Exploring Ebisu During Lunch Break

in Wednesday Walk2 months ago

It's a hot day in Tokyo today. It's 31 degrees Celsius. And worse, I'm out for lunch.

You see, this is why I have a love and hate relationship with summer. I love that there are a lot of events happening all over Japan but then, it's too hot. It's even hotter than Cebu, Philippines. Ughh

I need the shade!

But well, today I'm hungry and craving for something to eat other than coffee and sweets in Starbucks where I usually spend my lunch time out.

I'm looking for something to eat in Ebisu. Ebisu is in Shibuya City in Tokyo, and is home of the famous Yebisu Garden Place, which I haven't been to.

Welcome to Ebisu!

Ebisu (恵比寿) is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck. He is one of the 7 Gods of Luck or better known as Shichifukujin (七福神) [1]. There's a statue near Ebisu Station of this Japanese god, which I forgot to take a photo. Maybe next time!

JR Ebisu Station in the lower ground floor of the Atre mall

I'm just walking around near the station to look for something to eat. I don't wanna go to gyudon chains nor ramen, I mean it's too hot though there are cold noodles in the menu. I also don't wanna go to KFC or other fast food restaurants.

Let's cross the street

Ebisu Food Hall but it doesn't appeal to my tastebuds for today

Luckily I remembered a Thai place where we ate with my coworkers before. I went there alone, and it's on the other side of the station so I need to walk a bit more. Uggh so hot

There are a number of people out and about in Ebisu, which I am confused. I mean it's too hot, where are they going?

Since the place I am going to is on the other side, I need to go a small tunnel. Above are the railway tracks. I don't really pass by this place a lot of times so I am quite surprised to see a mural here.

See that on the other side?

Let's zoom in

I didn't cross the street to check the mural, sorry! But luckily, I found a mural on my side. So on each side, there's a beautiful mural. It's really colorful but I look so ignorant taking photos of it while people are busy passing by so I didn't stay too long.

This is Ebisu the Japanese deity of fishing in the mural

About Ebisu

The mural is showing what Ebisu district is all about - food and drinks in the middle of the city. It's so amazing how they represented this in the mural.

The mural in the little tunnel

On the other side of the station, in the northeastern area, there aren't really a lot of food compared to the northwestern area.

Should I karaoke on my 1hr lunch break?

Snack shop; their curtains intrigue me

After lunch, I went back and it's still so hot! Ugghh

Northeast side of the Ebisu station

I'm back to the other side after crossing the little tunnel. In this side, there are really a lot of restaurants but I don't know where to go, I mean there are a lot of choices. There's even a store selling taiyaki (たい焼き), Japanese sweets in the form of fish.

Should I buy taiyaki for dessert?

I'm thinking of getting taiyaki for dessert but I removed the thought and just bought iced white mocha from Starbucks with extra shot so I won't get sleepy in the afternoon. On the way back, I'm kinda surprised there aren't a lot of people anymore.

More food and entertainment area

The road less taken

The clock at the Ebisu station where most people do their meetups

Lastly, I want to share with you the view of Ebisu from the top.

Road going to Meguro

Less people since it's so hot

This is the area where I went for a walk

There's more to see in Ebisu I think but I haven't really explored more yet. Given there are so many bars and restaurants in the area, I bet it's lively at night time. Or maybe not..? Let's see if I can explore this place at night time in the future.

Thanks for reading!
See you around! じゃあ、またね!

This is my #WednesdayWalk, an initiative by @tattoodjay. How about you? How is your Wednesday?

Source: [1] Wikipedia: Ebisu (mythology)

All photos are taken using my phone unless stated otherwise.


Owww what a great post 🎉🎉 You allowed me to do my manifestation exercise to be in Tokyo soon 😊 ありがとうございます. On this side of the world in Latin America it's also getting extremely hot, I wonder if it's different summers? I love your posts, thanks for sharing 🙏🏻.

ありがとう!Hope you could be in Tokyo soon!
I guess you would know which is way hotter when you're here already 😅

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Ang pleasing talaga ng places sa Japan 😍😍🥰✨ Gandaaaa around witty ❤

Thank you @erikasue! Ang ganda nga 😉

Oohh I so understand your love and hate situation. Over 30 degrees is just to hot to go out and about… here too in Spain. Everything you do is to much.
Take care in the heat @wittyzell 😊
What a great walk you take us along on. The murals are beautiful 🥰
Funny to see still so many people around.
Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Wednesday further 👋🏻

Thank you @littlebee4! We need to be careful from this heat. I get alerts from the government often saying not to go out because it's too hot outside.
Do you also sweat after a few minutes staying outside? That's the case here, I wonder about Spain.

The murals are really wonderful! It's hidden so glad I found it. 😅

You are welcome @wittyzell
It sounds the same as here in southern Spain. I can’t cope with it… it is warmer than it used to be. More extremes… too hot in the summer and colder in the winter.
Hard to get used too. We will move out of Spain and go back to 4 seasons. 😎 but it takes a while to get all sorted out.

Glad you did see them there, even though hidden 😊

Ohhh really? Nice nice! It's nice to live in a 4 seasons country, although you need to have clothes for each season. 😅
I guess the weather is getting worse each day, like mother nature telling us to change our ways. 😵

It is and we need new winter clothes, when all goes well… we will move to a place with proper winters and snow. I have lived in 5 countries so far. None with real snow that stays weeks, so should be interesting 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤓😎😊
Mother Nature is telling us to change… let’s listen 😉

That's a lot of countries!
And very interesting! Hope you will like it in your new place!

It is… time to settle down I think.
Hope it too, it will take a little bit longer to get there, but I will 😉😎😊
Thanks @wittyzell 😊

When 31 degrees is not so hot in some standards, when you have the extreme humid of Japan the things escalate.

When I’m checking your posts with all these photos of city scape I really miss all of this. At the same time your posts always make me smile and go back in the Japanese reality.

Have fun!

Thank you so much @mdosev!
I'm like a tourism ambassador of Japan 😅
Bringing you the fresh look of Japan in Hive 😂

When 31 degrees is not so hot in some standards, when you have the extreme humid of Japan the things escalate.

Yes, agree! My first summer in Japan, I was really surprised. Didn't know it could get hotter than my hometown. Tokyo's hot weather is worse than Osaka. At least it's windy in Osaka. In Tokyo, there's not a lot of wind. Maybe because the buildings are blocking it?

Nice post again - its great to see a normal district in Tokyo and everyday life !

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Thank you @hoosie! Nothing special today, just a normal Wednesday in this side of Tokyo. 😅

Grabe, ang linis. Wala ka man lang makitang basura ni isa. Di gaya sa pinas kahit saan na lang. Sana all na lang, Japan. 😄

Ang basura nasa bag ng mga tao. 😂
Japan has a rule of bring your trash with you. I think the Japanese people are taught at a young age not to be a nuisance to others. That's why there's no trash. No one will clean. 😂

Kaya nga nuh. Disciplined mga Japanese. Kakainggit lang sila. Satin kasi kahit saan na lang magtatapun. 😄

Yeahh because we're not taught to be disciplined. 😖

31 C is hot??? LOL

How clean and beautiful!! I get jealous every time I look at your posts.
!LUV them always. ❤

It is hot! Too humid so 31 feels like 38 🙁

There are a few mess, but yes, it doesn't seem to be so visible.

I bet it's livelier at night. But will you go and see this? I don't know hahaha. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Thanks to you, I know Tokyo too. Of course, it would be better if I heard something other than it is to hot 🤣.

Hahahah! The people are hot too 😉

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Thanks for the tour wit! Naenjoy nko mski photos lng ko ani. Kanus a pko ani kasuroy ug Japan ba. Asa mn imo selfie twn ferte nko hanap hehehe.

Hahaha! No selfie 😅
Thanks for attending the tour! hahaha

Ang daya mo wit. Yun pa nmn inabangan ko hahaha.

Hahaha! Minsan lang talaga ako mag selfie 😂 tsaka haggard ako that day hahaha

Some great photos there! It's the concrete everywhere that makes it so hot in Tokyo. The concrete absorbs it and then radiates it back out, not unlike an oven. Of course then the humidity. 31 wouldn't be bad at all if it was dry, but when you add the humidity, it becomes miserable.

Fun times, eh? 😃

I don't make it to Tokyo often these days, so it's nice to see updated photos.


Ah yes, the concrete and the humidity levels are making it worse. Lately it's not windy too, so it's really annoyingly hot 😅
Good thing it's kinda windy yesterday but still sweating.
Sometimes it's bearable but oftentimes not.

When are you coming to Tokyo? We're still doing that little Hive meetup though I think I'd be too shy to do that. 😂

Oh? When is the meetup? Actually I haven't been to Tokyo in... geez, I don't know. It's been a long time. Over ten years maybe. With my young kids and work, it's hard to make time to get away.

That's really a very long time already!
I am actually not sure when the meetup is but for sure, there will be one. 😅

You must be killin' it out here!
@dbooster just slapped you with 5.000 PIMP, @wittyzell.
You earned 5.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 2/2 possible people today.


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I have been to Shibuya but not to Ebisu. As I am in Malaysia, I used to the hot weather.

When I went there in Malaysia before, it's not so hot as in Japan right now. But maybe times have changed. 😅

It is hot in Malaysia, it seems that we are having a heat wave now.

Yeah we all need to be careful of the heat wave. It's really dangerous.

Huhuh Japan! When will I be able to visit you?

Soon daw 😅

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😍Oh this City looks beautiful in the day, I bet it's extraordinarily lovely at night too. Awesome clicks as always❤️🔥

Thanks @queenstarr! I'm not sure if it's more lovely at night but maybe it is. 😅

Only one way to find out, a Wednesday night walk to Ebisu😎
much love❤️

Wow! The place looks hot but beautiful …and the view is very nice ✨

Thanks! It's a normal work day in Japan 😅

Oh ! thats great👍🏻

Nice photography! I'm not familiar with Ebisu but I like the Kanji and pronunciation of Ebisu. I went to Daikanyama a few times but I went to Ebisu only once or twice. I like street artwork!

Ohh I haven’t been to Daikanyama but I know it’s near Ebisu. Will probably check it out next time.
恵比寿? I heard there’s even 恵比寿顔 which means smiling face but not sure if it’s being used 😆