When Friday Comes...

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...time for mushrooms, of course!


I couldn't let this Friday happen without a mushroom post coming from this nice and sunny part of the world. The weather is cloudy and awful, like in a foggy world, everything is messy and blurry... one can get confused very easily. BUT, I must be honest and not complain, there is no such thing as awful weather conditions or a sudden whole morning migraine. Those phrases exist just for those who would like to find excuses and not go for a hunt for mushrooms, so please: Clouds - go away. Migraine - go away. Some listened to me and some not, but the hunt happened! And it was close to successful. As finding three mushrooms can be called a success? Mmmm, yes!



What is good when you have success in something is that people (and all the living creatures that have feelings) can share with you the emotions of joy, and express them without any fear, if they want. They can show them even through some tears of joy! So that happened that this first mushroom when it saw me, started to cry (I will just believe that those are exactly the tears of happiness). Maybe a bit melodramatic reaction coming from this Inonotus dryophilus, but it will come to HIVE in this post, so no surprises for the shown euphoria. Just take a look and you will see the same:




Speaking about euphoria, mine was a bit questioned when I saw the next tree with two mushrooms... sitting so high. What they were thinking, that I will take with me some ladders? How I am supposed to take some ok-ish photos if they are situated at the top of the tree? Luckily, there was a wooden fence next to it, which I climbed. It's not a problem, standing on that wooden fence, but it's harder if you hold the camera in your hand at the same time. Good balance is a natural occurrence for cats, but for me, it was challenging. Looks like I didn't fall after all.



So, the closest photo I was able to take was this:


Anyway, they look nice also when we observe them from a distance, it was better to step back to firm ground and be sure that I and the proof of the existence of these mushrooms will be brought here. As indeed, this new community, just a bit older than one week, celebrates now the second Fungi Friday in a row. and if you are not sure what are the rules, let us check them once again how can you take part also:

-when Friday comes post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, I will check and report stolen images or text!)
-add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
-Include My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw anywhere in your post.




So, this was my tiny contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw ! Short post maybe, so even this small baby mushroom cried a bit as we had to say goodbye so quickly. But now, when I know where they live, I can visit them again and let them know if they gain popularity in this Fungi challenge :)



This is quite the adventure and the fungi are hiding all over the place. Tears of excitement from that one fungi to be featured in your post and especially #fungifriday 😀

I don't normally look up for mushrooms. Pretending to be street lamps or something I don't know. I usually keep my head down low looking around.

Great post, you found a bunch!

Absolutely, tears from the excitement that it will be featured in the Fungi Friday community :) How nice, right?

Haha, well you should look up from now then...usually I also keep my sight down, searching for them among the grass or around stumps, these ones decided to live at a higher standard :)

Thanks for stopping by, I am going to visit now all the FF posts, wow such a great number of posts, hurray!!!

The turnout was excellent in posts and fungi. Higher standard I see what you did there 😀 !PIZZA

Hahahah, higher standard and high positioned mushrooms 😁

Oh, I don't have this pizza thing or beer to offer you... :/ but, thank you :) At least pizza, as Ewkaw didn't arrest me so there was no need for that jail cake 🎂

No problemo. I keep forgetting about all these fun commands on here and don't use them enough. I think I have several slices left to hand out to friends !PIZZA

Yum, delicious, thanks for the second slice too :))
So what now, I have to workout and try to lose weight. Thanks!


And I was waiting for some jars :p

The first one is a giant success! And looks like it has been crying and peeing :p Judging by the colour of the bark under 🤣

Yeah, the jars stayed in the shop...

I couldn't set them free hahaha, no funny story would save them from there or any George Michael song ;D

Giant, for sure, and you dont believe me?? It was all from tears!! A nice, educated mushroom it was, would not do some other stuff :D

These guys are some of the most impressive nature's creations. We have them here too. Merry Xmas!

I thought I would not find mushrooms here in the coastal part of Spain but turned out that there are some places they like to grow. It is close to a river so it is not so dry as other places where no means they would grow. Thank you for stopping by @orestistrips and I wish you happy holidays ;)

The mushroom challenge really catches my attention! I'll have to venture to the mountain to see if I can get some hehe. How cute when the mushroom started crying. It's interesting when we interpret nature and things outside the human form with feelings that are born inside us and are projected, I like to do that too, I think it gives a fun touch to life.
Those mushrooms what will they be for? 🤔
Will they be hallucinogenic or medicinal?

Hey @naradamoon
I am happy it got your attention, you can participate as well, you saw the guidelines. Dont forget to use the FungiFriday tag and mention the lady who is hosting this event, Ewkaw ;)

Hahah, yes, you see, they dropped some tears of excitement :D I like to give them some more life, as it happened here too. I hope you can find some mushrooms until next Friday and join the challenge.

Well, I only read they are not edible, so I dont know if one still should try what they are for. I wouldn't recommend you to try any until you have more information on whether they are safe for use or not.

Nice Photos. They will lastv , hopefully the migraine won't.

Hey there @shadetreesounds 🎶

Yes, I think they will last. It was so surprising to find them, although a week ago or so we walked there and still the mushrooms were not there. Thank you for your wish, the migraine lost its power this afternoon, this time a was lucky ;)

My wife has migraines so I know how bad it can be. Good to see you trying to be positive in spite of it all.

Yes, it can be pretty difficult, as some attacks last for two or three days, and then almost nothing really helps. Pills, darkness, avoiding smells and noise, some kind of self-help, and sleeping. Repeat until it gets better. I do try to stay positive, I learned to live with it, and when one of these days passes it is like a new start but then full of energy :D until the next episode hahaha.
How does your wife cope with them?

Pretty much like you do. Dark, quiet, sleep and marihuana seem to help. She also used to get seizures and the different pills that the neurologists gave her all made her sick so she has been much better on the pot. She takes Sumatriptan when the headaches get too bad but that also has issues. Getting exercise also seems to help.

Does she have an account here in hive? I wanted to write on this topic some time ago already, and I would like to exchange our experience if I make a separate post on this theme.

Unfortunately she is computer illiterate by choice.

Well, if her choice, it must be for a good purpose :)
Sumatriptan, your wife takes is from the same group (triptans) of medicine like Almotriptan I am prescribed to. I am sending her a greeting and wish as less as possible migraine episodes in the next 2022 year :)

I agree that there is no such thing as bad weather. There is no bad weather. Previously, I often saw this mushroom on the tree, but rarely attached importance to it. Very interesting description and excellent photos of Inonotus dryophilus. Thank you☺️

Yes, if we think better, there is no bad weather.. except when it makes some destruction, and damage to places and people...like it happened recently in the Philippines. If we talk about rain, for, sun, snow, everything has some purpose, so instead of complaining we should just think in that way, for something it is good :) Maybe not for taking photos as they are not so nice when no good light, but for a greater purpose.

The description came when I saw those water drops (well, we would agree mushroom tears ;D )

Oh yes, I agree that nature is good as long as it does not pose a danger to people and animals. And so yes, in any weather we can see something beautiful. There are people who do not like rain or snow, but there are those who go and enjoy what nature gives us. Well this is just an example.☺️

The water droplets are really extraordinary looking. The wooden fence and your tenacity allowed us to take some great pictures. 👍

That wooden fence helped a bit, yes, but I was not so comfortable, one hand holding on to a branch and the other trying to take photos 😂

I'm sure it was risky, but justified. You managed to take these cool photos😃

A bit of adrenaline is always welcome :)

Look it so amazing

THank you, it was amazing to find them and make a small contribution to this Fungi Friday :)

That is one large fungus! The water droplets clinging to the underneath are pretty cool!

Glad you didn't break your neck getting this shot! lol


Glad you didn't break your neck getting this shot! lol

I am glad too :D ... well, I would find a way to post these mushrooms here... maybe from a hospital or... ok, better not trying to find other options :)

hahaha Yep! Better not!

Merry Christmas🤗This mushroom is so huge it could have been easily decorated for Xmas lol

Thank you dear @creativemary 🤗🎄 Merry Christmas to you too 😇
You are right, it would look nice if decorated heheh. Btw, I had with me some googlyeyes, but they were not at that size that could fit well this giant mushroom. But, imagine, a red Xmas hat would go there perfectly!!! Oh, why I didn't have any with me yesterday...

Inonotus dryophilus ... what an amazing name.... just rolls off the tongue. I shall have to bear #fungifriday in mind for next Friday ... I do however believe that I shall not find any in my area .. not sure fungi thrives in 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

As regards the fence ... good thing you do not suffer from acrophobia 😂

Hahaha, an amazing name and I just hope I got it right 🤣 But even if it is not the real identity or this mushroom, it can be called as crying mushroom, or pathetic mushroom, any name can come :)))

Yes, please, it would be cool to see your contribution in this Fungi Friday community. It doesn't have to be a photo of a mushroom you find in nature. It can be food you prepare from mushrooms, art, drawing, anything mushroom related. The funniest - the better :)) Don't forget to use also the tag #FungiFriday, and mention @ Ewkaw in your post, if you make it :))

Haha, acrophobia. This fence was ok, I could cope with it. Although, I do have a strange feeling when I look down from a very high building or window 🏙️

The positioning of those mushrooms on the tree is unique. I often see them below dead trees, decayed woods or organic matter but in this case, they're growing on tree 🌳 tops. Awesome photos @mipiano.

I hope to be part of this challenge when I discover mine as well. Do you have a wonderful day

Yay, cool, the community will gladly receive your contribution. Check out the guidelines and post on Friday :) Wishing you good luck, to find some mushrooms! Cheers @daniky 😇

😊 thank you @mipiano

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hahahha, yes, they were giant mushrooms :)