All's Well That Ends Well

Welcome To My Sublimely Beautiful Sunday!


I have to run into Roanoke to return a few things. Want to tag along for the ride and a bit of conversation? We'll see what we can see and even grab some food…


My son Ben has a handful of a piece of pizza from Benny's Andelina in Moneta. The slices of pizza there are both large and good, even reheated.


Can you see the hood of my truck? It is just covered with yellow dust ! The other day I was standing around talking to some guys and it looked like smoke blowing through the air, but in reality it was yellow pollen clouds blowing from all the flowers blooming on all the trees and plants.


Trump Town


On the way to Roanoke, we need to slow down as we head into a little town. The speed limit drops from 55 to 45, and it is often heavily patrolled. Officially it is known as Boone's Mill, but unofficially at least at the corner store it is Trump Town. While Trump Town and Boone’s Mill, for that matter, are not very large nor famous, it did get featured on CNN on the front page of the website lol! You can see it here



Oh they've got a Trump RV there too. That reminds me of one that I just saw the other day in town.



The Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday tags are some of my faves! I want to thank @ace108 for running the beautiful Sunday tag every week and keeping such detailed stats and supporting the accounts. Also, a shout out to @c0ff33a for the sublime Sunday tag where your random Sunday posts are always welcome!


Roanoke was originally founded as Big Lick, Virginia.


Roanoke has a nice mix of both new and old buildings.


There is also an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.


In fact, Roanoke is in a valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains.



Here is the Roanoke star. It's a good ways up on a mountain. Of course at night you cannot see the mountain with the dark sky, so the star Looks to be in the sky. I bet it'll be dark on the way home and I will try to get it… Or rather Ben will try to get it.


Well we're at Macy's. I was shocked that there were only three cars in the parking lot on a Sunday evening.


All this driving around has worked up my appetite. Wonder where we can get some grub?



The Golden Corral offers some cheap eats and a good variety.


Ben and I are always sure to get our fill, as well as our money's worth.


I just think we need a bigger table LOL!

Well between a good dinner and plenty of dessert I have to admit we are both fairly stuffed. I guess it is time to head home and hit the hay for a little nap. Thanks for coming along on the ride.


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The slice of pizza looks so big that that the pizza itself must be gigantic. Too bad for the business at Macy's. You guys really got your fill at the Golden Corral.

Wow! That is one huge piece of pizza!!


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