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RE: Monthly Vaccine Boosters for Currently Vaccinated Peoples - Dr. David Bauer

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Flagged for spreading misinformation. The video is taken out of context. The paper the Dr refers to even calls for more vaccines etc etc.

This is why people, especially biased ones, shouldn't get their info from Facebook.. let alone hive.

Copy paste from the paper itself which the Dr cosigns, and not some silly video cut:

Worldwide, our data highlight the ongoing need to increase vaccine supply to allow all countries to extend second-dose protection as quickly as possible.



i didnt get this from facebook.

You didn't even quote what disinformation you are talking about.

@hivewatchers this tool is spamming me and selfvoting.

@frot @lucylin @darkflame @felixxx can you guys do me a favor and downvote this comment.

Did any of you see disinformation in the post?

please do let me know, i am open to discussion, this physic leech is not clearly.

This is not something I am getting into a flag war over.
I have my own battles to fight.
I do not know whether the new vaccines work as intended or not.

Myself, I am not taking them.

I'd rather not see half assed info on it, though. That does not help anybody. Hence the weak vote on your post. All those facts are just confusing people more.

I am more about freedom vs. safety concerns.

Anyways, someone downvoted the post, but it is still at 5$+ - so no need to call me in, ok? If they silence you, I will look into it more closely...

Unless I missed something, this is the 3rd or 4th attempt to mass vaccinate common cold and flu viruses.

The risks usually outweighed the benefits, hence the emergency health act in most countries, some how they got the airlines, cruise ships, and nation state governments in on a pay to play basis I have yet to full rationalize that aspect.

It's a very well orchestrated pyramid scheme style scam, i thought this was obvious but thats just the conclusion I drew from this.

Read the paper the doctor is cosigning you idiot. The video is taken out of context and implies the pfizer vaccine lowers antibodies in all cases or some bs. He is talking about something totally different that I am too lazy to explain you. The important is the paper the doctor cosigns and ENDORSES clearly says as i quoted above


If you disagree with the vaccinations you clearly shouldn't CITE this guy BECAUSE HE CALLS FOR MORE VACCINATIONS

I want the masses to be killed off, I would rather throw up than wait in a line again in public for someone with brain damage to fucking call themselves an equal to me.

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The fact you went on vengeance flag spree shows how butt hurt you are for proven wrong :*

Go now, spread more lies (intentionally or not), and kill more people :*

You are a psychic leech, who will spend the rest of your life waiting for someone else to tell you when to eat. I dont need a doctor, never have been to a hospital, and since i am not a fucktard who drinks or has a shit diet, I HAVE ZERO HEALTH PROBLEMS AND COULD TAKE THIS VIRUS FULL ON TO THE DOME.

Take your weakness, and shrivel up into a grave, ill see you in hell, neither of us are making it out alive...

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Much as I fully agree with you, I don't do downvoting - sometimes I'd kinda like to, but we can win this one without resorting to midwit tactics!

Keep spreading info until their nuts drop off...


At least you have a clear personal take on all this, I am firmly rooted in my mind-state that we should not tell others how to govern their affairs.

Doctors get blasted on my channel all the time because there is very obvious corruption, telling me it's misinformation is speculation, I haven't been able to prove or disprove much of anything that doctors say, I am also not in any qualification to have my blog recognized as a verified outlet of truth.

There was no objective truth here really, the doctor speculated and then I speculated about his speculation... typical blog activity to me.

The globalists are getting edgy because their lie is falling like a house of cards - things have really ramped now - this is going to be an interesting 30 days starting yesterday!

I'd love to take the gloves off and let rip, but tactically, at this moment in time, it may be more effective to go softly for a few weeks. Normies are about to wake up and shit themselves.