills. Perhaps it is just about fun. That's what's left from this year's Matrix. And I'd rather watch Groundhog Day another time next time. Here's a comment of mine on this at

I will always take the blue pill

hehehe so many would grab that blue pill right away!

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It is no surprise that "red pill" has become a common term that refers to those aware of the REALITY of the truth regarding inter-gender dynamics. For any men who came here expecting something else, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the book "The Rational Male", and change your life.

Once you go redpill you never go back to being a blue pill (beta).