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The way I look at it is that some people legitimately suffer from gender dysmorphia. They go and have life-altering surgeries and do their best to try and become a man or a woman. I got nothing against these people if it comes from a legitimate place, and so long as they're not demanding that I turn my life upside down to accommodate theirs.

However, with the millennial class came this weird virtue signaling, theories on privilege and marginalized groups, and that some people should get held in different regard based on how marginalized they are. Thus began the victim Olympics, and since everything has become a power game (or grab) for these Marxist twats, seeking out the "powerful" and most marginalized identities is how to "win" this new and retarded game of theirs.

The notion of merit and getting gud at life has gotten erased from their vernacular or never installed in the first place. And this is in exchange for becoming the loudest and most whiney bitches on the planet. I'm obese, so put me on a pedestal and worship the ground below my feet. Oh yeah, I'm black, gay, and got dropped on my head as a baby, so you must worship me. Hold up, I'm "non-binary," and my vagenis is both a teepee and a wigwam.

And there you have it, last year's winner, until something even more stupid gets invented for people to take all too seriously. Seriously, these people sit in their homes and their classrooms and try and think up new ways to be the weirdest thing ever so they can be most marginalized and earn some privilege points from their peers for being the weirdest fuck around.

Modern Educayshun


Somewhere along the line, they got the game all fucked up. Back when I went to school, you tried not to be weird. People mostly wanted to fit in, get along with others, and not stick out like a sore thumb. But now, the systems of educations are teaching people discrimination. Be rude and uncaring to this person because they are a straight white male, and meanwhile dote upon these other people because they're confused about what gender they want to be.

It's no wonder why kids are doing this shit. The teachers are training them in the classroom that everything is a power struggle, and to get the most power, you have to get as fucked up and weird as humanly possible and treat it all very serious-like. Case in point below. So yeah, we never should have let the communists infiltrate the teaching positions in the schools. They took a giant dump inside the heads of developing youth, and I'm not sure that all the deprogramming in the world will ever be enough to put them back together again.

Suffice it to say: I don't have a problem with legit lesbians, gays, or trans people who aren't playing clown games. But once I get a hint that someone is clowning me with power games about however their gender identifies, that's when I lose all tolerance for them and their bullshit.

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👍 All thanks goes to you, Pal!
and it inspired such a amazing
conversation with a, get this:
"Community Manager," I am
practically giddy because I've
never talked to one of they in
the past. We shall see who can
convert who, and or if, logic has
a chance in hades of prevailing.

A community manager? I've never heard of such a thing...which community?


It's code talk for commie
as far as I'm concerned.
Organizer, managers, &
the like, it's the same.

It's not a term I've ever heard used on Hive...

But for better or for worse whales rule...hive is a capitalist model.

I'm no fan of downvoting but if the alternative is libtard rule communism, I'd rather have whales

Well, HIVE communities would be different than IRL stuff. Peep this first paragraph for Saul Alinsky. He was into the "community organizing" much like the BLM founders who are trained Marxists (and "organizers"). These types cannot help but show their true colors. I'd really like to pick their brains and see what makes them tick. If it's just a paycheck or if they really believe in their Kool-Aid.

Now that trannies are common as leaders and celebs, it is well past time people started calling this bullshit out...


EDIT: The person above and anyone else using coercive and deceptive tactics to gaslight people into taking these experimental shots will see their day in international court at the Hague. After they get tried and convicted, they're going to have the worst day of their lives. The Nazis didn't get off easy, and they won't either. These are terrible and murderous war crimes, and everybody should remember the names of the individuals heading up this conspiracy against the people.

i think most of the nazis moved to the usa in 1945 and set up the cia, but that is another rabbit hole!

I know what you mean, like Project Paperclip. Hitler was mostly copying the eugenics policies in America. Specifically, people like Margaret Sanger and her ilk. But he went even more full-retard than America did with it. For the most part, America collectively pretends like it never happened, was never our idea, and that Nazi Germany started the whole thing.

Those ideas were born here, and their Nazi scientist war criminals were brought back, given legal cover, with new names, identities, and the like. In the fictional Dr. Strangelove, it was clear that Strangelove himself was supposed to be one of those guys imported over from Germany.

That's the thing—most of these public faces pushing this agenda. They won't mind letting them burn or watching them swing at the gallows after their trials and convictions. However, the key people behind the think tanks that think this stuff up—they're hiding in plain sight. And are way too smart to push the agenda publicly outside of their published works. They don't want to put their proverbial heads on the chopping block.

I'm kind of surprised that Gates and Fauci did—they are most likely operating "safely" from within underground bunkers right now. And "protected" by people who will be all too quick to turn on them after their family gets culled. They did a bad, bad thing, and it's too late to hit the breaks. Now they have to play their shit hand through to the end regardless of the consequences.

i think gates and fauci are both replacement doubles, acting a role, and they will be disgraced and disappear at the right moment, while the rotchilds keep pulling the strings

Gates, Fauci, and even Schwab are most likely the tools of a singular or a conglomerate of money powers. The WEF was founded by Schwab in 1971 (50 years ago) as the "European Management Forum." In Wikipedia for 'The Great Reset,' it says that it: "is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020.

It brought together high-profile business and political leaders, convened by Charles, Prince of Wales, and the WEF, with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy in a sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic." If "convened" by Charles (whatever that means), his net worth is likely unknowable. He's likely an actor serving a lifetime role. Who knows who installed or controls the Royals.

Who knows if the Queen is the largest landowner in the world or if she's just a figurehead representing the largest landowner. If she is legit the largest landowner, do the Rothschild's work for her? Or if she's just a public front for the largest landholder, maybe she works for them? Can you connect the dots to the Rothschilds and prove they are more powerful than the Queen? Or can you prove the Queen is getting controlled by the Rothschilds?

If so, that'd be interesting. I don't know how to prove or disprove that stuff. With the level of cooperation required to pull off a global coup d'etat, what we're dealing with is a whole hell of a lot of teamwork. And everyone involved, regardless of their family names, titles, or positions in government or private business, they're all part of the conspiracy. They even have the pope in on this, and he's touting the virtues of vaccines.

The Vatican has lots of real gold, so do the Rothschilds and the Royals when you consider both land and gold. This beast of a conspiracy that has taken over the world is like a multi-headed hydra. The amount of cooperation involved, however it got achieved, is ultra massive.

Have you seen the photo of a rotchild poking prince Charlie in the chest like a gimp boy?

I haven't seen that—it sounds interesting. I just found it, and that's curious. It doesn't seem like how someone should interact with "Royalty," now, does it? Considering all the rules Royals have with getting addressed or even looked at, that almost comes off as disrespectful. A picture worth a thousand words. Thanks for that!

Note: I like that your opening (and ending) line allows for case of legitimate gender dysmorphia.

Thus began the victim Olympics,

This does seem to be the case not just in gender or sexuality, but in so many different areas of life.

The notion of merit and getting gud at life has gotten erased

Again, this does seem to be a trend, and I experienced it for myself on a recent post of mine, lol.

Anyway, I tend to approach topics like this a bit more, uh... delicately... than yourself, haha, but your overall point of society's trend towards divisiveness and discrimination through intentional victimhood is definitely food for thought, thanks for sharing. 🙏

I feel what you mean about how delicate can be a good approach from time to time. However, what's going on is so insidious and damn near Hitlerian if you think about it. If you've seen some of the more radical identity politics people, there is this weird obsessive-compulsive urge to put people in a box permanently and label the box.

It seems like a silly game at first, perhaps even harmless. However, many of these people are getting out of college prime and ready to hit the workforce. The caste system that they've created is not too dissimilar to Hitler's fixation with affixing his mandated armbands. So you divide the people, put them all into separate groups, and then associate different societal privileges to each group. That effectively fractures a whole people into warring splinter groups.

Somehow we've got to get back to the fact that "the smallest minority on earth is the individual." - Ayn Rand. That idea is empowering and less divisive because it teaches people to treat people equally in their individual as opposed to their group capacity. There is a short Jordan Peterson clip, and he distills this down more proper-like than I ever could.

This post here was a comment I made on another post I did. Someone said it should be a post of its own, so I decided to throw it up there. I do agree I came off pretty boorish in both. However, when you realize what we're up against--if TPTB can successfully fractionate us and get us into groupthink... Hold onto your horses, something wicked this way comes. And it's approaching very fast now.

A lot of this is born from marxism, postmodernism, the Frankfurt school, and critical theory. Don't let the name 'critical theory' fool you. The race and gender courses are laying waste to people's minds. There is a Twitter channel called libsoftiktok. If you want a look at what they're doing to people, they're screwing people up big time.

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Update: One more for you that's two minutes is a short distillation of the interesting but terrifying phenomenon that is seemingly attempting to take the world by storm. The problem with ideologies solely obsessed with power is: What happens when said power gets attained? The game never ends. It's just more and more power-seeking. And ultimately, power is the ability to control. So the powerful will sometimes use their influence to manipulate others to gain more and more power.

It's a never-ending fruitless endeavor that's a bit like the Midas touch in that it can ruin everything if that's one's only goal. That's what's behind most of the identity politics. However, it gets cloaked in something altogether different just enough to hook people, and before they know it, their behavior is radically changed, and they can't figure out why their life feels like a black hole. Imagine that; one of these identity people is obsessed with power and good at what they do.

They wake up and kiss their partner, and their partner turns into solid gold, but they can sell that gold for money, and money is power. They get into the car to go to work, and the car turns into solid gold, but now they can't go anywhere. The person pets their dog, and the dog turns to gold, no more doge. When power is the only end, there is no room for meaning, love, or life. It's just a bottomless pit.

Haha, all good, I enjoy your approach, just thought I'd note our, uh, different styles. :)

I've never not seen a society split up into separate power levels or groups, even one's that specifically aim to avoid such things, so I'm willing to accept the fracturing as 'part of human nature'... the interesting thing to me is the degree of it lately. Because I don't believe an 'extreme degree' of fracturing and divisiveness is necessary.

Although I've only seen snippets of critical theory, I've not been overly impressed by thinking involved by the few I've seen espousing it. But (as with anything I'm not extremely well-versed in) I'll with-hold judgment.

Thanks for writing! 🙏

"However, with the millennial class came this weird virtue signaling, theories on privilege and marginalized groups, and that some people should get held in different regard based on how marginalized they are." I think that comes from politicians and think tanks bud, anything to divide us.

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U mad?

I sexually identify as a mad cow from time to time.

Truth be told, I am mad they're fucking people up beyond repair.

I think I get what you mean but you need to tread lightly. Yes, it is dangerous to allow people to do surgeries and I agree there should be psychological assistance and consultation, not only for sex change but for any aesthetic surgery. There are cases of simple nose surgeries that went wrong and surgeries shouldn’t be treated lightly like just changing clothes.

That said… Tread lightly and be careful. Here in Brazil the dumb Bolsonaro family was elected on all spheres of politics by spreading fake news about sex education and that “gender politics are a communist plot” (btw the communists have been an excuse for decades here to implement dictatorships and state coups).

They went as far as (falsely) claiming schools were giving kids dick shaped bottles, for real, search about “bolsonaro mamadeira de piroca” on Google… And old people believed that! They literally believed kids were getting dick shaped bottles!

So from experience I have seen more people (a whole nation) getting fucked up by fear of gender politics, than by gender politica itself… Just like when communism was the enemy and they fucked brazil multiple times hunting an imaginary enemy…

This fear of change has created a mass histeria in Brazil that put those imbeciles in power. Just be careful and try to be rationale.

Trannies can destroy countries in many ways!


Here's the thing, the trans issue is minuscule with regards to their population representation. Not many people want to alter their junk. It is such a tiny minority that wishes to do this kind of thing. What I'm saying is there shouldn't be gender politics at all. It's stupid and meaningless; If a tiny fraction of individuals desire to change their gender, more power to them! They can go and do that. I don't rightly care. My point is the number of trans people doesn't even merit a national conversation, and this whole business of making it in vogue to cut off your penis or add one on is nonsense.

Granted, for trans people, it's an important topic, and I wish them the best regarding their transition, but seriously it's not that important for everyone to hone in upon. It's just one of those wedge issues that politicians are using to divide and conquer people. And with 120 odd genders, they're doing a damn fine job at skull fucking all of us. It's a bit like the OJ Simpson trial in America. Some lady got murdered, big whoop, but then transformed into a race issue and team black vs. team white.

"We the people," we have to get a bit smarter than the games they play on us, or else it will never end, and we'll get conquered indefinitely. Have you heard of body integrity dysphoria? Should that be the next national conversation? Should we dole out doctorates in academia dedicated to people who bravely choose to live without their limbs? What I'm saying is, this shit has got to stop. At some point, the adults in the room have to take over.

We need to stop gaslighting people into believing that they are special and unique snowflakes and that the world ought to bow at their feet because they're different—this is not how reality works. We should stop making people weak people and start making them strong. The overall health of the nation depends upon it.

We don't live in a dictatorship of the majority, so it doesn't matter the size of the population, it is meaningless to point out if it is 1% of the population or 50%. Also, the best way to solve an issue that affects such a "small minority" is to just give them the rights and allow them to do as they please.

As if it merits a national discussion, well, you are discussing so to you it looks like it merits, if it did not you would not invest time into it would you? But again, we don't live in a dictatorship of the majority, so the minorities are allowed to express and talk freely. Do you think they should be silenced?

If it was a good choice they will appreciate, if it was a wrong choice, well, it was a small minority, so it doesn't matter.

You seem to care and you are contributing to make the topic go on. You can't make a conversation stop by talking about it, that is not how politics work, by arguing you are contributing to the dialectic, either by proposing a thesis or an antithesis.

Now yes, I am sure politicians use this topic to divide people so I stand by the simplest solution that benefits most people and makes the most progress. To me the simplest solution is to just allow them to talk and discuss. Ideas need time to mature. They might reach wrong and bad conclusions but that has happened over and over throughout human history, we push humanity forward by making mistakes.

In the anedocte about my country, the mistake was exactly to oppose gender politics so fiercely, by using hate against gender politics an insane president was elected. People chose that everything was worth it to fight gender politics, they thought any price was worth it paying to fight it, and that lead us down a hole we might never recover from. So between silencing those voices or allowing them to make noises, I wish I could go back in time and make people choose to allow those voices because we are not a dictatorship.

If it is wrong let them make mistakes and learn. We already made a mistake to elect a madman that promissed to fight gender politics and it destroyed a nation.

But yeah, if they are such a small minority, just allowing them to do as they please should not be a problem at all. I still believe that any aesthetic surgery should be proceeded by psychological assitance, but other than that, I don't think there is much to talk.

In the end, if it is worth an academia doctorate, I am not a doctor from any field regarding humanities, so I literally have no base to take a stand on that regard. The academia is not a place to do what me or you or anyone want, it is a place to discuss new things, regardless if taboo or not. If a thesis is well done and the doctors and member think it is worth a doctorate, I can't oppose. If you can you are, I believe, more than welcome to do your research and publish your papers. I am not qualified or knowledgeable about that topic to go that far.

You make a good point in that, to a certain degree, I'm only fueling the fire by even talking about this nonsense. The fact is that the national conversation has gotten hijacked by gender politics, and in some retarded cities, they've gone out of their way to make it a crime to misgender people. Here's the thing, I think misgendering legit and genuine people who try to be the opposite sex is mean. I don't want to be that person because I'm a nice guy, and I respect people overall. But I don't think it should be a crime to misgender people because when you start regulating what people can say, that's the beginning of mind control and thought control. The same is true about regulating what people must say; If I am legally required to call you a "he or she" or a this or that or whatever. It means that you are dictating my thoughts. It means you are a tyrant about what things I can say. And that too meddles with free speech. I think people ought not to be assholes, but if you respect free speech, they have the right to say what they think; and the moment they do not have this right is when you are attempting to control their minds. They've forced this conversation to be had, and they are altering the laws to curb our rights to free speech because someone wants a gender reassignment. It's uncalled for and ought not to get tolerated. People ought to be nice, but also, someone's gender IS NOT my religion. And I shouldn't get legally compelled to respect you anymore or less than anyone else because of it. Any legal compulsion of speech leads to some Sieg Heil bullshit. Anyhow this does all tie into critical theory and the frankfurt school of Marxist shenanigans, it's a long walk but if you dig below the surface, there it is.

I saw that news making it illegal to misgender people. I didn’t read the proposal itself so I am saying this as an ignorant:

It sounds bad. It would make sense to somehow punish someone for trying to misgender you on purpose with the goal to try to offend you, like a hate speech or bullying offense, but not if it were an honest/accidental misgender, like you told someone how you identify as a madcow but the person forgot, it is not their fault to forget.

Me myself I would not be offended if someone called me a woman, gay or whatever other gender they come up with (I am not knowledgeable about the topic).

I understand that some people may have grown traumatized by bullying, but then it would be a case of regular violence and offensive/hateful. Again, talking as someone ignorant as I never invested time into this topic. It would be silly to think there is no violence or crimes aimed specifically to hurt those people because hateful people do exist and transphobic and homophobic people exist.

But yeah, making misgender a crime doesn’t sound good. Doing it with the intention to offend or to bully makes sense to be a punishable offense, but I commit honest mistakes accidentally every time when I meet new people. Both parties need to tread lightly.

I think you may like this, it's a
lot of material packed into a
short three and half minutes.

Interesting dialogue here. I would like to join and add my point of view.

I've worked with young people, school drop-outs who have left their parents' homes and gone under the protection of the state institutions. Well, such is a double-edged sword. Pedagogues, who earn their living from their work, would be well advised not to add fuel to the fire and turn children against their parents. Or not let the young people out of their victimhood.

Some pedagogues I've seen so enamoured with their helper syndrome that they enjoy the fact that the young person now prefers them instead of the parents and do everything to confirm the helplessness they have experienced.
The house I worked for has about 25-30 flats where the young people live either alone or in pairs, often from their teens up to 21 years old. The rent and living costs are one hundred per cent financed by the state; these are immense budgets that are spent annually on housing the young people.

The young people are usually in therapy for many years and have perfected psychologist-speak. They manage to pull themselves out of all the demands made on them and see themselves as outcasts and misfits who are bullied because of this or that identity.
They are themselves permanently in love with their existence as outcasts and I have heard from them more than once that there is no way they will or want to attend a regular school. Insofar as they feel pressure to participate in any measures devised for them, they manage to boycott them successfully. All this then drags on until they complete the so-called youth welfare, at 21, when all funding finally ends.

The inability of these pedagogues to reintegrate the young people into the parental home and school life has to do with their attitude that these parental homes and schools are not a suitable place per se and instead of the young people familiarising themselves with the realities of life, they continue to be channelled through the system until they are too old at some point. What disturbed me the most was that young people were persuaded that they were fighting against a world that ignored their problems and left them to their own devices. Of course, the heroes of youth welfare come in handy. Teachers make it easy for themselves not to deal with their own lack of confidence in the classroom.

Young people who don't quite fit in are spotted early on, and the teachers in turn draw the attention of the youth welfare offices early on to so-called learning disorders and maladjusted behaviour. Parents are persuaded that they have disturbed children or are disturbed themselves and insofar as they do not resist interventions in their family life but accept that both they and their children need educational or psychological help, they become part of this complex system.

Where economic interests are mixed with psychological and social ones. The fact is that the social institutions are not really interested in downsizing or, for example, showing a high success rate. On the contrary, it is quite respected among the helpers to expand their sphere of influence even further and to attract new funds.

This sphere, small as it is in fact, is an expression of a much larger system of helpers, be it hospitals as big as a village, doctors' practices, cosmetic surgery and so on. A society in which the systems of helpers have grown immensely needs a mass influx of clients, patients = helpless people who voluntarily feed into the system. Every minority, no matter how insignificant, grows mentally into a movement in which the individual feels helpless. Nevertheless, I would say the whole thing is a birth of affluence.

I think we are dealing with an "everybody wants to help everybody" mentality in which ultimately independence from help is not only not achieved, but is economically unattractive.

I agree with you where you say that the constant discussion around such basically rather marginal issues of life only fuel them with more energy. The mass market demands masses of helpless and sick people. Where you look for them, you find them. It is a self-feeding system where the good approach of "helping people to help themselves" is merely lip service, not lived reality.

In my view, parties and oppositions have long since become a media theatre, an equally self-perpetuating sphere, detached from the realities of the "common man". Whereby I ask myself whether the common man, for his part, still exists at all and whether the so-called Western world does not already have an oversupply of theorists and media workers who far exceed the number of craftsmen, farmers and those working in the real field.

This may all sound very negative and I can also take a rather humorous attitude to it, but that would make this already long comment even longer.