Things men want in a relationship that would make them cherish you

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Men are not choosy and are satisfied with anything you offer them in a relationship, they see themselves as the alpha that needs to give instead of receiving but this does not change the fact that they also loved to be cared for, they love attention, they love gift and many more, even though they are fine if they don't get it...

As a lady, what are you doing to keep your boyfriend interested in you? 80 percent of them would answer with, i give him sex! dang! isn't sex something enjoyed by both party? how did it now become something special you can give to your partner but unfortunately this is how 80 percent of ladies think....


There are many ways in which you can keep your man and it has nothing to do with sex, you can't keep a man with sex because he can get sex from anywhere... It is those things that differentiate you from other girls out there that will make him cherish you, now let us dive into the things that can make a guy cherish you


There is a saying, food is one of the easiest way to a man's heart, when i say feed him, i don't mean use your money to buy food for him, you can use his money to buy food for him and he will still appreciate it or better still cook for him! If you are doing this and not making him starve, he will think twice before thinking of letting you go because not every lady out there do this for their partner.....



Communication is the key to a successful and sweet relationship, without conversations there is no relationship, unfortunately many ladies see no reason to hold meaningful conversations with their boyfriend, the only time they chat them up is when they need money, babe i want to buy wig, i want to eat this, i want to buy that, 70 percent of ladies do this! what happen to meaningful conversation about the future, the number of babies you want to have for each other, your dream house, couples goal and many more, this kind of talks make a guy feel alive and also motivate him to work harder to take care of his needs and yours....


You shout at your boyfriend right? yes you! you reading this post, don't skip it... Well many ladies yell at their boyfriend if they are annoyed, any little thing done by him, you snap, if he refused to do what you ask, you snap.. He ask you to do something, you disobey and your excuse for doing that is because you think he doesn't own you yet, oh well he doesn't own you but he is taking the responsibility of your father by taking care of you.. The least you can do is respect him as the man in your life....

Let me stop here, try this three things i mentioned above with your boyfriend and see if he is going to love you more or not...

Note what i mentioned is not a bullet proof from heartbreak.. We have irresponsible guys out there too and when you meet one, your instinct will tell you except you choose to turn a blind eyes to the signs... My advice above is for people in a serious relationship and want their man to love them more....

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I love these
Feed him
Chat with him and do not nag
Respect him

 last year  

yes do not nag too, thanks

 last year  

The mentor has finally spoken. A great counsel to all ladies out there.

You are right about those points. Respect, communication and importantly feeding. That feeding is important 😂 😂.

Thanks for sharing boss.

 last year  

food is importanta😁, imagine thinking about a lady giving you food all the time lol

 last year  

This man. No kill me with imagination ooo 😂. Let me just go and find her 😂

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Respect for men has always been one of the ways to get a man.
The drink respect like water.

Thanks for this post.
This one no be for people like us wey single like singlet 😂😂😂

 last year  

@abdul-qudus is searching for a girlfriend that will be feeding him, if you know how to cook and ready to give him food, i think he is ready to remove the single tag on you😂

 last year (edited) 

Hahaha. Sir burl? So fast 😂 😂. I said I will find her myself na 😂 😂. I pray she doesn’t know how to cook oo.

 last year  

Abdul no get sense😂😂😂

 last year  

lol you are calling someone's future husband senseless bah, let her catch you😅

 last year  

She wan catch herself?! 😂 😂

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Where Abdul Dey?! Make he come see wetin dem Dey talk about am 😂

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lol you never ready

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I don ready now. But this wan go choke me 😂. How many hive I get for wallet? 😂

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Lemme secure the bag first 😂

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Awwwwww relationship counselor😂😂😂

I am doing all this ooo,it’s like I am good to go😋😊🚶‍♀️

 last year  

lol are you sure you are doing everything? you are feeding him very well?👀 and you don't yell at him? i don't trust you on that yelling part lol

 last year  

Oya Comot 😒😂😂😂.
I can’t even hype myself in peace 😂