Winner of QuenaSabor Name That Tune Contest #22

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This post is to announce the winner of QuenaSabor Name That Tune Contest #22.

QuenaSabor Name That Tune Contest #22

Thank you to those who participated and commented. The correct answer was "The Lonely Shepherd" by Gheorghe Zamfir, made popular in the movie Kill Bill. This correct answer has been given by:

  1. @hopestylist
  2. @mypathtofire

The author reward on the contest post was 12.073 HBD and 32.944 HP:
Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 2.51.09 pm.jpg

Converted to HIVE that rounds up to 66 HIVE for the contest prize and the winner is: @hopestylist

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 2.53.40 pm.jpg

Since there has not been many participants, I've decided to gift @mypathtofire with 33 HIVE to thank you for taking part in the contest.

Congratulations to both.


Congrat to @hopestylist. Many thanks for the runner up prize!! 😀

Thank you so much sir, congratulations to you too 🥰

Thank you!😀

You're welcome 🥰

Congratulations to you guys
When is the next contest please?

Congratulations guys, i will love to partake in the next challenge. I hope i won't miss out on it?

Checkout the monthly contest on

Alright then, I will check it out and do the needful.

Congratulations to all winners

I came for the witness stats, but stayed for the quena. I used to live in Austin Texas back in the 90s and traveled to Mexico a lot back then where I listened to a lot of Cumbia Andina and Andean music in general. I used to cut down bamboo from the back yard and make quenas for fun. Pretty cool to see someone into them on Hive!

Oh man, sorry for the delay responding to this.
Quenas are really fun to play. I also make some small pan flutes out of bamboo but our bamboos are too thick to make Zampoñas so I just make the regular ones (Antara?)

Oh man, sorry for the delay responding to this.

It's all good! I have difficulty myself responding to all of the comments.

I also make some small pan flutes out of bamboo

That's really awesome man. I never really attempted to make the pan flutes because I could never manage to play them very well, plus I never learned how to tie them together properly and tune them. I met a Peruvian guy in Mexico who taught me how to make a decent quena so that gave me a huge advantage. Pan flutes are awesome though and I'd love to make some. Unfortunately we don't have the abundant bamboo where I live in Los Angeles like I had in Texas and MX.

I'll definitely be checking out more of your music. Pretty awesome!

Yes, tying the pipes on a pan flute is a pita, mine are always a bit loose and tying them gives me finger soreness. Some people just glue them lol.

hehe I can imagine. Hey, if the glue works; why not!

By the way, here is a Spotify album of mine that features some homemade instruments. If you have an account there, please follow me or add some songs to your playlists 🥰

I am really digging "El Primer Vuelo del Cóndor" In my head I keep hearing it as a cumbia. I already hear the beat and the bassline.

Just realized that is the album not the song.. Doh! Gotta figure out what song I was just listening to.

Oh that's really cool! Listening now. Did you make the backing tracks as well?

Nice contest i will take part in the next


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Wow, this brought a big smile to my face, thank you so much @quochuy for the prizes. I just got to see that my liquid hive increased and when I checked how that's possible I discovered it was from you and I immediately came to check and found out I won, thank you so much, it was fun participating in the contest 🤗.

I'm taking an exam now and I'm not so active here on hive for now 😪.

A big congratulations to you too sir Steve 👏