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Yesterday, I gave you the details on how to participate in the Dreemer of the Year Event. But... today I'll tell you what you're competing for!

Each event will be given a point value, based on the difficulty of the task. For example - there are 3 posts that you will need to write (one per week) during the Event. Each of those posts will be valued at 250 points.

Being the first to find the secret word on a DreemPort tip video (on our Youtube channel) is obviously a race to the answer! Since only ONE can win - that would be a valuable prize at 75 points.

Some things are an endurance test - like - did you curate on DreemPort for all 5 days of the first leg of the Event? Yes? Then you get 100 points. Missed a day? Sorry - each week for the endurance events is all or nothing! But you can try again the following week!

Some things are a group challenge - like the Ecency Daily Leaderboard. I took this image earlier today - but as you can see - if today was the first day of the challenge - then all of the dreemers in the mix would be earning points for that day!

If you look at that list hmmmm I'm seeing 3 dreemers in there who would be getting 25 points each!

That isn't enough for winning the Event - but, if you add that TO the other tasks you're doing - that might be enough to put you in the lead!!

Every task matters, every bit of engagement helps, every curation pushes you further, every post submitted makes a difference!

Remember - I'll be taking a snapshot of the Ecency board everyday around noon! That we can stay consistent! And you can always try again the next day to get those points! :)

So, if I compete all month - but I don't win - what happens next?

Good question!

Hands down, the Dreemer of the Year prize - is DEFINITELY the best!!! but - if you don't win, all those points don't get thrown away!

At the end of the competition, I will count up all the points and divide them into 10 levels. If you earn 5 levels of points, you get 5 choices from the prize pool. If you earn 7 levels of points, you get 7 choices. The prize pool will be run LIVE so that everyone can choose together. Once a prize is chosen, it will be taken out of the mix, and the remaining prizes can be won from there - until everyone has used up all their chances!

SOUNDS GREAT! Everyone has chances to win things!! but... what does the Dreemer of the Year get?

Dreemer of the Year

  • 1000 Dreem tokens
  • 50 HBD
  • 2500 Ecency points
  • 25 HSBI
  • 1000 HP delegation for your year as Dreemer of the Year
  • Dreemer Sash & Crown profile frame
  • Featured Post on DreemPort (one per month, running for one week each) Also, you can announce a bounty on each of your Featured Posts stating that DreemPort will randomly choose one of your commenters to earn 5 HSBI! That should be a nice boost for your engagement!)
  • 4 packs of DreeMerge cards (5 in each pack)
  • Ability to submit a friend's post into DreemPort, once per week.
  • Interview on an upcoming podcast

No matter if you win or not... we hope that this last month of 2022 will be filled with fun, laughter, and joy! Thank you for always making DreemPort a special place and thanks for dreeming with us!!!

LEADERBOARD (as of November 27)

Every single person has earned their 25 points - so it is a tie so far! hehe If any of you want to pull out in front, feel free to start earning those promotion points and redeeming them HERE ON THIS SURVEY for 5 points each!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

Images used:
Social media balls
Cover image created by my prompts in Midjourney.



Thank you for the mention! I have shared across all my "platforms"... Though I can't help but have flashbacks of wearing big disco boots lol. (You know... platforms). I can't promise I will be able to participate actively. As you know how my life goes lol. But I did want to try my best to have a "proper sendoff"... because that's how I roll...


@tipu curate

I'm just loving this all the more, those prizes are juicy and I know so many people love such huge prizes, they will all be of their best energy and I must appreciate the #dreemport for this amazing challenge.

I'm wondering, what are we to write as that one post every week? Is it just anything related to the challenge or we will be given what to write about?

Alright Dreemers, let the fun begin @kingsleyy and @justfavour you guys should check this out, hehehe.

hehehehehe it's on the first post... take a look at that first post and you'll see the topics :)

(that post there)

good luck to you and your sister!!! i see two sisters competing already hahahaha i love it!!!

That's right, crypto blast!!! I actually read that the first time but I guessed I was so busy and I forgot I actually knew what it was, lolz. Well, I'm happy I asked and thank you so much for the reminder, hehehe.

Oh yes, Merit is so excited just like everyone of us, this is really going to be super fun and interesting, but one thing is for sure, anyone that wins the dreemer of the Year earned it because l the Dreemers are doing really well.

Have a fabulous day ahead Dreemie and always stay awesome!!! 🥰❤️.

Thanks for this. I've been hearing about this dreemport and I've be n running away because I had no idea. But now it's the right time to hop in

Yes dear, you should do that, just ask any questions you have 🥰

Gosh, the prize is juicy, Mama 🥺

May the best dreemer win 💪💪💪

But everyone of us are best dreemers anyways ☺️

i love all our dreemers!!! but the ones who really are going for it - will have the best shot to win!

and i see some hungry dreemers in here hehehe

We are all going for the crown....not only because of the prizes, but because it promises to be fun 😊🤗💕

I see me right there. Okay, it’s on. Tingles in my belly already. I want to win🫢

hehehehe tingles in the belly are the best!!!!!!!!!!! you go for it!!!! i see all these dreemers with the hunger to win and it makes me smile!!! heheh

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @merit.ahama, @idksamad78699, @wesphilbin, @sacra97 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at


I try!!!!! LOL

So Sublime
Super Sweet
So, shall some submit some?

LOLOLOL - some will - some willn't hahahaha

but it is there for the taking!!! :)

i will be happy with whoever wins because it surely shows dedication!!!

Does dedication demand decency?
Does dedication drive dour days ahead?
Don't know, do you?

Lol... Did I just lost in the group challenge? 🤣

So you said, all those points begins to count from December 1st aside the promotional points right? 😁

The prizes for the dreemer of the year is super!.... Uhmmm I'm actually short of words to use but that prize is everything to work for 😂 who's getting the crown?!!!

hahahaha lose??? how - it hasn't even truly begun yet

as far as I can see - you are ahead of about 50 other people hahahahah
and tied with about 10 LOL

that seems like you are in it to win it!!! LOLOL

just keep going my darling!! :)

Lol... Thanks Dreemie, I'll keep my active shoes on 😁


P.s. Do I get to win that hat? (Asking for a friend lol)

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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


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HAHAHAHAHAHA the dreemer of the year might!!! LOLOL

I created that with AI!!! Amazing, right?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dear dreemers, please drop your social media, let me follow and connect with everyone 🥺




Like @wesphilbin said in one of his hashtags, it's @dreemsteem that made me do this too.. lol.


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hehe...I have followed you on insta and twitter and sent you a FB friend request. So you should have some of my key web2 social media sites now !LUV

Thanks, Sam. I have found the notifications. I'll hit the follow button too. 🙌❣️🥰

hahahahahahaha i'm not sure if they will kill you LOLOL but I love your spirit!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

Hehe, I hope they don't kill me either....thanks, Mama 😍

Twitter izzyjohnsen

I'll hit the follow button, Champ. Thank you.

Followed you on Twitter, Iska.
I am not on any other social media

Yes, Amber. I got the notification. I Followed you too. Thank you 🙇

This is so cool baby
I've followed you on all of them but I'm not sure if the Facebook own reflected so I'll leave my Facebook handle here.

Will follow back when you send the request.

Thanks, babe.. yeah, Facebook reflected but it was taken back. I used the 'Add friend' button, you will find my friend request in your notification.

Thanks again ☺️

Yeah, I've seen it and followed back 😁
You're doing well dear

Yeeeeesssssss 🥺🙌🤲💃💃💃💃💃

Let's have fun together with the challenge.... Fighting 💪💪

We sure will 🥰🥰

Twitter: ahmadmanga

Thank you. I'll follow you.

I'll follow you now. Pretty much Deraa everywhere 😂

Haha. Thanks for following darling.❤️

You have a new follower on Twitter. 😘🤗

I'm having some issues with my Facebook and Instagram at the moment but I've followed you on Twitter, I saw you followed me first, thank you so much dear


This is really amazing 😍
Fun fun fun, is all I am seeing here
Dreemer of the year? Wow....what a healthy competition 😂
I am in 👍
Thanks Dreemie for this thoughtful ways of ending the year in grand's just awesome 😎

Wow 😮 this looks like fun and also you get to earn in return, so it's a win win all the way.

Am sure taking part in this 💯

Hummn. I am grateful not to have missed out on this bounty. Mission begins… it’s gonna be another though ride as usual.