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Hi Sam,

Thank you for the invitation and tagging me. This may seem at first unrelated but I hope it becomes clear once you - and others - read to the very end of my comment:)

I had prepared a really long answer, but then decided to start from scratch (still long). In thinking about it longer, I personally come to the conclusion that quality always trumps quantity for me. I'm not good at bringing masses on board, nor does it suit my individual gusto. I am therefore thinking to be a mentor to few people here on Hive that I want to give time and attention to (I may change to other people after a while). It doesn't matter to me if it's a newbie or someone long-established, I'm more concerned with the personal connection and chemistry I perceive.

It runs away from me what seems to be often understood by "engagement" here. What is meant? Networking with as many people as possible? With as many topics as you can? That's not my thing.

Engagement for me is something very personal that may not happen more than a few times a month. I don't value engagement as using up my voting mana as much as I can, or including other channels (that I don't maintain) to look like a good user. It would be a dishonest effort on my part. I probably fall off the grid of respected marketing activities with that.

I once landed on the blockchain and what seems to fall completely under the radar here on Hive is that you don't focus solely on the virtual, but people can actively trade with each other with their Hives, horizontally and not hierarchically as seems common here.

Example: I once purchased a painting from an artist who was active here, and he sent it to me in the regular physical mail. I paid in steemit dollars.

I see too much dependence of the active people here on the community operators (no offense, I am also valuing the different operations), where the only thing that seems to matter is to compete with each other. My understanding of community is different.

Where people produce something or a certain ability is inherent to them, why don't they trade these products or services among themselves also through their wallets?
That's what I would call a marketplace.

I have forgotten this one myself over the years. I was once known here in my profession as a family and social counselor (my profession in my offline life) and there were situations where I could support my readers in personal issues, either publicly or privately. There would have been nothing wrong with wanting to see this form of service paid for in blockchain currency if a client saw value in it.

The issue I see as a long-term active on the chain is that my followership is not permanent, that those I followed have largely given up. The constant exchange of usership is therefore a problem, because I have to constantly strive to explain who I am, although you could find this out for yourself, if anyone even bothered to read posts older than seven days. It could be also a solution, for the constant changes in usership mean that none of them has come across what one already has published and it is new to them. They may even find pleasure in reading the former comments.

I'm way beyond writing eulogies and motivational posts about the Hive itself, if I'm honest. Which is not to say you agree with it if things are new to another one. I sometimes feel like someone here who has already finished school but is supposed to keep going back to eighth grade. LOL

By commitment and "hard work" I mean this, for example. Who's going to read it?

I proposed to POB drivers that I would find it a good idea to promote content already created, dating back months or years. Was it you, @scholaris or you @trostparadox?

It may be construed as immodesty that I think there are publications of mine that I could neither formulate better nor reissue in a different form. They stand on their own and could be used where there is a genuine interest in this content. I myself would be more than pleased if individuals drew my attention to their past publications, but that habitus does not seem to be present here. I feel like I'm in a constant race, which in the long run destroys my motivation and will to be creative.

Is it something dishonourable to re-promote publications that have already been released? Which might have not trended or do not even have any particular payouts to show for it, I find not only a pity, but a neglect of content and potential. And even if they were once voted in the higher range, I would not have an issue with that to be generous more than once from my side.

What can I do? Complain about it?
I could, of course, become active myself and announce that I will re-upvote and comment on original works by individual users that date back months or years. But would that entice anyone behind the stove if there weren't lucrative curations or hive dollars in the offing? Since I'm not a big stakeholder, I suspect I wouldn't get much of a following, which would make the effort to bring something like this to life a non-starter. I could be wrong, of course. So still have to think about it. Please, give me your insights and thoughts.

To sum up:

  • For newbies to drop some hive dollars from my personal wallet and pay them that way, as I can afford it (since my upvote can only show measly pennies).

  • For old-timers to support each other by upvoting and commenting again on their original posts made with love (enriching the newly created post with a few explanations of the old post). I mean, come on, what speaks against it to gain in terms of currency and awareness from something you put into a lot?

  • To enliven the marketplace by trading goods and services horizontally with each other, who in turn use the Wallet as their a relevant source of remuneration.

Sincerely greetings to you and everyone who payed attention.


I completely hear where you are coming from and my view of the entire ecosystem is a bit ambivalent, to say the least...but ... I love being here and I love engaging and the quality of writing is pretty fantastic across a lot of the communities... some days I engage a lot across loads of topics and it fuels my curiosity and thirst for intellectual stimulation or human connection. Other days, I am tired and don't manage more than some upvotes and !PIZZA style calls to the bots to tip posts. I don't engage for the sake of it. If I don't have anything to say, I either say nothing or very little. It doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the post or find it useful, but the author may just have caught me on an off day... we all have them. There are some authors that I do enjoy more lengthy interactions with, yourself to name one of them ;-) as I genuinely feel that I learn and grow in the process and the philosophical and intellectual extension helps my soul to thrive. I personally see articles and contests where we are asked to discuss Hive, POB etc are there for a number of reasons: one to help provide 1st hand feedback and information to attract newcomers to Hive or entice them to stay long enough to have a good look around at what Hive and its communities has to offer, and two to provide insight to those who do have the power and technical expertise to effect change at a higher level and behind the scenes.

As regards tipping newbies, I tend to use bot calls, give encouraging upvotes where I enjoy posts, provide guidance and encouragement in the comments and run a monthly contest to hand out some tokens and provide a learning experience at the same time.

Regarding republication of old posts, I think this should be allowed definitely at no reward (as per @scholaris' comments) but also if it was at all possible to build the programming into the platform, I thing the reporting of older content for reward should be allowed if the content is say >2 years old, and if each user is restricted to reposting a limited number of older posts in any 12 month cycle. We don't want to end up like SKY TV where we are paying for all of our channels to be just reruns of old series. For those who have been here a while, I can see why they would not necessarily appreciate this. For newcomers discovering older material can be like finding an absolute gem (and I have certainly discovered a few myself!) and then it's like .... nooo I can't even show this author the love they deserve on this post from me. So what I do then is I comment, I call the Pizza and LUV bots to visit and if I receive a response to my comment, I upvote the author's response comment.

I don't think it is against the rules to republish an article if it has genuinely been updated and revamped for changes over time. I have seen this done in the past. Perhaps though it would be better to create a new post altogether and then cite passages from the old post and intersperse with all the new updated elements and revised commentaries / changing viewpoints etc? perhaps @scholaris could comment on whether this is an acceptable approach.

And as for a marketplace, I have already seen on Leo Finance where someone started a trading group and people bought into the group and paid fees from profits to the trader, and you can use Pizza tokens to buy physical goods in the Pizza store. So I don't think there is anything preventing market trading. Perhaps a new Hive community is required where physical and virtual goods can be bought and sold with Hive and Hive-engine tokens?


I love the idea of featuring older than posts! Sometimes I come across one and read it - but the only reward I can give is a comment and !PIZZA and !ALIVE

I like it, too. My archive is full of treasures (from my perspective), my readership changed and why would I not want these to come to new fruition?

Have you thought about making some of them into curated collections?

Thank you, I do this on rare occasions. Maybe did it two to four times, not certain. For a strange reason, this does not gain momentum, even though it takes a lot of time to make a collection in the shape and form I used to do them. Like the "continue the story" first announcement, I wrote a short introduction and placed to every single story the text and pictures in a manner, appealing to the eye, where all of my finished stories could be approached with one click.

The same I did with my scientific oriented posts, some long time ago. Like here.

Maybe I should open a group, called "Old-Timers" or "Archives revived"-lol

If that's what you meant by "curated collections"? If not, please help.

That actually wasn't what I meant. It's a good deal easier, thankfully.

This is what I meant, and using Peakd you can add each one in a click from your profile.

I highly recommend not putting any mention of the post being a part of a series at the beginning, ever. I did that, and nobody wanted to read the post. Now if I mention it at all, it's at the end. But in general I'll just drop a link in the comments if someone actually read it closely enough to be curious about the rest.

thank you for dropping the link, I opened it through (I don't use peakd). Though I still don't understand - you mean, when you want to promote older posts of yours, you just give a link by not mentioning it being from a series and that people followed the links?

It displays differently in Peakd. You just select "add to curated collection" once the initial post is made, then it's automatically added. They have a community for it too :)

And with my series, I really try to make each one where it could stand on its own. But some people will ask for the next part, or have a question. It's easy enough to give them a link to the collection, or even include it at the end of the post :)

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I proposed to POB drivers that I would find it a good idea to promote content already created, dating back months or years.

I remember you bringing that up with me. If it is very clear that the content was previously published, I personally don't see a problem with that. However, I could see where others would consider that spam.

I will be making an announcement within the next week or so regarding the establishment of a new Layer 2 tribe / token and a call for input regarding community standards to govern them. Please check out the announcement, once it's posted, and feel free to contribute to the discussion about those community standards.