Barbenheimmer, one image to catch spirit of both (AI)

in Alien Art Hive8 months ago

I discovered these nice challenges on Wirestock. I shall see how well I can place in them. Got these entries for a picture that is supposed to mix both Oppenheimer and Barbie elements.

Barbenheimmer (1).png

Barbenheimmer (2).png

Barbenheimmer (3).png

Barbenheimmer (4).png

All are done using Midjourney.

A chance of winning may be small with 750+ registered works to date and plenty of time still left. But the platform looks like it may be a great window into selling AI-generated content. I wish to test it!


Interesting combo! hahaha

Really hard to combine with AI. I tried prompts like Dichotomy or Duality, but it doesn't language as good as GPT, so it is rather mediocre entry.

Gonna do this now: