Retrofuturism Frenzy AI Challenge

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This may be my first post here in Alien Art community which actually features aliens.

Retro-Futurism Frenzy is a $50 challenge on Wirestock and this is the last free trial entry I can do. Description is as follows:

Our mission with this challenge is to blend the allure of retro designs with the endless potential of AI-generated artistry. Dive into the captivating realm of Retro Futurism and conjure up images that captivate the imagination. Be it sleek spacecraft, futuristic cityscapes, or gadgets from an alternate past, your AI creations will weave a unique narrative.

I decided to go with a simple design that showcases the contrast between the future and the past. Flying cities or perhaps UFOs above a historical farm with cows happily feasting outside.


By the way, the concept of flying cities on Earth is non-sensical. Possibly, with 80s technology, we could build some in orbit for incredible costs but they would pretty much stay up there by themselves. Much easier than having them levitate above the ground.

If this is done at all, I would bet it may be tested here as a pilot for colonizing Venus as its easier than terraforming the ground.


She is funny this photo I like it

I love the concept on this photo! its well rendered