Set the date - HIVE UK meet up in Yorkshire on 19th September 2020

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We have a date set for the HIVE UK northern meet up - @shanibeer originally suggested the last two weekends in September suited her, and then @stevenwood and @father2b both said 19th would perfectly suit them. Nobody else has expressed any particular desire on a date so I'm going with the Majority and setting the date - the 19th is a Saturday which is also really good for rail travel. Start time is going to be relatively open because people will be travelling, so you can arrive from 9am on the 19th but we won't actually start until Midday - early arrivers can help me set things up 😉

Getting There

Simplest is to stick HX1 5AY in your favourite mapping site, the even is in Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Halifax has it's own train station, it's around 10 minutes uphill brisk walk to the venue

London Euston to Halifax

Anyone wishing to stay over to break up the journey there are plenty of options, @revisesociology has said TravelLodge have some deals on currently, Premier Inn have two sites close by and there are a number of independent B&B's to look up

I'm still working on the getting in, if anyone is staying a bit far away and needs a shuttle service I can pick up and drop off it would just need to work around the event times. Should anyone be flying in I can also work a collection and drop off Leeds Bradford Airport is the nearest - but again it could not be during the event open times.

Itinerary for the event
This is a Hive Blockchain event and primarily the points of discussion will be adding value to to Hive, onboarding new users, sharing the latest dapps and built on Hive platforms.

On the selected day arrivals will start from 9am for a meet and greet. With people coming from far and wide an open start seems preferable so the early arrivers can hang out, enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cold drinks and discuss what they like.

Midday starts the main discussion, every one should have arrived by now so utilising either your own mobile handsets or laptops and there will be two laptops on guest accounts for people to demonstrate ideas etc. WiFi will also be available.

1.30pm Refreshments to include a buffet from a local supplier, cold and hot drinks including a choice of chilled non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages from a local Kraft Beer cafe. The 30kg batch roaster will also be fired up for a demonstration of coffee roasting, covering the full process from loading the green coffee, adding it to the roasting drum, full roasting cycle, drop out to cool. An entire roasting experience for free added in, plus the 30kg batch you see roast, will be destined and then packed into 250g bags for every attendee to take away as beans or ground and labelled Hive Blockchain Coffee - I have a really smooth Brazillian coffee for this and it is sure to suit everyone.

2.30pm Hive musicans showcase to feature the work of @darrenclaxton, @nickyhavey and other suggestions from guests.

3.30pm If the weather suits we will take a walk into Halifax Town Centre and down to the Piece Hall - great photo opportunities and history about the town of Halifax.

5pm Anyone left we will hang out at the covered outdoor seating of Kobenhaven for hot and cold drinks.

Potential attendees so far

It is a free event, so anyone can turn up if they wish - advance notice will help so I can work out exactly how many refreshments I might need. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water is unlimited - but food and other cold drinks I will need to work out how much I need to cover guests.

I'm still working on @hiveukaccess - just being a little bit tied up with other things but I will move forward with that in the next few posts.

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That's great! I'm in!!! Look forward to seeing everyone

Awesome I’m going to be ordering refreshments mid August to give my local customers time to sort it out.

@c0ff33a add me to a maybe list buddy, I get back from my holiday on the 18th so it might be a little tight for me getting there.
Love these meetups, have you asked @starkerz and @anarcotech to see if they want to come, I have met these guys and they are loads of fun. :D

Epic, I will add you to the attendance list. It’s not really an invite event - anyone is welcome to attend it’s free and the only benefit of getting numbers is so I can order in the correct amount of food buffet and cold beverages.

@c0ff33a, There are no worries on my front as I am on keto so will be drinking water, and I only eat twice a day with an 18 hour fast. so I will probably not be eating anything. but I am interested in coming, I have met up with other people from the chain when it was steemit, and it was great fun. so many interesting characters out there and I made some cool friends along the way.

No problem at all, I'm stocking up on bottled water which will be available either at room temp or from an ice bucket so whatever anyone needs it will be covered.

Great stuff my friend, I am really looking forward to it. :D

Oh lovely, I am sure this will be so much fun!

I’m sure it will thank you

looking forward to it @c0ff33a, .. if you get any takers for the Airport (LBA), then I can do the pickup. I'm not far from there.

I have not heard of anyone flying in but will take note just in case thank you.

Looking good, can't see a reason why I won't be there.

Awesome it will be great to finally meet you 👍🏽

Hi mate, the setup and plans sound amazing!

Annoyingly on my side, out of what is essentially an empty family diary.. the weekend of the 19th Sept says I’m meant to be away camping 🤦🏻‍♂️
Which is hit/miss as to whether it’s going ahead for us.

So for now I can’t confirm I can attend but I’m trying my best to make my attendance possible

It would be great to meet you @ashtv but if you can’t make it there is always next year. I will add you to the maybe’s - it’s just extra food and drink for me to finish on Sunday 😋

I wish you have a nice meeting 🍻

Thank you very much

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Is the event still taking place this friday? If so, I will be there. @ashtv are you going to this mate?

I was potentially but I’ve had a shoot job come in!
So it looks like I won’t be there on this occasion.
Have a blast all, good to see you getting back and active mate