Beware of the Quacks doctor

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In our country, people used to worship the doctors as they have the ability to cure any diseases as well as the capability to bring people back from death. But gone are those days, with many 'quacks' doctor practicing as they are the real doctor. These doctors have little knolwedges about treatment and many a times put the patients life to danger. They practices only to make money.

Our Sanskrit scholars highlighted similar traits and mention :

गुरोरधीताSखिलवैद्यविद्यः पीयूषपाणिः कुशलः क्रियासु|

गतस्प्रहो धैर्यधरः कृपालुः शुद्धोSधिकारी भिषगीदृशः स्यात्||

Guroradheetaakhilavaidyavidyah peeyushapaanih kushalah kriya Gataspraho dhairyadharah krupaaluh shuddhodhikaaree bhishageedrushah syaat.

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Guroh + adheeta + akhila + vaidyavidyah.
Guroh = teachers
Adheeta = well read.
Akhila = entire.
Vaidyavidyah = the science of medicine. Peeyusha = Amruta, the divine nectar.
Panih = hands.
Kushalah = expert.
Kriyaasu = techniques of performing various operations.
Gataspraha = not envious.
Dhairyadharah = possessing firmness or constancy.
Krupaluh = kind , merciful.
Shuddhodhikaaree = Shuddho + adhikaari
Shuddho = clean.
Adhikaari = an authority.
Bhishagee = a physician.
Drushh = in appearance.
Syaat = perhaps.

"A Vaidya or physician or doctor who has learnt the entire science of Indian Medicine from his teacher, is so much expert in conducting various critical operations as if he has in his hands 'Amruta', the nectar of Gods capable to bring to life a dead person, is not envious, possesses firmness, is merciful and clean, is perhaps an ideal Vaidya."

The above Sanskrit verses praises a competent 'Vaidya' or Doctor by describing the essential qualities they must have. In another scenario an incompetent and greedy Vaidya / Doctor has been described as a cousin brother of Yama, the God of Death. People must protect themselves from going into such quacks and get the treatment at the hands of a good doctor.

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Intresting article

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This is why in my country I prefer going to a government owned hospital because they have more qualified personnel

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