AMD God Tier PC Build

When it comes to upgrading, I am frugal and loose sleep over it.

I have spent over 1 year now watching closely as the supply chains and logistics issues caused MSRP issues not only on tech, but much more globally.

For the first time in over a year, I found a AMD Ryzen 5950X for under $1100 CAD. This much computing power for $1000 is just simply a bargain I couldnt turn up.

This is a 16 Core fucking beast with 32 threads, AMD has been making 32 core, 64 threadrippers, but i went with the Ryzen 9 instead.

The AM4 motherboard has much more diversity than the STRX4 used by the Threadripper. I also watched a few tech videos where the host was concerned about Threadripper being discontinued, thats speculation based on SKU's though.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
RAM: Trident NEO 3200mhz 2x8gb 16gb
GPU1: AMD VEGA Frontier Edition 16gb HBMII
PSU: ANTEC 1000w Platinum Rated (4 12V Lines)
CASE: Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Silent
Memory: Crucial P2 1tb
Monitor: Sony Bravia 55" X720E
Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma
Mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate

This is a huge upgrade from my FX-4300 I was usibg from 2014, wheb i first entered the crypto mining game and had 3 R9 290 cards, so many things have changed, but AMD still has captured my attention over the competition.

The performance of the 5950X is unmatched, i have never had the opportunity to run high resolutions over 120 Frames per second and I am very excited to do so.

My old build had started to spontaneously crash, and it was time to go big or go home because i am not buying Intel who had to lower their prices on the I-9 and I-11 the second the benchmarks were in on the 5950X.


Taiwan is a country and I dont give a fuck about china, thanks for what you do, but if the money isnt enough and you need more soft power, ill kindly remind you I dont need China to power compute... Dont make me return the ASUS board, lol Russia can make silicon now too.

Diffused in USA
Diffused in Taiwan
Made in Malaysia

The Crucial memory was assembled in Mexico, i thought that was really cool and I support Mexican assembly of chips. There was Canadian jobs outsourced to Mexico by General Motors, although I denounce that, i have not seen any sacrifices made in Canada to support this mexican assembly of the Crucial Memory.

I bought the hard drive locally because there is the least markup on hard drives at the local shop, Compusoft in Red Deer, AB.

As usually I was grunted at when i asked if they price matched New Egg, but eh, Im just trying to save coins.

I will be returning to Compusoft to acquire a liquid cooling solution for this God Tier AMD PC. This will be the most extravagantly planned build of my life, as every part was hand picked and assembled by yours truly.


The case is slightly dated now, USB 3.0 on the front, so 2 generations out, but the back of the Motherboard has all the 3.2 Ill need.

Its crazy to think about how 7 years ago, i was going all in on crypto and making a machine like this on a budget. Yet, now I am paying the same price again, for over 16x the computing power.


Significant Improvements that do not look much different at, if i felt like unmounting the CPU in the 2014 build, id show you, but the heat sink is silver and white. All the same colors, same manufacturers, just 7 years later.

I had to go with more expensive DDR4 to make sure I got the stuff Optimized for Ryzen.


I have received no endorsement to say this, but I love working with ASUS motherboards.

Time to Get Trolled

I used strictly this set of pliers to install everything. If you just force the tip into any screw and fucking send er shell eventually go, you all know that, stop your bitching.


Have a good day!

I am now going to study this Noctua Passive Cooler.

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Looking good bro.

Definitely need to get that on a full water cooling kit into it. Both CPU and GPU watercooled.

I was just offering the local PC shop the sale, lol as usual there is 1 tech they have capable of speaking on my level of hardware knowledge, and I am just a consumer...

It's sad to see my old favorite PC being bogged down by living in the pasted.

They have the liquid cooling marked up to nearly double what New Egg sells at, I would pay them the shipping premium about $140-160 for a 240mm (2x120mm fans) AIO liquided cooler for the CPU.

Those VEGA cards are back blowers and you're right, I need to liquid cool them too, but I build this tank for under $2000 and it will likely out perform most of my friends and families pre-built they paid over $3500 for

Im still using an AM3 CPU the FX 9590 which is 8 years old but i liquid cooled the shit outta it. I spent all my money on the cooling and nothing else.

It's well worth it.

Nice, I could have upgraded my FX-4300 to what you have, but its actually hard to find

I had the 4300 overclocked to 4.55ghz, what's yours at?

Unclocked at 5ghz on initial install but throttling it to 4.8ghz because I didn't setup the radiator fans correctly ... Work in progress lol

Lol I just mounted my first AIO for this and if I failed my ego will take it in the ass so hard. Air cooling is much easier but Jay Two Cents on YouTube said "mounting liquid coolers is easy" ... here we are.

Did get that before too as a start up. Then took the plunge and made the hard tubed cooling. Even managed to spill some of the liquid on the system lol

Scared the shit outta me.

here is my build LOL

I was high last night and couldn't get it to play

What a good team, I think that with a team like this anyone would be excited. I imagine the speed and video quality will be unmatched. Congratulations on your purchase. Worthy of a POB like you!

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The video cards are slighted dated but that depends on the workload.

The VEGA series from AMD is HBMII memory, very eagerly I am waiting for the HBMIII cards before I upgrade.

With the GPU shortages, I have tried to opt out of DDR5 AND DDR6 VRAM, I have 24gb of HBMII video memory, and that will play most titled at a good 90 FPS on 2K, I will need to upgrade potentially for 4K at 120 FPS.

haha well my friend, if your card is outdated what would mine say ... only 4 gb of ram and 500mb of video. Good but at least I stay connected. I think you have a super computer. haha you must have a very efficient performance, I'm happy for you. I hope at some point to have such an operation.

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New Egg takes Bitcoin, in the case you ever want to spend your crypto on new parts.

good suggestion friend. I did not know that such a company existed. Thanks.

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Yeah I am supposed to be playing halo with @chronocrypto I believe, I made a new competitive gaming friend on Hive.

P.S. sorry if it's not you chrono, even a busy week

This shows how very prepared you are

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Prepared for?

Lol my question exactly, lol to spank some bottoms in Gears 5 or Age of Empires maybe lol

Prepared for what?

It is inside a solid Alluminim detachable parts, could easily be used in the field

Oh that is interesting @phusionphil

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Is English your 2nd language?

I dont mind, I am just missing context to what you are speaking about

You know technology
Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @phusionphil

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" For the first time in over a year, I found a AMD Ryzen 5950X for under $1100 CAD. This much computing power for $1000 is just simply a bargain I couldnt turn up. "

That is a very good deal @phusionphil

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@enforcer48 what's up here, this user might be English as a Second language?

He stole another guy's posts, hence you see all the "deleted" comments on his posts.

So, I flagged him, but the rewards were really on the POB tribe side.

Interesting, I have a lot of POB, is there any posts worth more than 0 still?

A shit post is low value, a stolen post should be worth nothing.


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