Wednesday Walk - Explore the Rainforest

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Hello everyone, how do you do?
It's Wednesday again. Since knowing this wonderful Wednesday Walk community, every Wednesday, I go to a new place to discover and share with everyone. I really have to thank @tattoodjay so much for creating this community. Thanks to it, my life becomes more active. And on Wednesday of this week, I chose to explore a nearby rainforest.


Where is it?

It is a tropical rainforest located at the top of the legendary Hai Van Pass. Actually, my original intention was to come enjoy coffee at a cafe on the top of Hai Van pass because recently I was told about its beautiful view. I spoke with the hospitable owner, a man in his 60s, who designed this unique cafe. I will review this cafe another day, maybe next Wednesday 😁. Then maybe he realized I was a nature lover, so he told me about a beautiful stream behind the cafe. It was a beautiful stream flowing out of the forest. Then I did not hesitate to ask the owner of the cafe to follow the stream to explore the forest.



This is the stream behind the cafe.

Following the stream, I walked into the forest to explore. It's the rainy season in our place so it's quite wet. However, the trees also become greener. I really didn't know where I was going because I couldn't pin it on the map because there was no internet connection. I just walked along the stream and hoped to reach some lake or waterfall where the stream begins. However I was not able to make it. After two hours of walking, I had to go back because I was afraid it would be dark. In the rainy season, it is usually cloudy and it gets dark very quickly.

This is the name of the mountain. Its name means the mountain born of heaven.


What's there?

Despite the humid nature of a tropical rainforest, there are many interesting things to explore here besides the beautiful stream.

First, the higher I went, the more excited I felt. I was able to admire the panoramic beauty of the surrounding area. Standing on the big rocks there, I was able to see everything around me: the tiny road winding over the pass, the city in the distance, the endless ocean, the green mountains and the drifting clouds right in front of me. In fact, I think the real beauty of this area is much better than these photos. I felt small in the vastness of nature, which made me think that we humans are just small creatures on this earth.



The majestic view from the mountain.

When I went deep into the forest, I couldn't see the sky anymore. Above me are green trees, and below is rich vegetation. The wetness of the rainforest sometimes slows down my pace, but that way I can spend more time enjoying my surroundings. The trees became more lush in the rainy season and green moss covered the rocks forming a vibrant green color of the forest. There is also more water in the stream. The sound of water flowing over the rocks along with the singing of birds created the magical music of nature during my journey. I think I also saw a fawn ferret. Unfortunately he was so fast that I couldn't take a picture of him. But that's okay, I was really lucky to see such a beautiful creature in nature.






After the trip

Although it was an unexpected trip, I enjoyed it very much. What I saw was more than worth the effort I put into the trip. Actually, I didn't feel tired at all, even the nuisance of mosquitoes or other insects was an enjoyable part of the trip.





I once again had another great walking tour on Wednesday. The trip not only gave me interesting experiences and connection with nature, but it also really refreshed me. I was feeling full of energy for the upcoming activities for the rest of the week 💪. Thank you so much Mother Nature for creating wonderful life on this earth.



When I went out of the rainforests, it was already dark.

How about you? I look forward to exploring your walking tours on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


That mountain view is really majestic... it is beautiful above

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I look forward to seeing and reading about the Cafe in a future post, please if not a Wednesday Walk post do please tag me so I do not miss it

But that said the beauty of nature stands out in this walk post, the beautiful stream and those amazing views

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you very much @tattoodjay! Thanks to you and Wednesday Walk community, I'm now more active every Wednesday going out to explore things and also seeing interesting walks from all around the world like you.
And yeah I will tag you in when I post about the cafe!

I am glad it helps motivate you, and by the way, if you get busy on a Wednesday the walk can be any day of the week, I just ask if possible to share it on a Wednesday

I knew it, but I still want to do it on Wednesday. It's kind of my habit and to-do-list on Wednesday now. If I set it for a random date, I will be lazy 😁.

Ok cool as long as that works for you 👍

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@dodovietnam wow very nice Wednesday walking.I really enjoy this moment. Gorgeous this all photography.

Thank you very much @sumaiya777 . I wish I could walk in your village once.

@dodovietnam If you come to this beautiful village of mine, you will be able to enjoy a very beautiful moment. And it will be a great blessing for me. Your country is also very beautiful.

@sumaiya777 I love to visit your country once. I heard about it a lot. And people keep telling me that I look like an Indian. And so I want to find out 😁.

@dodovietnam Yeah,You look beautiful, smart and handsome👌😮. But you look like a handsome man in our country. You must come to our country once.

@sumaiya777 Really, thanks for your lovely words. Then I should come to visit your beautiful country soon.

That's right, thanks to mother nature for giving us a wonderful environment

Yeah that's true @lupega. The Mother Nature did a great job.

Wow!!!! Must be great to be in that mountain and to see that beauty!!😍😍😍

Yeah I had a great time there @asasiklause. Very nice to meet everyone here again on Wednesday.

I just Subscribed to Wednesday Walk. I'll try to post for this community. Glad I saw your post.

Yeah actually, you can make a post any days in this community, not only Wednesday. Hope to see your post here soon. This is a very interesting community. We can just go around and share interesting things that we see.

Oh.. haahhahaa . I thought only Wednesday. Thank you for letting me know! :)

You're welcome. I'm looking forward to your next post here.

heheheh. Sure will!

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Really the entire tour seems magical especially the mountain views. I love the evening photographs after the sunset as well...

Thank you very much @priyanarc . I'm happy that you like them. Wish you a beautiful day!

Kỹ năng camera tuyệt đỉnh anh ơi! Anh có mở lớp dạy nghề hông? 😆

Thanks e, chụp nhiều thành quen e ạ. A sẵn sàng chỉ lại những gì mình biết k dạy dỗ chi hết.

Em chỉ có 1 cái Nikon D90 với 1 cái lens fix thôi. Trên thực tế cũng chụp được kha khá ảnh đẹp nhưng kỹ thuật sử dụng máy thì em toàn tự học với chụp theo bản năng. Khi nào đi camping em đem máy theo anh xem nha 😊

Anh cũng tự học với chụp theo bản năng, chụp rồi học rồi sửa rồi lại chụp 🤳. Okay e nha. Trong tầm hiểu hiểu biết vô tư em nha.

Be ơi, em upvote anh @dodovietnam sao mà bấm nhầm thành downv luôn nè 😂

Sorry anh @dodovietnam ! Em mới dùng app để lên Hive và bấm nhầm, em sửa lại rồi 😆😅 huhu khóc dài đường về luôn!

how lucky you are friend, go out for a coffee and get a place with access to such a beautiful view

Yeah I know I'm lucky, friend, @mlrequena78. Wish you a nice day!

Ôi ở Đà Nẵng sướng thế! Hèn chi mấy bạn Đà Nẵng trên HIVE nhìn ai cũng thấy cool cool!

Về Đà Nẵng ở 1 tháng đi e. @hknauy đang ở Na Uy hả?

Hiii, ở Úc a ôi! Sau có cơ hội chắc về mua mảnh đất ngoại thành Đà Nẵng :D

So stunning, I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🥰🥰🥰

Thank you very much @lensational . I'm happy that you liked it. Have a nice day!

Wow. What a beautiful nature walk. So gorgeous and so relaxing.

Thank you very much @joalvarez. I’m very happy you liked that. Have a good day!

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I am also an adventurous person but the environment I find myself won’t allow me do that. When I was little I use to go into the forest with my friends, we allow go there to climb trees saying we were judge of the jungle. Hahaha

Hello @harnah12 . I was born and raised in the highland, that might be why I love nature, forest and adventure. Thank you for stopping by.

waooo cảnh đẹp quá đê 😘

thổ mai hè.

What a lovely photos :)

Thank you very much @morenatravels I'm happy that you liked the photos.

Stunning shots especially the waterfalls 💗

Thank you very much @ultravioletmag I'm very happy that you liked the shots.

Stunning shots especially the waterfalls 💗

I could hear the stream and feel the cold while looking at the pictures. Good job, @dodovietnam! Amazing photographs as always. 🤩

Indeed we can feel small when we observe nature. I liked the photos, they have something magical about them, especially at night looking at the city's lights flickering.

Lots of pure water from rain. That's why we call it rain forest. Well captured beauties and thanks for sharing ;)

Thank you very much @decentropia. It's very wet there in rainy season. But yeah it's rainforest.

@dodovietnam what camera did you take these wonderful photos with? 😊