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Welcome 👋

I'm @ahmadmanga a storyteller who authored and illustrated multiple stories on this platform, You can check out my works at this "Where to Start?" article.

Among my stories A Fascinating Legacy and its characters hold a special place in my heart. It's the one I recommend out of my works in English.

➡️ 📖 Read "A Fascinating Legacy" Here ⬅️

I first published A Fascinating Legacy on STEEM Blockchain in 2017, the story went through multiple iterations since then, including updating the style and adding illustrations, becoming noticeably better in its current form.

Why stop there, though?

Introducing my Digital Funding Tokens Project. DFTs are collectible cards minted using NFT technology on Hive Blockchain. Each DFT is linked to one of my creative projects.

The main purpose of Digital Funding Tokens is to Fund my Art & Storytelling career, by allowing fans to decide where I should put my efforts using their wallets, In turn, I give them certain rewards for the Support.

(Think of this as Patreon without the monthly payments aspect. This rewards system allows me to work at my own pace without any pressure)

Each sale of a DFT card contributes to the linked piece of Work. This article is about "DFT-001: A Fascinating Legacy."

Below you'll see Project Levels. The Level of A Fascinating Legacy's Project is determined by the number of DFTs Claimed by the Project's Supporters on the blockchain.

You can claim a DFT in one of two ways:

  • ❖ Buying them either directly from the creator or from NFTShowroom.
  • ❖ Acquired from me (@ahmadmanga or @ahmadmanganet) either through a giveaway or via one of the contests/challenges I sponsor.

Claiming a DFT will give you Supporter Perks. See below for more details.

A Fascinating Legacy's Digital Funding Token

This is the second Digital Funding Token I create, "A Fascinating Legact" (Serial Number: 001) The first one is DFT-000 "ahmadmanga's Logo". The more "A Fascinating Legacy" DFTs get claimed, the more Levels of this Project I Unlock and start working on.

Planned stages of this Project include Character Profiles, New Illustrations, and Multiple New Side Stories for you guys to Unlock!

This DFT is one of the more expensive ones I create due to the sheer number of improvements I had in mind for the story. This is a long-term project that I wish you fans and friends support me on.

Current Project Level: LV 0

Cards Ownership Status [ 0 / 25 ]

(1 Cards to reach Next Level)

There are 25 Editions of the DFT-001. The Project Level is determined by the number of Editions that are Claimed from @ahmadmanganet. (Buying from another owner only counts if the original owner publicly concedes their ownership.)

Below you'll see the required cards for each Project Level. Once the required amount is reached the Project Level is Unlocked. (marked by a medal 🏅) Then, I'll start working on fulfilling what that Level Promises.

- Sometimes when a Project LV is Unlocked, I reveal a new Perk. Look forward to that.
- The next Project Level to be Unlocked is marked by the 🔜 symbol.



🏅 Project LV 1

Images on Site's Page

Currently, the website Page for "A Fascinating Legacy" doesn't have the illustrations that are on the story's post on HIVE. Once an edition of this Digital Funding Token gets claimed, this Level will be Unlocked & I'll add those images in.

UNLOCKED: This will be part of the Website Overhaul from DFT-000's Second Perk.


🏅 Project LV 2
A Character Profile


I'll make a post and a new illustration with Emenoire character profile, including her likes, dislikes, backstory, and a Fun Secret.

UNLOCKED: Added working on Emenoire's Character Profile to my To-Do List.


🔜 Project LV 3
A Character Profile


I'll make a post and a new illustration with Rafafill character profile, including her backstory, likes, dislikes, and her Family Tree.


Project LV 4

New Illustrations

My art has improved considerably since I drew the illustrations for A Fascinating Legacy. On top of the Character Profile Illustrations, Unlocking this level will overhaul the illustrations for the story on Hive and on the Website.


Project LV 5
Side Story

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

TO BE REVEALED! As more cards get sold, and as I get more feedback. I'll reveal what this Side Story is all about. Hint: It's a Prequel.


Project LV 6
A Character Profile

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

TO BE REVEALED! As more cards get sold, and as I get more feedback. I'll reveal who this Character Profile is for. Can you Guess this character?


Project LV 7
Side Story

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

TO BE REVEALED! As more cards get sold, and as I get more feedback. I'll reveal what this Side Story is all about. Hint: It's a Sequel.


Project LV 8
A Character Profile

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

TO BE REVEALED! As more cards get sold, and as I get more feedback. I'll reveal who this Character Profile is for. By the way, you Can guess this one!


Project LV 9
Side Story

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

TO BE REVEALED! As more cards get sold, and as I get more feedback. I'll reveal what this Side Story is all about. Be Excited!


  • Current Price: 25 HIVE (At the time of posting.)

The Price of A Fascinating Legacy's Digital Funding Token is subject to change as HIVE price changes. It's carefully chosen so the USD value of it allows me to cover the costs of each newly Unlocked Perk.

The costs covered by it include the effort each post part of the project will take, the website's hosting as well as the Subscriptions to any tool I'm using to make the art for this Project.

You'll notice that there's always something new with each one or two claimed DFT-002 Editions, that's because I have a lot planned for it. Outsourcing any of these things will cost much more, but I took the waiting time until I finish into consideration, and lowered the price compared to what was planned originally.

  • Please check the Current Prices on NFTShowroom. Also refer to the "How to Buy" section below.


Supporter Perks

Other than the Project Levels explained above, supporters will have these perks. These shouldn't be viewed as an investment but a sign of appreciation for you guys.

  • Beneficiary Rewards

    • You'll be added to my Beneficiary Rotating List. You'll have a share in the rewards of some of my long-form articles. More Info here!
    • You'll have a bigger share in Beneficiary Rewards in posts related to "A Fascinating Legacy."
  • Becoming a Sponsor

    • Anyone who buys 5+ of these will be listed as a sponsor in every article or a website page about A Fascinating Legacy story.
    • If I released an ebook version, you'll have the chance to advertise something on one of the back pages of the book. (Exceptions apply.)
  • Handwritten Username

    • All owners of the Digital Funding Token will have their name in a Handwritten image on this page below. Each username will have a different design. These designs will also be on the Beneficiary Rotating List.

Editions & Owners

This is a list of all Editions of DFT-000 AhmdManga's Logo and their current owners, (as of this post's latest update.)

23@eturnerx 22Get Yours Now
21Get Yours Now20Get Yours Now
19Get Yours Now18Get Yours Now
17Get Yours Now16Get Yours Now
15Get Yours Now14Get Yours Now
1312Get Yours Now
11Get Yours Now10Get Yours Now
9Get Yours Now8Get Yours Now
7Get Yours Now6Get Yours Now
5No Owner Yet4No Owner Yet
3No Owner Yet2No Owner Yet

a) Edition No.1 is owned by @ahmadmanganet and won't be for sale.
b) Editions 2-5 are Reserved for Events/Prizes.

How to Buy

To buy one of these DFTs and get your name registered above, you'll need to have an account on HIVE Blockchain.

First Method: NFTShowRoom

  • Go to NFTShowroom
  • Login using your Hive Keychain account.

Second Method: Directly From Me

  • Message me Directly on HIVE with Sting-Chat or Find me on Twitter & Discord.
  • Comment below this post about your message so I can check it, I don't reply to random messages.
  • I'll tell you to send me HIVE or the equivalent HBD amount you should send to my account.
  • After confirming the transaction, I'll send your wanted DFT Edition to your Hive account.

Thanks For Checking This Out

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