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How am I being a dick?! You lost the bet by every way measurable... pay the bet. That figure you posted above is for April 2020. Our bet was from January 2021 through June 2021. I agree things are not great, but per the terms of our bet, the US was not in a measurable depression during that time period, which means you lost the bet.


You are being a dick by constantly implying that I can't afford 100 hive, and making out i don't remember what the bet was.

Well that must be the case since you are not honoring the bet you have lost... Look I get it, the world is effed going forward, but for the time period we bet what you stated would happen did not happen. Just pay the bet and we can make another if you want...

Ship the 100 HIVE over to @jrcornel when you have it together.

Post data from three independant sources showing the american GDP and employments stats for 2021 Q1 and Q2 when you have it together!

Crap from the fake US gov doesn't count.

We literally said that we would use the official numbers... At this point it doesn't seem to matter what I post you will say it's a lie or that you don't believe it. We stated the terms of the bet very clearly and you lost. I even upvoted you to help show some goodwill with a decent sized upvote... now it's your turn to pay the terms of the bet.

But just in case, here's some sites showing the numbers:

Thanks, this is the first time you have provided any numbers, I will check them out.

Ok, so when will you be sending the HIVE over?!

When you prove that America was not in economic depression at the end of Q2 by providing GDP figures from a legally elected government. I have figures showing it was, but you would no more accept them than I am going to accept some bullshit from the globalist puppets pretending to be some sort of government at this point. This clown show goes on until people stop it.

My gosh man... you really are welching on your debt... unbelievable. Look, we clearly made the terms of the bet well in advance, and you lost. Now you are not honoring the terms of the bet. Sad really, especially since I upvoted you to help you with the cost of it. This is something that will not be forgotten, and it wouldn't have even cost you much to make it right... again unbelievable.