Element of nature [Art piece for Elamental]

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Greeting fellow Hive dwellers.

This time I'm here to share a piece I created for @elamental
Fantasy realism is not my field, but after reading through the theme, I decided to give it a go.

I struggle with backgrounds, but I enjoyed creating the spirit-creature itself.

Element of nature first render.png

I went through a bunch of color schemes, going back and forth between day and night, but in the end decided that night colors frame the spirit better.
Element of nature sketch.png
Element of nature sketch 2.png
Element of nature sketch 3.png


Excellent art with connotations to spiritualism. I like the textures of the shapes and the landscape in this style. Nice work to admire and see it with a subjective perspective. Greetings! @telumen

PS: I invite you to use the hashtag #creativecoin in your posts so you can earn rewards at CCC.

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Thank you for kind words!
And for the information on the creativecoin tag, I'll be sure to look into it.

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