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Hello everyone, how are you doing today? This is going to be Week 21, Edition 03 of our Weekly Featured Content.

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So, last week Saturday we had the last hangout that was just so much fun we did not want it to come to an end. We are on our second topic for the week, "AWAY FROM HOME" This topic was geared toward each member of the community telling us about the first time they had to leave their homes. And why.

We got to read about the different reasons behind having to leave home and also got to learn some of the lessons our members had to share from their experiences.

We went through every entry post, every post with the #hl-exclusive & #hl-w21e3 tags. And with the number of wonderful posts out there it was quite difficult to make a selection. But eventually, we did just that. And so, the posts that will be featured not just for their exceptional content, but also for their level of engagement with other authors will be listed below:


Featured Contents


The author told us about how she left home for the first time after she became a graduate and she was done with her internship and she got into a full-time job. As a person who has a lot of dreams to achieve, one of the stepping stones was having to leave the comforts of home. You can read more in the full post.


This author took us down memory lane back to the first time he had left home. He had done it after gaining admission into the university. It turned out that school was not all it was touted to be and it seemed he was way in over his head. He really missed home. He had some great lessons to share with us, and you can find them all when you go through the full post

A LONELY PATH by @leonelb

For this author, he is yet to venture into unknown territory, but he is making plans to do so. He talked about how important it was for every one of us to strive to find our place in the world, and most of the time, finding our place started with doing something difficult, like going our way. You can learn more when you read the full post.

All of the above contents were supported by our official curation account @lazy-panda with an extra amount. And first 3 authors will receive 100 ECENCY Points [ Sponsored By Ecency Team (@melinda010100) ] and 1 SBI each as a reward next Monday. These posts were selected because of their special attention to detail and how they followed the topic. There were a lot of good ones out there, but we just could not pick them all.

But then, we have some honorable mentions which are listed below:

Honourable Mention

I CRAVED FOR MY FREEDOM by @princessbusayo



These are posts that were also found to be quite exceptional as well.


Week 22 - Edition 01 Topic


” We all know how tough the world keeps getting. Everything just keeps getting worse and it's as if there is no end in sight to the struggles. How do you cope with all the stress? Feel free to share some tips with us.”



  1. Must be a verified member in our community to participate.
  2. You have to use #hl-exclusive tag in your featured edition participation post. Also, you must use another tag according to the week & edition number. If you are making content for Week 01 Edition 01, you will use #hl-w1e1. If it is Week 02 Edition 03, then you will have to use #hl-w2e3. (Abusing these tags will cause severe punishment)
  3. Must share participation post's link in #featured-post-promotion channel in our discord server.
  4. Members must interact & engage in each other's participation posts.
  5. Submission Deadline:-
    Edition 01:- Monday-Tuesday (11.59 PM UTC)
    Edition 02:- Wednesday-Thursday (11.59 PM UTC)
    Edition 03:- Friday-Saturday (11.59 PM UTC)
  6. Prize Distribution:- Each Sunday
  7. Topic Description:- The topic description given in the announcement must not be included/copy-pasted in the participation post.


All of the above rules are mandatory for participating. A big congrats to the authors whose posts made it to today’s featured edition, and as we have gotten to the next topic, we look forward to reading more posts from you.

If you are wondering what is Weekly Featured Edition. You can get Basic Knowledge about it from This Post. If you are a new member in our community, complete Verification Process from our discord server to get support from us. To know more about our community, please go through our Rules & Guidelines


Thank You

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Thank you #hivelearners very much for putting such efforts in engagement.
Even if I am almost old, winning is still exciting like childhood.
Thanks to all those beautiful souls who supports each other (including me😄)

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To all the winners , congrats to you guys 🥳🥳💃💃

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Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions. I’m glad I made it to the list.

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Incredible! I didn't expect this. Thank you very much for choosing me, I also congratulate the rest of the selected users and those who also participated.