Off Peak Season Training

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**Off Peak Season Training **

The majority of a body builders career is spent in off season and this is one of the hardest periods throughout the sport. Shredding down and reducing body fat is relatively easy as you get to control your calories and alternate fats, carbs, proteins and slowly reach your targetted weight.

Off peak season is the hardest as it requires you to continue training and ensuring you are in a calori surplus by a little bit to grow your targetted muscles. Given that I am working to bring other muscles into line with the rest of my body it requires aditional calculations on the days that I hit those muscle groups.

If you're not careful you can find yourself splurging a little too much and blowing out your diet or worse yet not recovering in time and sustaining an injury.

There is a lot of research and carriculum on shredding and becoming lean but not as much around off peak season which is the most important part of body building.

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