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Greetings Everyone! Today we've come up with "Hive Learners" community's full rules & guidelines.

In our previous announcement post, we shared guidelines on how to complete verification process in our community. There were some issues with that announcement. However, it has been fixed. You can check our UPDATED GUIDELINES from here.

As a verified member in our community, you must follow the rules stated below:-


  1. User must complete verification process from our DISCORD SERVER to be a verified member in the community.
  1. We prefer English as first language while creating contents. Though, Bengali (Bangla) will be accepted too.

  2. We will support any type of blogging content that is made with enough efforts & dedication. But religious or political related contents will be ignored. Photography content is also welcomed but it has to be a quality post with 5 unique and good quality images and the author has to give a very good description of what each photo is about.

  3. If you are sharing your artworks, you must include 7/8 steps on how you’ve completed your art. Try to describe the process as much as possible so that everyone can get an overall idea of your art. Also, you must share a selfie with the art in the ending part of yout post.

  4. You can share 1 post a day. Spamming will get you muted from the community. Every post must contain a minimum of 200 words to get curated. We won't support the posts that are created with low efforts.

  5. Must post regularly. If you are unable to do that, try to post at least three days a week. Also, you have to make meaningful comments on the post of at least three other writers for your post to be eligible for getting support. Because, regular engagement is very important among the bloggers.

  6. Plagiarism / rewritingis strictly prohibited. If anyone get caught while doing this heinous act, we will lebel him as [1st warning]. If he get caught again, he'll be muted & banned from the community. Also, you cannot share any content that is recycled or already published in any other platform.

  7. Always make sure to use “hl-blog” and your country tag in the first 4 tags while posting. For example: if you are from India, use #hl-blog #india tag in your first 4 tags

  8. Lastly and most importantly, let's enjoy & learn while blogging in this community and Thrive Together ♨️♨️

Remember that our MOD will always be on the lookout for anyone who will violate this rules and violation will lead to severe punishments.

If you have any queries/suggestions, please feel free to ask/share on our discord channel.


Thank You


Why are you still asking old members to make an introduction post?

 2 years ago  

Hi @livinguktaiwan! Thanks for your concern. Actually, we are creating a database of all verified members in our community. This is why in the first place, it is required for every member to publish their intro & verification post in our community so that we can make sure no fake/duplicate ID takes advantage of our system.

 2 years ago  

Why are you still forcing people to make double posts and/or re-introductions of themselves??

there is a misconception I think. We ask only newbies who did not post their "introduction+verification post" to do it. Already verified useres must skip it.

 2 years ago  

Well, what about then??
He have been here for 4 years, but still made an introduction post for your community.

I wouldn't him a "newbie" would you? :)

Just saw this. You're right, this guy is old & verified. That's why we did not give him a badge, neither upvote. I think general users didn't understand quitely about the purpose of "verification" & the rules of it.

@kronias plz make another post regarding "Verification & Introduction" of newbies. Also include that if someone did already verification post then he must include a link of his/her verification post. So, we can easily understand that he/she is not a fake profile & we can give him/her "verification badge".

And, I specially give thanks to @cwow2 for detecting vulnerabilities in our rules of verification.

It's not about you not giving users an upvote or a badhe. It's about you telling users they have to make a verification posts and Hive ended up flooded with introduction posts from old users.

 2 years ago  

It's about you telling users they have to make a verification posts and Hive ended up flooded with introduction posts from old users.

We understand that we've created an unwanted situation that we didn’t actually intend to do. We are really sorry for the inconvenience

We are now planning to switch the verification process from here to our discord server. Will post an announcement regarding the changes later tonight. BTW, We will highly appreciate if you have any suggestions that you want to provide.

Thank You

 2 years ago  

Okay cool.

I understand the verification post, but couldn't that not just be a photo with name, date and such. Either uploaded as a small post via dbuzz or in a dm via discord?

Wouldn't that not make it easier?

Either way, its good to here you are aware of these things! We appreciated it and wish you the best luck with your community and well, if you feel I can be of any assistance, feel free to reach out :)

Absolutely ! We need your valuable suggestions & assistance in the future. Thanks again friend :)

 2 years ago  

Hi @cwow2! Thank you for the suggestions you’ve provided. As we are still new, we need to make some more adjustments & improvements in our rules, guidelines & the whole process. We are now planning to switch this whole introduction part in our Discord Server.

Thanks again for your approach. We will really appreciate any kind of suggestions/assistance from you in future

 2 years ago  

Well, it doesn't have to be trough discord if you want it yo be on the blockchain.
We have something called dbuzz, which is like our twitter ^^

Or you could make people make a intro-post as long as they decline rewards, I dont see anybody having any problems with that.

Assalamu alaikum sir you have given a nice guide which is really important for this platform. I always wish you the best. Also I became a new user. Seeking your cooperation, I want you to point out our mistakes all the time. Then we'll be able to move faster on this platform, as well as experience, we'll be able to expose people to the right information, creativity and skills and writing experience. I wish you all the best as well as I read these inspiring words of yours, you are truly a heartthrob.How are you? Your kindness towards newbies is immense. I am very happy to see that.good day।

 2 years ago  

So, verified Members are required to continue learning step two?

I want to ask a little and I do not understand this?

How to set up beneficiary

Please enlighten 😊🙏

 2 years ago  

You will learn more about setting up a beneficiary when the post is put out.🙂

 2 years ago  

Beneficiaries of each published post 🙏

Sorry I'm still a little confused, and of course I will learn it and maybe I will post this second step in the following days 😊🙏🙏

If I still have problems, I will ask again, please enlighten

 2 years ago  

Verified members with 60+ reputations can skip stage 02 and join from stage 03. However, you can start from stage 02 if you want.

And about "Setting up beneficiary" part. In stage 02, we will publish a tutorial on how to set up beneficiary while sharing a post. Then, you'll have to make a separate post about setting up beneficiary from your understanding.

If you are still confused & have queries about our roadmap, please join our discord server and feel free to ask any question.

Thank You

 2 years ago  

Thank you very much @kronias for the information 👍

 2 years ago (edited) 

We all should continue learning because there is always something new.
Anyhow, you may find the answer to your 'beneficiary' question at

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 2 years ago  

Nice and clear concept 😊
I am also a new number and I am so much hungry to learn more about hive Blockchain.
So early waiting for those learning stages ❣️
Hopefully Everyone will support me to know about the learning stages ❣️

Please see my self verification here


I've made an introductory post, accompanied by some photos of moths.
so far haven't checked. Thanks 🤝

 2 years ago  

I've made an introductory post, accompanied by some photos of moths. so far haven't checked

It's because we didn’t ask any old members of hive to make new introduction post again.

Please go through our Guidelines For How To Complete Verification Process From Our Discord Server. Thank You

Thanks for the information, I will try to join and solve it 🤗

 2 years ago  

I am new to hive and I saw a post that made me join the discord there I saw that I should make a presentation with a selfie and attach a certain number of words that describe me, I understood that I should comment to others, but certainly the link that confuses me we must go from our introduction, will you be able to inform me of the guidelines for this publication, I am new and nobody brought me I was on google and I read about this social platform so I started to see each of the communities and came to this one in which I imagine they will help me and guide me properly thanks

 2 years ago  

I'm having difficulties with verifying my phone number on Discord. Can I go ahead and be posting in the community while hoping it comes through.



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I found some complaints when trying to verify on discord

The information is clear and quite understandable. Though a newbie in this platform/community, I have learn the rules and regulations. Am promising to abide by them. Thanks @kronias

I am new to this platform although I have been blogging before, I wish to apply all rules stipulated and willing to abide to the community's guidelines. I will present my Introduction Post to this community. Thank you in advance @kronias for all your good thoughts.

Welcome onboard

Thank You very much for good updated guidelines. Plagoarism and rewriting is highly prohibited in our community, and also you must make a meaningful comments on the post. Every Post must contains a minimum of 200 wards to get curated and etc.

How to verify here? I'm totally new. Not understand anything.

It’s never too late I guess..,
Thank you for this post @kronias

Good one, I plage to adhere to this as we progress this year

Good to read this today. I have looking out for an article like this for me to understand how to work in the hive learners ' community.

 last year  

Thanks for the information. I'm trying to be active again here, hopefully in the future it won't be a difficult day for me.

Buenas tardes, soy nuevo en la comunidad y en la plataforma.

He subido una presentación y varios post mas pero no he conseguido nada de valor. Ahora no tengo recursos para poder seguir posteando y no puedo publicar. ¿Que puedo hacer?

No se si es el sitio para preguntarlo, pero tampoco he visto ningún sitio donde respondan preguntas. Gracias de antemano

 last year  

Hello @kronias

One cannot post in the community until him or her is verified?

 last year  

I have completed my verification on the discord page successfully and I am working on engaging with other authors here

Good evening everyone, pls how do I become a verified member. I want to be a member of this community, please I need your direction. How do I complete the verification process

Please I want to be a member of hive learners community. Please I need quide line. Thanks

Greetings everyone. Just want to know if I am a verified member of hive learners community

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 last year  Reveal Comment