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I used to say "I suck at marketing." This is my way of fixing that problem. I'm writing digest posts while I'm learning Content Marketing from Hubspot's Free Course. In this article, you'll learn with me the Importance of a Long-term Content Plan.

Here on HIVE, I've been writing content without much planning. It usually goes like this: I get excited about an idea and I write about it. This led me to have unorganized articles about every topic that are scattered everywhere. This also reduces my output as too much time and energy are spent on thinking 'What to do next...?'

That's why I was happy that the third lesson of the Content Marketing Course I've been in is about Long-term plans for the content.

If you're more interested in why I took this course, please read my first "Learn with Me: Content Marketing" article. If you want to take the course yourself Here's the Link!

The course is aimed at businesses of course, but I can make a smaller model of what I learned for my HIVE Journey.


Why a Long-term Plan?

Planning ensures easier decision-making and also helps track progress through the journey of Business. (Or in my case HIVE.) Having a plan helps regain focus after encountering obstacles. It also helps determine which parts of the content journey need improvements when there's a struggle following the plan. That's something I never thought about before this course.

One important aspect of the planning is having SMART Goals. (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely.) For that, I'll try making a clear planning sheet to track the progress of my article writing goals and if I fail any, I'll have notes on the reasons for failure so I could avoid them next time.


The Buyer's Journey

The course focused a lot on having a Buyer Persona and Inbound Marketing Strategy. The goal is to have a Content Plan that covers all the stages in the Buyer's Journey: The Awareness Stage. The Consideration Stage. The Decision Stage.

In the awareness stage, the Buyer is searching for information about the problem. They might not have a name for it yet. An ebook, blog post, or video that explains common problems in the business feed is perfect content for someone in that stage. This should be a purely educational content.

In the consideration stage, the Buyer is seeking a solution for the problem they have. Now they're aware of multiple brands that could help and are comparing them. A Case Study, a Product Comparison, or an Expert Guide will be helpful in that stage. Of course, in this part of marketing, you should present your solution.

The decision stage is when the Buyer has learned enough about the problem and is choosing between the multiple solutions to try. Comparing Reviews and Pricing details. The way I imagine it in my mind is like an elimination contest with products' Pros and Cons competing with each other. Presenting a good track record (reviews, testimonials,) is great at this stage.

Since I'm thinking about how to apply these for HIVE, I'll present @dbuzz as an example:

In the awareness stage, D.Buzz could present an ebook about the benefits of decentralization in an age where your account could be deleted on someone's whim. In the consideration stage, @dbuzz should make a case study of people they onboarded on HIVE and how their lives changed because of it. What benefits have they gained, and what worries have reduced after making an account on HIVE/D.Buzz. In the decision stage, they could make onboarding easier by presenting the community's strengths or helping the creation of new communities on the platform.

For Businesses, the Content Plan should have content of various types (blogs/videos/infographics/ebooks) for each Buyer Persona for each stage of their Buyer Journey.

For me, however, I believe I should make a Reader Persona for each of my ideal readers of my HIVE Blog and map out a Reader's Journey so I have a better Content Plan for my HIVE Journey. Especially since I'd like to reach my HIVE goals sooner rather than later.


Content Audit

So, I didn't know the meaning of the word Audit before this course. A Content Audit is an inspection of all the content that we have in the business to identify any gaps or opportunities to improve the Content Plan. One way to do that is by using (Google) Spreadsheets.

A content Audit for my HIVE article will list each article and try to identify what Reader Persona(s) will be interested in reading the article, and which stage of their journey the article is for. It'll be fun, and (probably) hard to make one for all my articles.

Having a searchable list of all content in one place will help me find links to other related posts I wrote easier, and the only negative I see in this idea is the long time it takes to organize all of them.


Seeking Contributers

The last part of the third lesson was about collaborating with influencers. The main advice is is ask people who have similar audiences for quotes while writing your article, then let them know after finishing writing the article. This makes the Influencer feel like a part of the article's progress!

"The number of people waiting for the article you're writing must always be above zero."

On HIVE it'll be collaborating with other Hivers and having contact with them. Asking to incorporate their viewpoints on a topic I'm thinking of writing.

What Do Hivers Say?

I asked around while writing this article if anyone plans their HIVE posts in advance. I usually write my upcoming articles in drafts, but it's not like I plan them. I publish an article as soon as I finish it, and I'm usually slow at writing it. I'm trying to fix this #perfectionism. When I asked others about their routines to see what they say.

The responses I got were about as I expected, a lot of us on HIVE don't have a long-term plan for our content. @ifarmgirl used to make drafts in advance but she doesn't have time for that anymore. (💬 LINK) @tsunsica makes templates to help her create content faster (💬 LINK)

Some, like @coquicoin (💬 LINK) and @tonton23 (💬 LINK) post without planning at all, while @mehmetfix (💬 LINK) schedules his posts to publish something every two days. Finally, @edb (💬 LINK) used to have a spreadsheet of topics weighing various factors to determine his priorities.

I'm sure every one of us has a writing routine for their presence on the platform. I'm interested in knowing yours too, so why not post a comment?


Digest: What I Learned So Far?

So far, this Course taught me about the importance of stories in Content Marketing, how to approach story writing to reach a marketing goal.

It made me realize the importance of having an ideal customer to write my content with it in mind. That making them as detailed as possible (even giving them names) helps.

With the third lesson, I have a clearer idea on what I'm doing wrong in marketing myself, and that I need to have SMART goals from now on. Whether on making my website, writing my fictional worlds, or being a Hiver who's loved by the community.


What do you think?

If you haven't yet, check the first article of this series in which I talk about Stories in Content Marketing. I consider myself a storyteller, so if you're a new reader, please check out my "Where to Start?" article to learn more about my works of fiction.

Salam (Peace)

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For content planning, I would say that it's good to have a plan for a particular subject that you want to develop over time (100% agree with @thisisawesome about mind mapping for that) . But also be spontaneous when you get an idea.

But mostly, I'd like to congratulate you on this excellent post. Planned or not, it's great content.

Thanks for reading, I worked really hard on this post. I enjoyed @thisisawesome's comment too, and I agree with you. As for being spontaneous when I get an idea, I already do that!

Have some 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV

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Great advice about content planning there @ahmadmanga, and really interesting to see you sharing about this course you are taking, one general rule of thumb that I have found works great for me is besides spreadsheets, is to use mind maps and a very simple to-do list, spreadsheets are good for tracking things with much data, mind maps are good to get an overview of the whole picture, and to-do lists (Google Keep) where you just check off an item as done is great for actually getting things done, they are very simple and simple is a good thing here, plus for daily tasks that you do every day you can just recycle the list and start over and be sure that you are not missing anything, keep sharing and stay awesome.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I tried mind-maps before, but I wasn't consistent with them so maybe I should try again. Maybe I should check Google Keep too.

Thanks for your comment, and have a 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV ~

Yeah think of it like this, a checklist like Google Keep is to be consistent with tasks and getting things done on a daily basis, and spreadsheets are for weekly or daily adding of data, and for weekly or montly analysis of that data, and mind maps are for mapping out a project as you start it.

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Thanks for the additional insight!

Have some 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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Nice! I love that you are also using threads to help you with the research. This was really interesting to read. I was just talking with my mom about my need for creating a brad here and also creating something outside of the internet, so I can relax and know it does't matter if crypto is roller-coaster, I'll have something here, something my family can have too so I can keep being a free bird haha, and reading this about the planning process made me think about it. What I want to do, both on Hive and outside of it, doesn't need to be done immediately, I should take the time to research an plan ahead... and think about the marketing of those ideas as well since at the end of the day our content or business are not about ourselves but about our consumers.

Good article! Keep learning!

I'm really happy my article inspired you to think about planning for your goal. I'm still learning here, and I want to increase my quality so I'll have more article like this and ask people around HIVE to contribute more often!

Have some 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV

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Great concept. And it's good that so many people responded. Also, the visuals are superb. 😀

I'm happy you liked the images, I spent many hours on them and I was worried they weren't good enough.

Thanks for reading, and have a 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV

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 7 months ago  

Interesting to other ideas how they write content on hive, thank you added my response too in your article 😀

More people replied than I thought would be, I'm glad this was a success!

Thanks for reading, and have a 🍕 !PIZZA with 💞 !LUV

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Thank you for pizza slice 😺