Desperate Dan leads us on a Dundee walk

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Hello Hello Hivians

Today we are going up to the city in Angus in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

This was in February so was a wee bit chilly but mostly dry.

All aboard the train!


Where we live in Kirkcaldy is on the main train line from Edinburgh to Aberdeen so Edinburgh is only about half an hour away and to Dundee is about forty minutes or so.

In days gone by we would have driven but since we went green and got rid of the car during lockdown, we love doing our bit for the planet!

I hope you are doing something to save our planet?

These pictures today are all raw and unfiltered taken with my old smartphone camera.


So it is blurry that train, but not because the camera is crap, no it is because the train was not ours, and so was not stopping!


Next stop Ladybank

Do you see how different Scotland is? We have banks solely for ladies!

How fluffing cool is that.

Well not that cool, although it is a small town, it is of course for everyone.

Fun fact though, my mother used to live there a long time ago as my grandfather actually was a bank manager there!

But it is off to Dundee we go and yes it is dark now!

Crossing the Tay over the Tay bridge this is the view ...


One good thing is that the city centre is close to the train station which is close to the water!


All the lights on the trees, it actually looked quite pretty and it did not matter that it was drizzling, it was Scotland in February after all!


Okay first things first and food! This was close to the hotel and seemed a fine place!


Mexican Restaurant, well you can't go wrong with Mexican can you?

You fluffing can when it is full up on a weekday night!

Change of plan then...

Luckily we saw another restaurant close to our hotel...


The name was RAMA THAI


I really should make a foodie post about it so let's drop a couple of pics of the food!

It was a bit pricey but worth every penny! Truly delicious.

You can tell you are in a Thai restaurant by the decor

I did love this wee trike as you came into the restaurant.

Next morning it was time to see what we crossed the night before ...


There it is the Tay bridge crossing the Firth of Tay.

Infact if you want to know more and see some detailed pics such as this one


Then do go read my post Teetering on the edge of the Volcanic Sill on the Dundee Law in Scotland - What a view from earlier in the year.

Now that I think of it, I have not really posted about Dundee at all.

And there is so much to post, so I won't put too much more into this post except to say that there was this wonderful wool shop. Or yarn, do you say yarn @wongi ...


It was stuffed with all sorts of wool. I am sure you could create a masterpiece from this...


Not far from that wool shop is this tram.

It is not a cafe.


I often get accused of being Daddy Long Legs as I can walk fast when I want to without trying.

But I am not a patch on this guy ...


Desperate Dan he is of course, but do you know the name of the imp at the back @wongi?

I shall leave you with nature's beauty inner raw unfiltered format.


I have just seen that we have a snow forecast today!

Fluffing nonsense if you ask me, well what fitting way to end the walk with some snowdrops from Dundee Botanical Gardens.


This post is of course for #wednesdaywalk which was started by the wonderful @tattoodjay.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day!


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.
@tengolotodo November 29th 2023


Haste Ye Back!


It's great, dear friend @tengolotodo, what you do with your grain of sand to take care of the planet, my congratulations
What a nice place, the city looks very orderly and clean.
Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful shots
Have a great day

hi @jlufer I hope the weekend treats you well. I was just looking at your garden furniture with the yellow fungae on it!

Thank you, the city is pretty in the sunshine and actually yes quite clean.

I've been in that Mexicans! I like a wee dinner up the Dee!

I had not been to Dundee for years, and was pleasantly surprised how many great places for dinner there were!
So do you recommend that Mexican, if so will book it the next time we go back.

I thought it was quite good although the kids were running about like loons so it was a bit hard to focus! I would go back definitely. In fact I might be popping up again at Christmas!

Mexican or Thai, you really can't go wrong with either. It must be a really great place for it to be that full on a weeknight. You will have to go back and try it out sometime. If we had a better rail system in the US and a station right next to where we live I would probably use the train as much as possible. Ours sucks though :P

Yes we have a house in Florida and it is impossible for us when we are there to be without a car. No close shops to walk to, no buses that come remotely close to the house, so yeah am with you.

The US tends to be like that. All that open space I guess...

Yea although some cities you are fine, I remember being in Manhattan for a few months, no car needed there.

Aku melihat beberapa sajian dan itu sangat lezat 😋

Hahah, I had the same sentiment when I took pictures. The speed was too much for the photos were blurry.

You eat rice!

haha I eat more rice that you think!

Did you see my turkey curry and rice I made last week ...

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

My pleasure 😁

Doing my own bit down under with not being given electricity..., on for two off for two so we go shall we call it energy savings? Crossed over from PC (electricity) to Laptop (battery) don't see a friggin difference when it all boils down to the same thing! Someone, somewhere is being screwed.

Mighty fine seeing a tram and train, ghost memories from an era when things did work.

Enjoyed the walk ending off with a great warm dinner, good day outing and thanks for Desperate Dan quite a character he is, not so?


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hehe Deperate Dan rocks and he sure loves his cowpies lol

haha your energy savings, yes in a way you South Africans do help save the environment with those enforced outages. Absolutely ridiculous that this happens in 2023!

World needs to go back to basics then we won't become Desperate Dan....

Nice place! I can imagine the adventure. And if the tram is not a cafe, what is it?

hehe the trams yes they use to have those everywhere apparantly!

Nice coffee it was too :)

Nice trip - but you didnt get any cow-pie ??? I totally love those statues !

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Scientists just discovered a cow-like plant.
They’re calling it a BO-VINE.

Credit: reddit
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Hehe the statues are awesome, Mrs T was quite impressed once she knew about the comics lol

Ah the cow-pies, yeah Desperate Dan does not share!


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no it is because the train was not ours, and so was not stopping!

This got me laughing 😄. The picture still looks spectacular if you ask me.

And look at all those yarnnss. I could literally live in that shop🤧. Yarn, wool, either one work.

Desperate Dan he is of course, but do you know the name of the imp at the back @wongi?

The imp looks like he's finding it really hard to catch up. Wait, is that a he imp or a she imp?

The imp looks like he's finding it really hard to catch up. Wait, is that a he imp or a she imp?

Hehe this is you she ... uff I can't copy pics on hive today will message it...

Hehe well I am glad I got you laughing and yeah I would like to see your face in a yarn shop like that!

Oh, you got rid of the car and never bought a new one since lockdown? Impressive.
Sadly I cannot join in that effort, living in a small village with almost no public transportation. :-(

Again and again very impressive what you present about Scotland. Maybe one day I'll manage to jump over there for a vacation. :-)

Oh, you got rid of the car and never bought a new one since lockdown? Impressive.

There are sacrifices as it is not easy just to for example go and visit a place on a whim. But we can do most things if we plan lol.

Yeah it is a great place, it is funny you or at least I appreciate Scotland more after I have been away for so many years.

Yes, in these modern and hectic times a very big sacrifice. Must be tempting to get a car again. Respect for your endurance :-)

I hope I can be there one day to really appreicate it :-)

Tempted it is, but I know when we go back to Florida we shall have to drive, so stacking up the goodwill when we can!