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WireStock is hosting another creative AI challenge I intend to participate in. It is called "CeleBrutality" and the goal is to depict Hollywood celebrities in the Mortal Kombat universe with a total reward pool of $100 for the top 3.


It is unclear why is Joe Biden considered to be a "Hollywood celebrity". To the best of my knowledge, he never starred in any TV program, so my natural association was Donald Trump. Not only that he starred in Home Alone and some reality shows, he too was president of the United States.

I chose to depict him in a similar way to Kotal Kahn who leads an Empire similar to that of Aztecs. His style of decision-making is not that dissimilar if ChatGPT wasn't making that up...


Up next, is a very popular actor who stands for the source material, Henry Cavill. He earned my respect when he left Witcher. Those incompetent Hollywood fools replaced all the meaningful conversation with different versions of "fuck". As ok as this was with the Witcher character, witches and nobles don't talk like that, and Sapkowski (writer) is far more creative with his jargon, you ass-mugged donkeys!

I chose to inspire his imagination with Scorpion, a resurrected and highly skilled warrior with a tragic past seeking justice in the world. However, it is a masked warrior and not many of his signature elements such as Kunai Spear survived through Midjourney. Though Hellish fire is there and this transformation looks just as good as Henry!


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