The rain that made all the food disappear

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On Monday, an historic rainstorm hit my region, Southern British Columbia. A flying river, they called it. It came in from the Pacific, hitting Vancouver on the coast, and in through the Fraser Valley to the interior and the Okanagan where I live. Almost immediately, grocery stores had almost nothing to offer desperate customers.

I took this photo that afternoon, November 15th, before we heard about the storm, and before it caused most of its damage. The light was very peculiar, and something felt strange. I had to see if my camera would capture it.

In hindsight, I find it interesting that on that day I found the sky interesting. Enough to take a few photos of it, which I don't often do. Something was off, and I sensed it.


When I had gotten up that morning, both of my knees had been in incredible pain. I could barely walk, and needed Tylenol on top of my regular cannabis in order to bring the pain down to a reasonable level. I'm not a kid anymore and do get occasional joint pain, but this was just silly. It wasn't merely painful, it was also very uncomfortable, like the joints were filled with air, and my bones were rubbing against each other without cartilage to lubricate them. Very unpleasant, and unusual.

I've had some health problems for 5 years now, including unexpected and bizarre symptoms at times, so I was able to explain it away to some degree. But my wife @MediKatie doesn't get a lot of that kind of joint pain, and on that same day, she had terrible elbow pain at the site of an old injury. We noted that both of us were experiencing essentially the same symptom, at the same time, just in different joints. "Some kind of drop in atmospheric pressure, or something?" we mused, like when oldtimers predict a storm coming because they can "feel it in the bones". We shrugged it off and carried on with our day.

That evening, I attended a local underground meeting of freedom-fighters. The topic? Emergency preparedness. As we gathered, darkness had already fallen, and the rain was starting. It picked up as we closed the door and started the meeting, and someone joked that it's a good thing we are getting prepared for emergencies, as it appears we might be in the middle of one! Some nervous chuckling.

The storm really hit. Wind and sheets of rain pelted against the roof and sides of the building. No lightning, just darkness and rain. At least my knees had stopped aching so badly, and I was able to enjoy the company of fellow free men and women not caught in the Covid psyop. We planned for emergencies, we discussed emergency heating/cooking, we set goals for each of us to accomplish before meeting again.

Someone brought up the fact that they had been shopping for supplies before the meeting, and found no bananas in any store they checked. Someone else mentioned their grocery store had been missing more items than usual. A couple of the group members stressed the importance of individual home preparations. Things I'm familiar with, being into this kind of thing since the 2008 economic crash, like food, water, batteries, medications, candles, toilet paper, heirloom seeds, and so on. Some of the group is new to this and was furiously taking notes. I passed around a list of 100 things that disappear in a collapse, which will be photocopied and handed out to everyone at the next general meeting.

It was a productive couple hours of brainstorming, planning, and networking. In my opinion, this subgroup is one of the most important. In fact, almost certainly so, considering it also includes food production, something we plan to begin in early spring. The drive home was dark and rainy.

Monday night, we heard about the storm on the news. All the roads out, farmland flooded, towns evacuated. Tuesday was the day before welfare, elderly, disabled, and children got their monthly funds, so it was the point of the month the poorest people have the least food in their homes. By Wednesday, there was almost nothing left to buy with the money.

Big name stores (Costco, Walmart, Superstore) got attacked first. Next are the other grocery store chains, and then the small independent/specialty shops.

As for what stuff went first? Dairy, eggs, fresh produce, bread, and toilet paper.

Next was meat, frozen produce, juice, diapers, baby food. Many towns are now experiencing fuel shortages.

Most of the region's highways, railways, and bridges are washed away in multiple locations. Experts are saying it will take months to years to properly repair, although temporary routes may begin opening within weeks. At least 3 towns are evacuated due to their sewer system failing and backing up into the floodwater. One was buried in mud, and another was washed away as a swollen nearby river cut a permanent new path down main street. So nothing is going anywhere in this region. It can't.

But like I said, the most vulnerable people had very little food in the house before "payday" on Wednesday, and that's still the case now. No trucks are reaching the area. Those yams in the photo? They were gone shortly after it was taken, and not replaced with anything. The produce section is completely empty. Not a celery, pear, or piece of ginger root in the entire place.

Bakery, same thing. People can't get fresh nutrition, and they can't get their daily bread. These are the basic staples, nothing fancy.

People aren't "hoarding", as the media is now claiming. To blame the people is ridiculous. These supply chain issues have been getting worse and worse for 2 years now! 100s of container ships are parked off the West coast right now, and they've been there for months. Many items on shelves are just missing now, no longer available for any price. This has been brewing for a LONG time. To claim this is a demand problem is to blame the victims. This is a SUPPLY problem!

That's the only highway to/from the Vancouver area, one of the world's busiest ports, home to 3 million people. That lake used to be rich farmland supplying HALF of this province's food.

So this is a supply problem. It was a supply problem last week, and now that the farmland is gone and trucks can't move food or fuel, it's still a supply problem, just more dire. Pundits claiming this is about panic buying are tone deaf. Sure, people are starting to panic. But that's because the stores don't have any food, and they aren't being resupplied. If it was spring or summer, maybe it wouldn't be too bad. But without food and fuel, people in this region will quickly die at this time of year. So yeah, people are panicking and trying to buy what they're able to. But that's not the reason shelves are suddenly bare! Shelves are bare because they aren't being stocked.

How it feels

My emotions are all over the place on this. One thing I'm not having to deal with, thankfully, is panic. Fear, sure, maybe a little. It's hard to come up against a powerful enemy intent on genocide most of humanity and not get scared. It's natural, and I'm handling it the best I can. Avoiding panic is imperative. I see a lot of people in panic mode right now, and they're useless to themselves and everyone around them. They are a liability. Do not panic. I am not panicking. I've been too aware that this was coming, for too long, to be all that surprised right now.

But I'm still concerned. My crippled wife is very pregnant, and we don't have medical care. Not just because she's unvaccinated and being refused service, but potentially because of this natural disaster. We don't even know how long we'll have utilities here at the house.

Part of me keeps asking "why us?" As you recall, just 4 months ago, Southern British Columbia was in the international headlines... but that time it was because of an historic drought, followed by wildfires that burned a town right off the map and threatened millions of people, bathing the region in thick poisonous smoke my pregnant wife had to breathe.

A "heat dome" (previously unheard of weather phenomenon) brought temperatures TEN DEGREES hotter than had ever been recorded in any part of Canada! We broke all the old records by 10 degrees Celsius! Lytton was FIFTY degrees, half way to boiling water. Hundreds of people dropped dead from the sheer heat.

The area had no rain for 8 months, also previously unheard of. I had to start watering my garden in MARCH, it was so dry. Nothing grew. The birdberry tree in my back yard didn't produce flowers or berries this year. Crops failed all over and food prices have been spiking.

And I've been living in a nonstop construction zone - they are building useless roundabouts and pathways - for 2 years now. They started before Covid. So I've been locked down, inside a construction and demolition zone. With a newborn baby that entire time. I moved to this quiet town to get away from Vancouver, and try to begin to heal my PTSD, chronic pain, and undiagnosed nerve condition. No such luck.

My family won't talk to me, using my Covid beliefs (and injection status) as the excuse, but really they can't face the fact that I warned them all this was coming more than a decade ago, and they called me crazy. They were wrong, and can't admit it. I wish I could go back in time and not warm them, because warning them just ended up hurting them. All it did was cause them to try and prove me wrong, which has led to a complete division of my once-happy family, and for my parents to repeatedly do the exact opposite of the right thing. They have been wrong, over, and over, and over again. They haven't been right a single time, about any of this, for years. I have to come to grips with the fact that they are going to keep doubling down on their error, and keep denying they were wrong, until they're gone. Admitting they were wrong would mean admitting their ENTIRE life was built on lies, and that everything they had done was in vain. Who could face that? In some ways, I don't blame them.

It has been hard watching this happen for years, helping thousands of people prepare for it physically, financially, mentally, spiritually... and yet end up myself in the epicenter of this disaster, again, and not have my own house in order. It is an incredibly frustrating feeling. I was "so close," but now I find myself "so far".

So it's easy to feel alone, and to ask "why me". But I know everyone out there has their own personal struggles, in addition to what's happening in the world. I'm not the only one down such a deep and dark hole.


I saw this coming. Just 6 weeks ago, I said it was "Red Alert" time, to my YouTube audience. They know that to be my signal that I can no longer speak openly about what is happening on that platform, and that the red flag of tyranny is flying openly. It is my signal to expect anything, including false flag events - like geoengineered disasters.

But I've been warning about this for many years, nonstop. I was doing prepping and survival videos in 2009. I've talked about the importance of food storage probably 200 times in various videos. I've done about 300 gardening videos about several hundred gardening articles. I send out free heirloom tomato seeds to my viewers every spring. I teach people how to grow their own food and even do cooking and food storage content as well. I've always had a storage of food (varying in size over time, of course).

So I have food in the house, yes. Enough to last the winter, should it get icy as my wife gets closer to having the baby, and we can hardly get out to shops? Or if the shops simply don't have food for us? Maybe. Would that be ideal, comfortable, or healthy? No. But as long as the heat, water, and power stay on, we will be able to eat to survive. Well, as long as we don't get raided by hungry neighbors.


Was the pain that day in our joints just a coincidence? Was there something strange about the light, or the clouds, or the energy that day? Did I capture it in my photo?

Was this a normal storm?

If our infrastructure is all designed to withstand major storms, why did this one storm knock out ALL infrastructure in the region? Not a single bridge or road survived. They all failed, for the first time ever, during the same storm?!

Two things I do know:

  1. The government is going to use this crisis to seize more power for themselves, and remove power from the people. They will say global warming did it.
  2. Empty shelves and food shortages happening right now are part of a larger supply problem going back at least 2 years, and not to be blamed on frightened people trying to procure nutrients for their families.

Good news

A friend down in California heard about what was going on here, and sent me 100 USD via PayPal. I don't use PayPal often anymore, but I'll be able to spend that on something, and it's thoughtful of him to do that. He said it's our own little "disaster relief fund".

I don't know exactly what I'll find to spend it on, but his kind gesture made my day a little brighter!

Here's hoping the tens of thousands of people who lost their homes, farms, and businesses can begin to pick up the pieces soon. And that those still waiting to be rescued don't have to wait much longer. RIP to millions of drowned livestock. This will create massive ripples through time and lives. The full extent of the devastation has yet to be realized, and the scope of the damage to society will not be fully felt except in the fullness of time. It will have negative implications of some kind for every living human.

I believe we will soon realize this event was Canada's 9/11 and hurricane Katrina rolled into one. And there are likely similar events around the corner.



I would keep a close watch on the temperatures. We had a lot of rain and wind not long ago, and now we have some very cold sub zero temperatures, minus teens, which would be minus 25's Celsius. This morning was once again at -13F or -25C. I have not looked to see the full arc of the system, but I anticipate by wednesday that some of the mid northern US fro wisconsion eastward will be seeing some very bitter weather for Thanksgiving. is a very good source for coming weather.

ventusky screenshot.png

A very nice weather mapping system if you have not seen it before.

Thanks for that link.
I'll keep an eye on the temps, good call. In fact, something weird has already happened.
Local weather predicted it would be about -4oC by early morning, gradually falling from the predicted current temperature of 1oC. But the actual measured temperature was showing -5oC. Normally they're not that far off with their predictions, especially when "predicting" the current temperature, and the temperature over the next hour. They were expecting 1, but it was really -5?
I stuck my head out the back door, and I don't hear any dripping, so it's below zero. Not sure it's quite -5. Anyway, interesting. Not sure what's up.

"State of Emergency" meaning a naked grab of power.

Seems like the crazy just keeps coming hope you all can stay strong in these times.

Praying for you all🙏🙏 A lot of Kanadians hiring charter flights out on Telegram. People are waking up all over the world! Keep the faith and may that new baby be blessed💞

Charter flights out? Like, skipping the border process and the vaccine passports?

I'm not sure, but I've seen so many offers of charters from Canada on my Mexican Telegram channels. Join one of the Escaping Canada chats and ask. You have nothing to lose. The first is the main channel, 2nd is the chat.
Or this private charter pool channel- they have 19 seat charters for global budget of $32,000
This one's for sailing out of Canada
Here's a charter with 12 seats budget flight $21,000
Mexico Immigration is now cutting down on the 180 day allowance on stays. Either the charter can print you a fake return trip for 5 or 6 months later or just make them understand that you need 6 months. Otherwise apply as a refugee.
Hope this helps🙏

I don't know what Telegram is, but I assume those "t." links are related. I've tried those links recently and they don't work on my PC. "Escaping Canada" is an interesting topic of discussion! My entire life isn't worth $21000, so I wouldn't even be able to afford a single "budget" seat - and I can only pay for things with cash because Canada won't allow me to have a bank account or credit cards. For that matter, I am also not allowed valid ID or a passport, both of which are often required for travel. But thanks for the information!

Yeah, one seat is $1750 on that one or $1684 on the other. Other option, go by boat. Charge Telegram by Android,that way you avoid giving out info:
Don't lose hope! My entire life isn't worth $1000, but I got here🙏🙏🙏

I never lose hope, but thanks for the reminder!
I just don't even know what Telegram or Android are. Something to do with smart devices I assume!
I never advanced beyond 2010 technology :P

If you know what Hive and PeakD are then Telegram's a piece of cake lol🤣🤣 It's kind of a less observed Whatsapp. So far no censoring with tons of groups and private encrypted messaging. Many escapees are on it😝 Android is the not Apple🤣🤣🤣

We need more real experiences coming from people living in these regions. The news gives only one side, and heavily pushes global warming as the cause. Taxes and climate lockdowns are the solution. In reality we need more freedom, and for globalists to stop creating fake weather systems.


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House is fine mate! I rent an old place that has been through it all. Hopefully it continues to hold up : ))