"Ridicule Is Man's Most Potent Weapon"...So apply it using the abundance mindset !

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Another post - Just to annoy the 'hitler wannabe's' on this platform....Bless.
(Stalin's face would work much better, but I think that the irritation levels are much higher using the failed Austrian artist).

".....It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage".

Alinsky, Rule 5.

It also highlights the stupidity of your enemy. (and their total lack of imagination).
Due to the predictability of these money (power) hungry, spiritual husks , they still don't relaize it's me deciding what they do - and yet they still think they are in control.
It's my actions that dictate what actions they take.
They are dependent on me to act first, so they can re act.
Talk about weak.
Yeah, from what I observe (and many others off hive), that level of stupid is not only thriving and encouraged on this platform - somehow, it's seen as the clever golden ticket to the growth the ecosystem! ....(yes seriously).

There is no point debating the stupid.


Plus, they're generally too intimidated to debate anything, anyway - they just rage in whatver way that they can ( to avoid thinking - 'cos thinking hurts the brain of genuinely stupid).

How do they cope with these feelings of impotence and rage?

They become NPC mini hitlers !!!
....In the vain hope that the majority of the other brainwashed sheep will give them a legitimacy which they feel (know) that they don't posess...
Which makes them extremely bitter and sad individuals.

'The wheels of everyone's life, are slowly falling off ' - (To paraphrase an Oasis track).

Some people, however, seem intent on picking up a tire iron, and helping the process along....or getting an unknown chemical soup injected into them.
A jab that, quite coincidentally of course - just so happens to profit the very people who’re selling you the concept that it’s a good idea to get an injection…..talk about gullible…

Have a great saurday everyone !!!

And especially to those who've chosen to have a chemical soup put into them - afterall, you may not have many saturdays left.
(so it's probably best to make the most of 'em, is it not?)

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Oh I've missed you lucylin. Best laugh I've had all week. Thankyou

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My pleasure !

If ridicule works, why isn't Joe Biden resigning by now?

This is a bad look for pob...procede with ⚠️ yeah thanks Facebook...


I guess I could modify the source code such that this 'proceed with caution' only displays if the POB payout value calculates to negative.

Maybe just ditch it all together...the downvotes are malicious personal attacks that have nothing to do with the quality of the content. I am getting them too.

POB benefits from this, it is one of the main reasons I've shifted my focus from hive to pob, but the last thing I want to see are warning notices legitimizing this downvote bullshit

If i start getting downvoted on pob as well i might really pop a cork! Downvoting kills platforms.

And I really don't want to see my posts on POB coming up with this notice:


lol - He's so 'out to lunch' to even know what day of the week it is, never mind see whats going on.

Ridicule is best thought of as a slow 'drip', 'drip', 'drip' of truth, presented in a dark humor.

The effects might not be too obvious, but the eventual embolism, destruction of relationships, and decay, is...

Only ever use against evil - 'cos karma is a bitch ( she can also reward very well when it's used appropriately ).