Zombie bots keep liking my comments and I don't know how to feel about it

Ok so I never thought i would write a sentence like that, "Zombie bots keep liking my comments and I don't know how to feel about it", I even out into google out of curiosity and it did not turn up a match.


Ok so back to what I was saying, I was alerted to this by a friend of mine @stayten (also a talented artist but that's a different blog) that his comments kept getting micro tipped by accounts that had been inactive for a year or more. Soon after my comments started getting the same treatment, given the comp I recently set up my poor @dustsweeper is going to get a work out in about 7 days.


So besides causing my phone to light up like a Christmas tree and making it hard to engage without wading through a mess I am not sure what the point is? I mean technically it is a dust attack but does not seem to be causing any issues I can see?

Hoping there are some smarter minds than me that can help me puzzle out what is going on because at this stage poor @Hivebuzz is going to run out of awards

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I've seen this same thing on my comments. Today, I've seen this occurring on many comments, all different accounts. It would be really great if someone could get to the bottom of this. I've found it troubling.

Well, as I told you, I'm suspicious - and no this is not normal, most of them are accounts that been Dead / Non-Active for 3 years, only a few of them were like 10 months...

No activity, no recent comments, nothing - Just low RC & VP...

My first thought was curation BUT, curation for what? $0.00 voted-comment? No rewards for that, then again I thought maybe they haunting the accounts subscribed with Dustsweeper but then again, I've checked a lot of Hive posts and still, same votes on almost (if not all) comments... And no, not every Hive-User is subscribed with Dustsweeper, eh?

So, I thought maybe they're doing it for Tribe-Tokens curation rewards, but aren't they been non-active for 2 ~ 3 years? What tokens they holdin'? So, no I don't think so...

And it's very obvious that it's automated, the vote comes hitting the comment right after it's posted... How come? Like forreal how come? Yea I do know about Hive.vote but that's not the thing here, is it? Idk, doesn't seem like it.

Maybe someone controlling all these accounts now? But for what reason? Lol - Or maybe I'm dumb and I'm thinkin' about this way too much... I think some Guru here might be able to investigate this and tell us what's going on, maybe one the of witnesses?... We'll see!

I'm done... Where's my zombie vote?... Hopefully not this time though (:

@failingfrorwards - No vote! ...I think it's gone now because me & Sharkie talked about it! Lol... Jeez, we should've done this sooner :(

I have noticed it too, but no clue what it means or where it comes from. My thoughts are similar to @stayten , it just doesn't make any sense.

Glad it's not just me who's confused!

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The fact that the accounts are inactive and dead accounts shows that the issue needs to be investigated,we should not pretend that all is well @failingforwards

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@thatgermandude - I've tried to make sense of it but, it seems it might need investigation.

..maybe 'the powers that be' trying make 'activity' - or appearance of , to show up in the stats..?
I dunno...I'm still busy pondering the square and triangle conundrum...

try making a square with 4 triangles, that should help ya

...that makes a circle, silly !

you are doing it wrong! :D be creative

let me take you by the hand, you know the Pythagoras only works for triangles with a 90° angle. It is also completely fine if you end up with another square in your square.

less touching my hand, more math, please.

And as far as Pythagoras goes, he works at the local kebab shop the last time I heard.
Only pizza comes in triangles, everyone knows that! ....Durr.

Same here. I'm getting 0.00% votes on comments and I notice they also vote on things like !LUV

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I started posting comments on proofofbrain yesterday, and I also got votes from them, before I didn't find anything like this on hive. I thought they were curation bots, but their votes are zero

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A vote is a vote...think of them as your fanclub

A dead crowd kills the concert, and that's way too deep for something on the surface

!giphy fanclub

It also happen to me in few days but today i think zombie bots doesn't appear anymore and i still currious about this case

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It is definitely a mystery