Happy Graduating, my son! ❤️🌹

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From zero knowledge on Chinese, this boy of mine entered Chinese Primary School in the year of 2018, from barely surviving to thriving in the span of 6 years, now he converses with me in Chinese instead of English. I could not be more proud of him and myself too, learning Chinese together with him throughout these 6 years.

Happy Graduation Day!

Today is his school's Year 6's Graduation Day. He was looking forward to it, been practising with his classmates for months for class performance. The day finally arrived.

We woke up early to bathe, just the three of us, myself, eldest son and youngest son. Husband wanted to join but school only allowed 2 family members to come. Since the youngest had never attended any school performance before, we decide to let him go.

We arrived school early at 7am, while eldest son went in for preparation, we stopped at nearby restaurants for breakfast. And we had one hour 15 minutes here. My youngest son and myself both had 'roti telur' for breakfast, which was delicious Indian flat bread, dipping with lentil curry. Super yummy! After that, he played some game to kill time.

Time to enter school!

It was time for family members to go into the school. So let's. There were vendor selling graduation flowers, how sweet!

There was a section of Chinese New Year decoration too near the school's main entrance. Great job!!!

The hall was big and properly arranged with chairs.

Here came all the Year 6 students to put their things on chair.

All looking so smart and class!!! And then quickly off they went to queue up at the hall's entrance for grand walking in soon. Excited..!!!

Stars deco for all the Stars today!

The youngest one got a quick snap with brother's flower bouquet haha.

Congratulations, my son!

You've made it! I still remembered we had nights of tears due to Chinese spelling test. Those Mandarin characters were not easy to learn. Strokes strokes strokes. However by year 6, he could breeze through all Chinese spelling (although months later would forgot those words. Haha).

Graduation Ceremony

All the Year 6 students marching in grandly.

Then, speech time.

Then, gifts ceremony for those who excel.

Certificates for all Year 6 students! Great job, everyone!

Tea Ceremony

Performance Time!

Time flies and he had grown up a lot and so very proud of himself taller than me now at 165cm. Countless time, we told each other not to give up. From failing few subjects, this year end test, he failed none! Such great job to him. I told both my sons to never ever scared of failure, failure is just a stepping stone to success. And that mistakes are proof that we are trying. And recently, he noticed school had lots of flaws. He hopes that one day he can be the change he wants to see. Because of his, I bought this pin enamel for him!

Congratulations once again, Mummy Daddy and brother are so proud of you.

The students will soon part way to different secondary schools. All were sad and happy at the same time. Great job, everyone!!! Unto new adventure at secondary schools. 💪💪💪

Thank you, dear school and teachers! Bye to you and wish you all the best.

Some photos together!


Oh… the joy we feel watching our kids walk across the stage with the sparkle in their eyes and their hearts filled with hope and wonder for their future. Seeing them celebrate, laugh, and enjoy memorable time with friends and classmates they’ve known for years brings out all the mama feels, because, in many ways, their friends are our babies, too. These are the moments in motherhood when we wish we could bottle up those big hugs, genuine smiles and heartfelt laughter, so we always remember this precious time in our kids’ lives.

Absolutely right. So right here, I shall give you a Mummy hug too. From one Mummy to another Mummy via Hive blockchain. <3

Congratulations to your son on his graduation. It is very good that you encourage your son to learn Chinese. I wish your son new achievements in his studies. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story from your family's life.

And thank you so much for visiting here. 🌹

Congratulations on your son's graduation! I don't know the pride and joy from the perspective of a mother yet but I bet it's a unique experience that is hard to be described properly into words :)

Yes, indeed a unique experience. Thank you so much for dropping by. 🌹