Spill The Beans - A Writing Contest

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Enter for a chance to win Hive

Hello Everyone,
It's @millycf1976 here; Welcome to week 4 of #SpillTheBeans, a creative writing contest.
Please see writing prompts below, and create a story based on any of the options presented.

This week's theme: Coffee Shops.

Rewards and Benefits of Entering

  • First Place 8 Hive
  • Second Place 5 Hive
  • Third Place 3 Hive
  • Quality posts will be promoted for upvotes.
  • A chance for you to interact with other authors, as engagement counts.
  • Top post will be highlighted in the Winners Announcement Post, which will give exposure to the author.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be creative and base your post on any of the topics announced.
  • Post in Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, no self cross-posting, and first tag MUST be #spillthebeans to qualify as an entry.
  • ⚠️Please post within the Countdown.
  • Please post in English ONLY. You can use a translator, but only English must be presented.
  • Title of post can be your own, however, please quote in post, the relevant topic.
  • One entry per person.
  • Engagement in English contributes.
  • Subscribe to Cinnamon Cup Coffee community
  • Invite at least two persons to enter.
  • Minimum 250 words.

Please select a topic


Criteria for Winning Post

  • Creativity in writing
  • Post must be based on writing prompt
  • Quality of post
  • Authenticity - Individual voice, tone, and style
  • Clarity of story
  • Captivating and interesting
  • No plagiarism
  • No bullet points or list; this is a great opportunity to develop your creative writing skills
  • Great photos, your own work, and properly sourced photos if not your own
  • Adhere to general community posting guidelines.

An announcement post of winner and mentions will be made after countdown expires, indicating the amount of hive submitted.

Have fun, be creative.
⚠️ Use the first tag #spillthebeans to be eligible.
Also, take another look at the guidelines, criteria, and general community rules; if you tick all the boxes, hit publish.
The Countdown has begun...
❌ Please DO NOT post an entry to this contest after the countdown has expired.

C'mon, don't just sit there, get brewing creative and spill the beans to us.

Image Sources: Canva


My submission-
It is a very creative contest, Great job!

 2 years ago  

Thank you for entering:)

Hi! Happy New Year! My best wishes to you in 2022.

Here is my entry to the contest

 2 years ago  

Hey There! Thank you for taking part in this initiative:)

I almost fell behind and ran out of time to participate in this contest, I see there's still 3 hours of action left. Lol! This is my entry for this contest:

Thanks to @millycf1976 and @hive-152524 for holding this contest. I also invite my friends @alexa-macro and @helmibireun to have fun in this contest.
Come on...
Don't run out of time guys...!!!

 2 years ago  

Hello @moex-photografy Yes, the hours are counting down, and the entries are still coming in.
Thank you for taking part in this initiative:)
Happy 2022!

Even though I reblog the contest post a few days ago, I almost forgot about it. I am very busy, Aceh is grieving. We are being hit by a flood disaster, tens of thousands of people are victims. In my area two people have died from being swept away. today conditions are just starting to get better, if there is no more rain. We wish you all the best!

 2 years ago  

Oh, I am sorry to hear about that storm. I shall tune into the news. I trust you and your family will remain safe, and I'm saddened to hear of the others who succumbed to the storm.
I really appreciate your effort in making your post before the deadline.
I hope things will improve soon🙏

Thank you...

hello this is my entry to the contest

beautiful day !!

Just popping in here to say hello and Happy New Year and to submit my entry for this contest.

What an awesome community and now I need to make a well deserved coffee!


 2 years ago  

Happy 2022 to you too!
Thank you for taking part in this initiative:)

Here's my entry
Thanks for the wonderful contest.

 2 years ago  

Thank you for entering:)

Hello, everyone :) I spilled my beans too and here it is :)


Thank you :)

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I'm waiting for a contest like this, I want to ask,,
is this contest for 1 week?

 2 years ago (edited) 

@dayatsiaulia Yes,the countdown says 7 days. Please check the countdown written at the top and at the bottom of this post, it is like a timer that expires at a specific time.
The contest is active, so check guidelines and rules to make sure that you qualify.
Looking forward to seeing your entry:)

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Hi. Is it required to have two other hivers join? If so, how do we show proof?

 2 years ago  

Hey @eudadol, You can just state the names of the ones you've invited at the bottom of your post. It's basically to get more awareness, and sometimes people miss out on opportunities to enter just because they did not see the contest. If they take part or subscribe it's not your responsibility.
Thank you for asking. I hope you are doing ok despite everything.
It's great to see you back online.
All good wishes🙏

This is great. I'll be joining.

We are thriving. Thanks for the concern. :)

 2 years ago  

Looking forward to reading your post:)

Such a beautiful idea! And one that piqued my interest to the max 🤩💕 Here's my entry:


Thank you and good luck to all participants! Can't wait to read as many entries as I can 🤩

 2 years ago  

Hello @boryanamtl, Thank you so much for taking part in this initiative. Well appreciated:)

Hi, here is my entry for this week's contest: https://hive.blog/hive-152524/@darwinjj/criteria-and-factors-to-be


Good evening here my entry


Thank you very inspiring

 2 years ago  

Hi @rosahidalgo, Thank you for taking part in this initiative. Very much appreciated:)

Hello coffee lovers, this is my first time in this community.

Please find my entry to this contest below, thank you.

Hello everyone, I wish you a happy year 2022! For the first time I am in this community with the aroma of good coffee and with pleasure here I leave my participation.


Hello good evening, this is my participation. here is the link.

Countdown in 13 hours. I wish I could write one tonight 😁

 2 years ago  

It would be great if you make it before the countdown expires. Please follow guidelines to be eligible:)

 2 years ago  

Hello @merit.ahama,
Thank you for participating in the contest and getting involved with this initiative:)

PS. I've made it easier for you; Here's the attached link to our community posting guidelines.
Also, please observe general community rules and perhaps you'd like to check our current "pinned activities" that are happening in the community. These activities are a great way for you to interact and engage with other community members.
Enjoy ☕️