Wow a 3min video about folks who are joining again cause Hive pumped, this definitely deserves all these rewards which you most likely self-voted.

Everyone can see the votes bud, nice try though.

Same with all the voting that we all do, everyone can see it.

That 7.30 between my account and TSU was definitely the majority of my (previously over $150) post. [sarcasm]

You'll also notice that my post that smooth zero'd out I didn't up-vote at all (for reasons I explain below), and I only up-voted my Ghislaine Maxwell video after azircon zero'd it out.

Between the two MASSIVE projects that I curate for, I'm never anywhere near trending because of upvotes I gave (not that I hit trending more than once or twice a year), and I give myself the same upvote % as my baseline for other people (FAR less than I give to intros, communities, or any other extra high quality content)

I manually curate 20-50 posts a day, on a slow day.

For more than 3 years now.

I post maybe 5-10 times a week.

For 5 and a half years.

I also intentionally post less frequently when the price of Hive is high than I do when it's low, because I have a few people that auto-vote me, and I don't want to drain the pool unfairly (same reason I don't distribute HSBI shares from this account)

I've done all this because Hive has been the only refuge of those who are attacked by the authoritarian censors, because I've been able to support THOUSANDS of people through this platform and my time, because I actually cared about trying to get steem/hive to live up to the potential that it had/s in theory.

The little downvote gang is just proving our point with your antics, and you're definitely helping me decide whether to continue dedicating all my content, promotion, and digital energy into this platform (HA!)

Thanks for the shout out @kennyskitchen!! This is an exciting time to be alive and I'm thankful for inspiring people like yourself who help this world become a brighter place! I stayed up until 3:30am last night looking at old posts by people like you, @johnnyhurley and @juangalt. Let's see how many people we can onboard in one month and then grow that exponentially!

Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

You should then send all the rewards you made on this post to @null.

Nah everyone's content is theirs to edit or remove as desired. Everyone who upvoted it read and was able to appreciate it at the time. If anything, he's adding value to the curators due to increased scarcity. If someone wants to strip the content after the week is done and paid out, that seems reasonable to me. You have a interesting privileged take. I'd love to hear the logic of why you think you should send your rewards to null.

Thanks for the shoutout my dude! Excited for the future, things are looking really exciting!

Heyo @kennyskitchen ! Thanks for the shout out :-)
Much love comin atcha for all you do and bring to this community.

Beautiful sketch @h-t-t you're doing a nice job man @Kennyskitchen keep them coming sir.

very interesting your publicacion I will continue reading your posts

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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We-Are-Change is a bigger scam than you getting downvoted lol..

Nobody talked about Luke here, or his business.

@wearechange-co is a community of activists & journalists (and musicians and healers and farmers) out in Colorado.