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Welcome to #SublimeSunday , a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


Yes that is saturation to the max, you can't really make a foggy day any brighter. In fact it has been foggy for at least four days straight, it seemed to start on November 5th - which is no surprise it always get's a bit hazy on November 5th because it the night we celebrate Guy Fawkes failed attempt to blow up parliament house with gunpowder - by having massive bonfires and setting off fireworks. I doubt many nowadays understand the history behind the event, it's just a good excuse to have a party, massive fire and to set off vast amounts of very loud and bright fireworks - in fact they seem to get louder and brighter every year - or maybe it's just me getting older.


You get the idea, but the fog has lasted out the bonfires - although to be fair the fireworks have been going strong for days as well - with the 5th being a Thursday the celebrations have spread out through the weekend too. But with Lockdown 2.0 starting on the 5th to prevent the growing spread of Coronavirus in the UK - nobody is supposed to be out or meeting in groups or going to organised events. So it looks like nearly every household bought their own fireworks to set off in their own garden this year. Not that I buy any, no point when you can just look out of your window and see a fantastic display from 5pm to Midnight 4 nights in a row. It's warmer inside and there is considerably less chance of you accidentally blowing any body parts off as well.


This made me laugh, I went to go and scan some parcels into the parcel locker and the computer had rebooted into Windows P.O.S log in screen. I did try to enter a few common useful passwords..admin, backdoor, winblows - but although you could press ok and it would say password invalid pressing the password box did not invoke a virtual keyboard to enter anything - I hope they fix it soon all the parcels I dropped Friday night are still inside it according to the tracking!


So with fog spoiling most photography attempts I went on a Fungi hunt - in the pitch black because it get's dark at 4pm now. So if the lighting seems odd I had a torch in one hand and my phone in the other - that's not easy to coordinate!


Looks like that little fella is planning on a mushroom evening meal.


It's the rare Pringles mushroom.


These ones look a bit mashed up already.


They moist, cold, damp foggy weather seems to be producing some interesting varieties of fungi.


And some of them must be pretty tasty because something is eating big holes in them.


These are unusually dark coloured, but must be just as tasty because they are well nibbled.

Take a foggy drive with me to the chilled out tunes of @avesa


And a #funkyedits to finish, some roses in a crystal filter.

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hmmm... did you try "password"?

That's my favourite lol. It was working Tuesday morning again, then when I went back Tuesday evening after work the collection driver was there on the phone with tech support because it was stuck on the log in again so he could not remove the parcels - he has to scan his hand machine and then it opens each door, he removes the parcel and scans it again on the locker scanner to confirm he took it. All fun and games.

All the technology inhibited probably by some stupid bug.

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