Walking All The Way Out

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During the last two months, I've tried to keep tab on my activities and it shows I have spread myself too thin that there isn't any significant achievement to point towards. Wanting to know a little about everything and ending up not knowing a lot about something - that's simply me.
Every now and then, I always try to find an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere outdoors and free myself from my subconscious which does keep me hooked beyond imagination.

Don't spread yourself too thin or you will become invisible.
- Kelly Crayne

Few minutes on the road and it's just me and my shadow taking a walk. Thoughts on the quote about becoming invisible; Am I or were other people? I could at least see myself but not them. Anyways, the trees around kept company by waving their hi's and byes as I walked past.


The plans for the day was to check out a maize farm about 3km from the hostel and probably harvest those matured enough for roasting later in the evening. Eventually, I was unable to get there because my eyes caught on something else along the way:

A Fish Farm

I've always wanted to have one but the issues of pollution and waste discharge in urban areas is not something to be taken lightly. So, that want of mine had been discarded temporarily in favor of a snail farm which I'm working towards. Maybe a post on that someday.


After taking permission from the owner, I was granted access to have a look around. Commercialized fish ponds are usually concrete tanks with fitted water inlets and drainage system. For some reasons, earthen ponds were dug here and used to cater for the adult fishes. There were about 5 of those ponds and the fish variety available in them was Catfish. The nurseries for fries and juveniles were done in a building under controlled conditions.

Below is an image of the fishes in a feeding frenzy when a handful of fish feeds were given. Sorry for the poor image quality, I had to extract that off a video taken.




It is good to spend quiet alone time sometimes.... what on earth do they breed catfish for? When I was young we used to catch them and make 'fish jerky' , or sometimes even eat them .... but not many people in south africa would do that.

Did you know that they can actually travel across land for quite a few hours outside the water? They slither from one pond to another if the one they are in is drying out.

Catfish can be hard to fish for in natural waters here, and with a high demand for it's consumption, it is necessary to farm it.
Of course, they do find their way outside water and get really scratched. That would rarely happen in a well maintained pond though.
Thanks for the lovely comment. Really appreciate.

oh really? catfish is something so popular in the US! hehehe Isn't it funny to see how different cultures view different foods! LOL but they are SO popular to eat here! Especially fried with a Southern meal! hahahaha

and traveling across land for hours outside water?!?!?!?! i had no idea!!! but this is fascinating!!!!!!!!

I think walks with no one else around is when I relax and think the best, just as you say the trees waving at me as I walk by

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Walks with no distractions. That's a good one.
Is the second paragraph supposed to be a picture?

Oops thats my mistake it was the keywords for a photo I was editing not sure how or why I posted it there

hahahaha i was thinking the same thing - are they clues to a puzzle??? i want to join a puzzle!!! hahahahahahaha

LOL no nothing as interesting as a puzzle, just me being me and messing up LOL

hehehehe and why would anyone be sweating over this marvelous post? my boy ❤️

you did it - and you did it exactly as I expected. with all heart, and all introspection and all class.

I know its hard to find the time to pour into ourselves. I know this -because you and I are so very similar. Hard to believe at times?? hehehe but its true. I have the same difficulties as you, but I'm just older hahahahaha

but when you do these things, when you don't allow yourself to retreat... when you set out to accomplish a goal - you make me so proud.

You did it!
as I knew you would.

I'm so so very proud. and now.... onto the next! hehehe

don't stop Ismaheel. do not stop. continue. continue to push and see that you are not only capable, but successful in ticking off the goals of the day/week/month and so on.

I love you!

Much love too, Dreemie! 🙂

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