Hive Community, I Need Your Help!

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It's not very often that I ask for help, but today I'm asking our wonderful community for help. The help is not for me, it is for my friend and our community member @blind-spot. He doesn't know I'm writing this post, so he may bite my head off because he's a very modest person, never asks for help, but I can take that, if I can manage to get some help for him with this shout-out.

A couple of days ago I spotted this banner and his message at the bottom of his post and knew right away I need to do something. It's a shy cry for help, that goes unnoticed, but I can fully understand him.


Who's @blind-spot?

For those of you who may not know him, he's a doctor, who studied in Kharkiv (Ukraine), till the end of February this year, when the war began and he had to leave the country. He was at the final year of his residency, to become a gastroenterologist, but was forced to put his dream on hold and try to stay alive.

He left Ukraine, arrived in Poland at the beginning or March, where he was welcomed by the amazing Polish community with open arms. They gave him a place to stay and helped him to recover from the horror he had to go through. Special thanks to @phortun, @hallmann and everyone from the Polish team for that!

After a month or so he left for the Netherlands, hoping to find a way to continue his studies. He's in the Netherlands, in Almere at the moment, which is not far from Amsterdam, has a job but not in the medical field as it seems like that's quite impossible for now.

Here's his life story, which is more than impressive -> How I paid for my own medical degree myself with 0 loans. I am a self-made doctor.

He's working in a hotel now to make ends meet and staying at a shelter for Ukrainian refugees. He's not as active on Hive as before as in his free time he's volunteering, working on helping his fellow refugees at the shelter, as well as collecting and distributing aid to them.

This is a story that will make your eyes wet -> Warlogs - Helping Ivan with his life threatening medical condition.

Help Needed

So @blind-spot had to flee Ukraine with only a backpack and the clothes he was wearing. He's been helping whoever he could ever since, but now he's the one who needs help. His laptop is dying and he would like to buy another one, to be able to stay in touch with us and the world. Buying a laptop is not an easy task, no matter where you live, let alone when you are starting you life from scratch.

He is set as beneficiary in this post, so 100% of the rewards will go to him when the payout is due. You can upvote this post if you wish to help, or send whatever token you think you can to his wallet, Hive HBD, community tokens, BTC, ETH or fiat through Revolut. Every penny counts and I am saying THANK YOU in advance already!

Here's the link to the video interview he did in Poland, before leaving to the Netherlands, sharing his story about how he fled from Kharkiv to Poland. Check out his blog as well.


I couldn't bring myself to writing a post and asking out loud, so this post really helps. Thank you Erika for this. I really appreciate how much you have been helping from the start.

You're welcome. I hope we can help to get a new device.

This is unbelievably kind. Thank you!

My pleasure.

Since he is Currently in The Netherlands , Why not hand him a Laptop on #hivefest ?

That is the best idea. Most economical and there are hundreds of hivers there. WE can help fund and getting it local in the region is best. Because of the laptop battery... it can be a hastle for shipping.

It's a nice idea, but I'd rather let him choose whatever he wants. He's going to be at HF though, you can meet him there.

not sure if i'm able to get there yet , but i'm trying to be there atleast one day

Hi Erika! @ erikah Where can money be sent? To you? To him? I'm just headed to bed when I saw this. I know his backstory. Terrible to not know him well enough to know about the laptop. Please let me know how to send some money.

Thank you.

Hello Denise! Thank you for responding to the shout-out. You can send it to his wallet, or if it is easier for you, send it to me and I'm going to forward it to his wallet. Good thing transactions on Hive are free and fast.

Thanks again and have a good night :)

Hi, Erika! The Hive won't be available for 6 days, this is because the credit card had to be through Google Play which is a no-go. I have Paypal but have never used it to buy Hive. Are they trying to get it ASAP or can I give it to you when it is swapped out?

I really need to leave more liquid available.

I don't know how he's planning to proceed but this post is due in six days and that is when the payout is transferred to him. So I'd say a week, till he gets the funds. So no worries. If you want something faster, I have some HBD available 🙂

I'll take it! I can send you $$ through PayPal! Thank you!

No need really, you'll pay me back when you can. How much would you like to donate?

250 Hive. It is up to you. I have the cash if you want it or I will send you the 250 Hive when it is sent to me. ( in less than a week)

And thank you very much. I truly appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that. I hope he can buy a new computer soon. I don't got too much to send. I'll upvote all of his recent post and send him 5 hive. Hope it can help at least a little bit.

It will go really far, good one ✌️

Every penny counts, so thank you so much!

I know his posts well :) We definitely need to sort something!

@dreemsteem @samsmith1971 @dswigle @tattoodjay you might be interested in this :)

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Thank you very much for your help and shout-out.

The honor is mine, he deserves it 🙌

I agree with you on that!

So sad to hear what people are facing dur to the ongoing war between the two countries. I pray blind-spot get his footing soon. Thanks for helping him this way, even though it's hard. I'll try to drop my quota. Thanks.

It is sad to see so many lives destroyed. Thank you for your help and kind words.

Wow this. Nice. I wish I have help I will have contribute too. I am just join hive

No worries and thank you for stopping by.

He is a good hearted person. You have shown great friendship. And it is hoped that everyone here can give him a good hand of friends.

Let's hope we can help him buy a laptop.

The community is really trying 🤗

I sympathise with him. It's so wrong what innocent people like himself have had to suffer for a war they didn't choose. I wish I could help. I hope he gets the required help though

It is terrible to see all those people suffering but it is what it is, we have to do what we can to help.

That's right

It would be nice to get him a new laptop. Sharing the love of hive!

Thank you. We can definitely contribute.

God bless you for speaking up for @blind-spot I trust that the necessary help would come to him and I pray that the world become a better place for all of us to live in and be happy again. Peace to all nations.

Thank you! This community is powerful, we are capable of great things, this has been proven, so I am sure we can help him get a laptop.

You are doing a great job there promoting a good soul. Hope he gets it soon

I hope so too.

I believe he sure will ✌️

I’m really sorry to hear about his situation. He has been through quite an ordeal and I hope the community comes together to pull the resources needed to help him out in this time of need. Thank you also for doing this for him. I understand how difficult this might’ve been for you to write to the community. God bless you!

Thank you @depressedfuckup, the truth is I would've never asked help for myself but I can do if for others and he definitely deserves it.

It is terrible indeed but at least he's safe now and has a place to stay. Let's hope we can help him a little.

I will do the best I can for him

Many thanks.

That's the spirit brother ✌️

Thank you so much dear friend @erikah.. you have a kind soul and you really helped a lot of people. all I can do at the moment is to upvote this post 100% as I do not have liquid Hive. I also reblogged your post for visibility to others. Have a great day!

I thank you for being here and supporting the cause. It doesn't matter if you don't have liquid Hive, I'm grateful for your vote, it all adds up and the reblog is also appreciated. Have a nice day too my dear friend 🤗

Oh I have read his story months ago, I was impressed. I admire his strenght and your kind heart to help this guy out. Hive is an awesome community, I am so sure he will get the help, he deserves it. I have read through the comments that he will be at Hive Fest, maybe someone can hand him directly a laptop. I am always so amazed by the power of this community!

Thank you Mary for your contribution and moral support, it mans a lot :)

Yes, he's going to attend Hivefest, but I'd rather send him the funds and let him pick the laptop he wants and can afford. And yes, the power of the community, I have just posted about that 🙂

@erikah you are really a great person with a beautiful heart,I'm glad you always lend a hand. May God bless you and I pray line fall in pleasant places for you. You're a rare gem and you're appreciated. Thank you for helping your friend and others.

Thanks for the nice words, but I'm not the only one, so many are helping, every single day.

As a medical field person in Holland,i know how the rules can be the hassle and hussling for your buddy is just a fantastic gesture of kindness. I remember the boog about the selfmade doctor and that was already remarkable.

I will be at Hivefest as well to shake this good mans hand and a hug

(Dude is there anything else we can set you up with at hivefest physically? This is the moment)

this was more for @blind-spot for superkudos xl for you @erikah for initiating

Unfortunately it's tough everywhere, but let's hope sooner or later there will come an opportunity.

He's going to be at Hivefest, so you'll be able to meet him :)

Your kind words and kind intentions are more than enough. Thank you.

This war is destroying so many lives, it's very kind of you to do this for @blind-spot. I hope that his life can get back on track and that he can get back into medicine!
It is heart-warming to see the number of Hivers who are reaching out to lend a helping hand. I just finished reading @samsmith1971's story Today, a stranger touched my life... , and her kindness in trying to lift his heavy heart.
It's people like you who make the world a better place!

Unfortunately the damage done by the was is terrible. Let's hope he can go back to continue his studies, when the war ends.
We all make the world a better place as we are all contributing.
Thank you @lizelle for the nice words and your support.

I'm sure you've provided help and kindness to many people, @erikah.
There are many ways to help someone and you have done your best to help others in need like a @blind-spot.
Everyone here will surely be moved by the name of doing good as a universal value, no matter where you come from and I will take this good opportunity as best I can. At least I did well today too.

I'm trying to help whoever I can, but I'm not the only one, others are helping too. All of those who have voted this post for example are helping.

Oye, se que mi voto es algo insignificante aún, pero me da la satisfacción de ver el apoyo y la unión que hacen por el bienestar de uno, eso me estremece el corazón.

Hey, I know that my vote is still insignificant, but it gives me the satisfaction of seeing the support and the union that they do for the welfare of one, that makes my heart tremble.

Thank you so much! For both your contribution and the nice words. Every cent counts and this is how we're going to be able to raise the necessary funds.

Thank you again 💓

Sometimes it is necessary to read a story like that young man's, to be filled with strength and energy, it is not time to give up, it is time to get up, shake off the dust and get ready to conquer 💪.

I couldn't have said better. This comment must be framed and put on the wall!

Hahahahaha I love to see people who inspire, some were born to be stars and others to be starry, everyone decides how to make their own way because life is full of opportunities.

God, you're full of smart words and you also know how to use them! ❤️

Hahahaha it's funny what you say but in life we must make use of them at all times and even in a bad moment using the right words can get you out of trouble.

So sad to hear that, I hope gets a laptop soon, and I will gladly give an upvote to this post.

Mary thanks, I really appreciate the contribution.

Thanks for writing this post, been wondering why I haven't seen him around lately (even though he has been posting here and there) as I read him in the past quite often. Must be that there's others now helping me with ocd votes and somehow I hadn't been following him on my account (fixed that).

About to head to bed here but will see what I can do in the morning!

Thank you very much acid, I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for your generous donation!

Much love 💕

I guess he also left her partner while fleeing ukraine.....

Sorry for reading this. Together we can do it! Hive, work your magic. 🥰

That is very true and there's proof for that.

I wish I could send more. I have friends who where in Ukraine during the start of the war, their back now thank God, but the PTSD is still there. Must have been a terrible experience indeed🤧.
Hope you can get a new device and more strength to helping other refugees @blind-spot

We're going to make sure he can buy the laptop.

Sorry to hear about your friends. It's terrible, no matter how you look at it.

Thank you for your contribution.

No problem

Thanks for your act of humanity service

It's a pleasure to help others.

For total transparency, I'm posting the screenshots of transactions made till this point. Thank you everyone!




First I'll appreciate him for his good work and support towards humanity and I do hope he gets a reasonable paying job Soon ... Story's a bit tragic and I'm happy he survived

I'll also appreciate all members who are coming through for him, kudos family ... It's awesome to always be with you guys, much Love 💕💕 @khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Thank you.

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Many thanks @happyboy1, I really appreciate it, @ecency too!

I hope he is fine? It's too tough to live like that...but I admire his courage and determination...

Shouldnt a doctor earn waaay enough for a laptop?

I'm criminalized, forbidden to work, part time homeless and still managed to earn and save up for a laptop.
I still hope your friends manages to get a laptop again..
and especially, that he really needs that help..

There are many other people who need REAL HELP, before freezing, starving, dying - who couldnt even think of a laptop..
also in Ukraine.

I love the initiative I meet him ne t week and will help aswell